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by Linda
Rated: E · Short Story · Other · #1972755
Humorous Event in my home
I had quite a bit of excitement this morning.  I woke up to the sound of a loud crash, sounding like breaking glass.  And it was!!!  I went to investigate and discovered my cats chasing a small mouse through the house.  He raced into the tv room and across the food dishes and fell in the water bowl.  TC (Timothy Cat) cornered him and I gritted my teeth and picked him up.  Fearing a bite I chose his tail as the point of contact.  I then opened the door and put him outside as gently as as possible while trying not to let my cats outside with him..  He ran off and I quickly came inside (it was about 12 degrees F) as a blast of cold air entered my house.  I think it took me 10 minutes to calm down.  Then of course I had to clean up the glass, carefully of course.  TC whined to go and chase the little intruder, but I have a "no cats outside policy" and told him no,  no no no.  I'm really not sure how the broken glass coffee cup fits in with the mouse. The cats refused to answer any questions and the evidence was minimal: 1 shattered cut glass tea cup, 4 guilty looking faces, and one tiny mouse.  I now have to figure out how the mouse got in and stop any future wildlife from seeking refuge in my basement or other parts of the house.  I think the mouse must have been suicidal to enter a house with 4 cats in residence.  Maybe he knew that they were all lazy cats who prefer sleeping to chasing and catching uninvited wild creatures. After the chase they all napped.  Just too much excitement for them I guess.

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