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Videl falls down a rabbit hole into an underground world that's nothing but nonsense.
One day, during the Earth's long period of peace after Kid Buu's defeat, it was another educational day at Orange Star High School. Ms. Hamilton had assigned her class to read the classic novel "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" and write an essay about it. Gohan was excited to do so, but Videl wasn't so happy about it. She said that she'd watched the film that the book was based on, and didn't find it very interesting. Gohan encouraged her to try anyway, and Videl agreed. When Videl got back to her house, she sat by a tree and started to read. But then, a white rabbit wearing a monocle, a vest, and carrying an umbrella came along. Videl was shocked by this, but before she could say anything, the rabbit snatched her watch and ran off. Videl chased after the rabbit to it's rabbit hole to get her watch back, where she started to crawl inside, but then, she started to fall down. She tried to fly, but she couldn't, and she just kept falling, but she saw a pillow falling upward, so she grabbed it and placed it under her butt to break her fall.

She was in a room with so many doors, big doors, normal doors, and small doors. She saw the rabbit going through a small door, which was too small for her to squeeze through. Then, the door knob came to life, and asked what she wanted. After explaining that she'd like to go through, the door knob said that she had to drink from the bottle that said "Drink Me" standing on the table behind her to get small enough to fit through. So Videl drank from the bottle and started to shrink until she was the size of the door she wished to go through. But the door knob said that he was locked, and Videl was angry that he didn't mention that before. But the door knob said that the key to open him was on the table. Videl tried to fly up, but she still couldn't fly. The door knob said that energy manipulation won't work. Then, she saw a tiny chest with cookies that said "Eat Me" on them. So she grabbed a cookie and took a bite, and she started to grow. Videl grew bigger, bigger, and EVEN BIGGER until her giant head hit the ceiling. The door knob could help but laugh at this. At first, Videl was angry, then she became sad and she started to cry. Giant tears were coming from her eyes, which started to flood the room. Then, she remembered the bottle, and drank from it, until she was even smaller than she was the first time she drank from the bottle. She swam through the door knob's mouth, and entered a strange new world.

After that, she found herself in a strange world that was nothing but nonsense. Videl realised that she was in Wonderland, but she couldn't believe her eyes. Then she met a Colonel, who looked like her father Mr. Satan, and he told her the story of "The Walrus and the Carpenter", then she met Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who beared a striking resemblance to Goten and Trunks, but she moved on. Then, she met the White Rabbit, who mistook her for his maid Mary Ann. She tried to explain the confusion, but the White Rabbit asked her to go into his house to get his pair of gloves. While looking for the gloves, Videl tried to get her thoughts together, but she spotted another chest of cookies that said "Eat Me" on them, and she did. But she realised too little too late that doing so would make her a giant again, and she started to grow bigger again. The White Rabbit mistook her for a monster, and the Colonel came to burn the house down. She ate a carrot from the White Rabbit's garden and she shrunk down the size of an insect. Then, Videl walked away into a field of flowers, who all had Chi-Chi's face, but the flowers thought that she was a weed and smacked her toward a mushroom, which had a smoking caterpillar sitting on it, a caterpillar who looked like Master Roshi. The caterpillar said that the left side of the mushroom would make her grow, but the right side would make her shrink. So Videl took a piece of both sides of the mushroom, but before she could take a bite of the piece of the right side, she tripped and dropped both pieces. Videl picked them up, but she forgot which one was which, so she took a bite of one piece, then she started growing until she was even bigger than before. So she took a bite of the other piece, she shrunk down to insect size, but by licking the other piece, she was back to her normal size. Then, she moved on to find her way back home.
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