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Age site - an important factor for search engine promotion .
Age site - an important factor for search engine promotion . Immediately it should be said that age - it's not so much the domain registration date as the first indexed on the search engine it target any content coinciding with the current theme. It is from this date run the site ( albeit in some " fish " trial) worth counting his age in terms of search engine. What 's more mature , the more algorithmic trust him . And, accordingly, to a new site will need some specific promotion strategy . By the way, if you need a quick start in the top keywords on the complex , it is sometimes advantageous to redeem the old site - preferably of the leaders of issue (in any case , make sure that it is not sanctioned ) .

Why search engines do not trust the new site ?

The cutoff age criterion - a method of improving the quality issue . If the sites of all ages were equal in rights, unscrupulous webmasters nothing would prevent conduct risky "black" experiments and clutter issue if one low-quality website is not ranked in the top , then quickly make another webmaster ( or a hundred ) , and then quickly withdraw in leaders . When the client company may lose TOP year or more because of the black or dark gray optimization approach to the work necessary to become more cautious.

Principles of promotion newborns resources

Number 1. Young 's not worth it to promote high-frequency queries. Ability to lead by the words appear within a year or more correct , competent promotion woofer and midrange and then requests.

Number 2 . Young 's necessary to carefully check for errors and omissions remaining after development .

Number 3 . Obligatory link building strategy , which imitates natural process ( and attract natural links ) .

Eliminate technical errors

In developing the site , not all web studios pay attention to its compliance with SEO: they check it, at best, only from the point of view of the user . A living person sees a web resource other than search engine robot . Therefore, any new or revised website should be checked for the presence of typical flaws :

Ban indexing. Incorrectly compiled file robots.txt ( or robots meta tag on the pages ) may prevent search engines bring in the index page that you want to promote. And if the page is not in the index , the promotion is absolutely useless. About configuring indexing we have previously mentioned - just make sure everything is correct . Developers can close all sections of indexation in the hope that your SEO- specialist will look at the file and open up what you need .

Open access to the sections for administrators. Opposite problem - open for viewing and indexing Admin section , login form , and so on . All of them should be closed not only on indexing , but forbidden to bestow web server (other than the login form , it should simply ban for indexing ) .

Wrong HTML-code . Unclosed tags placed outside <html> tag content , hidden text , the use of more than one H1 header on the page and so on - all these invisible living visitor deficiencies can greatly harm the perception of the site search engine. Accurate and valid code - a pledge -free indexing and search engine positive attitude .

An improperly configured CMS. Many content management systems when setting illiterate tend to not too friendly to the search engines behavior. For example , often there is overlap internal pages ( one page is available when two or three different locations - a closing / without with . Html without as printable , and so forth ) . This must be stopped at the setting level of the system content management and web server . Should also be made inaccessible for search engines search results page on the site and all other service elements . It is also important to make a search engine to issue the NC ( chelovekuponyatnye URL, they are the same SEF URL - search engines friendly URL). Such URLs not only help users navigate the site , but more importantly in terms of SEO, can be transliterated keywords that increases your page is relevant to them.

In general, before promoting a new site it is necessary to conduct a serious SEO- audit to eliminate anything that might interfere with the successful conclusion of the top .

Down with blank pages !

All pages must be filled content : original, selling , thematic . It should be remembered that the site should be a lot of pages ( 5-10 pages website moves with great difficulty ) , each of which shall contain not less than 500-800 characters a good text. This is important from the point of view of SEO, and in terms of conversion : a visitor who goes to a blank page , with a high probability cease to trust the site in general, and immediately goes to your competitors.

Content should be regularly develop and update - add new articles, news, projects in the portfolio and so on. This has a positive effect on the attitude of search engines.

Best at the stage of creating the site to know which words he will be promoted . Under these words need to create landing pages (landing pages), which then display the TOP . Promoted page should be relevant keyword:

keep it in the URL;

Titles in meaningful Title, meta tags keywords and description;

alt attributes in images ;

title H1;

in the content - but without the spam and " toshnotno ."

These are the minimum requirements . Ideally, the entire page must respond to the request, prompting the user to make the right to him and you as the site owner to action. You have to understand that lead the visitor to the site - it is only the first step : it is necessary to achieve high conversion rates.

Referential promotion new site

Dynamics of the qualitative and quantitative growth reference weight of the new site requires special attention. If the search engine will notice that during the first weeks after the initial indexing of your site it suddenly started to refer to hundreds of pages , not with a distinct quality , such progress will be classified as a " reference explosion" , the site will pessimizirovan and zafiltrovan . The reason - the lack of any claim to have naturalness. Of course, there are exceptions : if VV Putin suddenly opens own homepage , at her in the first few days will bear thousands of links - but very painful part will be very authoritative resources with high trust that prevents sanctions for reference explosion. Customary commercial sites is not available , so you need to buy links gradually. In the procurement of SeoPult observed optimal dynamics, and even if you specify a very large budget system does not link directly to purchase all of the money .

So, you need to act gradually , first favoring links from sites with high trust, and as natural as possible . To do this, you can send press releases to partners and clients , contact with industry media and bloggers run viral advertising refer to SMM- agency , people try to create interesting content and services to put your website link ( Anchor , bezankornye just text mentions URL). If you can get some "fat" links with trust , authoritative resources - it would be very useful.

promotion Strategy

In the first few months to promote the low- costs only requests: with sufficient internal optimization of multiple links with anchors enough to hit the top . In this advance can only start a few relevant keywords or main sections. When the site is older , you can begin to promote srednechastotku - certainly has specific and well-designed pages . When the positions are achieved, can be connected via RF promotion .

SEO for a new site begins to bring a sufficient amount of targeted traffic immediately, so you can dial it first and get through Targeted PPC- advertising in " Yandex.Direct ยป, Google AdWords, social networks. When will win a place in a natural issue , contextual advertising can be expensive to switch off , which significantly reduces the cost of attracting visitors.


If the site has just started, you should not hammer on SEO - initial training and further measures will occupy high positions . In your subject in the top can stand bad optimized resources , so immediately after the release of the "sandbox" your site can take off to the best position and will start collecting the fattest and tasty cream target audience - at more than affordable price .
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