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Create your website and post it to the Internet - it can be said , only half the battle .
Create your website and post it to the Internet - it can be said , only half the battle . After all, you also need to fill it with visitors , otherwise for whom all this work :)

Of course, the first visitors , and so you get - it will be your friends, relatives and acquaintances . Well, that attendance was at a level necessary to work ...

So, let's understand how to promote a website, what are the basic rules and methods of website promotion.

All of you probably know that there are search engines, such as google, yandex, rambler and others. They are all created in order to find interesting user information , and the main stream of visitors comes from there. Therefore, the promotion of women, usually means to raise his position is in the search engines.

So, there are specific criteria that a search engine evaluates what 's positioned above in search results for a particular query , and what below. It is devoted to the study of their promotions section on this site. There's even a science as search engine optimization (seo).

SEO ( Eng. search engine optimization, SEO) - a variety of activities aimed at improving the position in search results on search engines for certain users' queries . The higher position in search results , the more interested visitors go at him from the search engines .

Now, specifically , the basic rules of website promotion .

website promotion rules

First, you must make the semantic core of the site , ie to draw up a list of key phrases for which you will untwist the site .

methods of website promotion

Secondly , it is necessary to conduct an internal website optimization according to the key demands .

how to promote website

Thirdly , it is necessary to undertake an external site optimization according to the key demands . Ie get the maximum number of links to your site from other sites with similar themes , and in the text of these links should be present key phrases for which you want to optimize .

Following the steps listed above, the position of the site in search engines significantly increase , and hence increase the number of visitors . But you must understand that the visitors were just your regular , rather than random, have come and gone , the site needed further support and upgrades. Ie it must be constantly replenished with fresh materials , articles , etc.

Well, ideally you promote the site :)
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