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The Legendary are destroying everything and hurting humans. Only eight can save the world.
I might just post the unedited version me and my friends made it. was an rp we did in Miiverse a year or 2 ago but this may never be finished.

Chapter One

         Keagan wakes up covered in ruble not able to remember what had happened. "What happened, where am I?" He looks around and begins to remember what happened the day before. It was a regular day in Lumiose, he and his sister, Kaley, were playing video games in their house. Keagan was just about to win when they heard a explosion form the center of the city. "What was that?!" Kaley said in surprise. "I have no clue but lets go check it out." Keagan answered her. They leave the house to see mayhem, people were run for their lives. And they knew why, the legendary Pokemon were destroying the city. "We got to stop this." said Keagan. "No Keagan! We can't let anyone find out about our powers." But he did not listen and goes straight in to the battle. He began to shot weird elemental beams from his hands at Yveltal. This angered it as it began to fly at him. When it hit Keagan it sent him flying in to a building. The last thing he saw before blacking out was Kaley being taken away by a dark figure.
         Keagan gets out of the ruble and begins to look for survivors. He finds no one, the city is completely deserted. He sees some dead bodies in parts of the city. When he passes his house he is surprised that it is almost unharmed. "Why did it have to be Kaley and not me. I would switch places with her in a heartbeat." He hits his head on a wall. "I will save you Kaley." He promised to himself that no mater what he would save Kaley.
Chapter Two

         Chip is walking in Santalue forest, worrying about his friends. "Why did the legendary Pokemon take them? We were minding our own business, picking berries." Chip has a flashback. Chip and his friends, Mini and Teddiursa, were picking berries when they triggered a trap. A net flew on top of them, trapping them. Thunderous comes to get the trapped Pokemon to take them to a cave, where his base was. Thunderous leaves the friends in the cave and goes to check the other traps he set up. Chip finds a way out "this way" he said to his friends. They almost get out of the cave when Thunderous gets back. "Oh no your guys are not going to escape" Thunderous said. The friends run but only Chip got away.
         "I wish I could of save them, I will find a way to save them." He starts to walk to the city near by. "Maybe some one in the city could help me save them. Only one way to find out." Chip begins to run towards the city where Keagan is.

Chapter 3

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