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Josh Brent is convicted and sentenced for his DWI manslaughter of Cowboy Jerry Brown, Jr.

Driving drunk, with no seat belt, no insurance, not even a driver's license, Josh Brent was not legally authorized to be behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. His legally drawn blood alcohol level, which Brent insisted was violating his legal rights while in the back of the squad car, indicated he had drunk the equivalent of 17 standard drinks during an evening of entertainment at a Dallas area restaurant with several friends and Dallas Cowboy football players. Brent is a large man, weighing around 320 pounds at his usual playing weight, with a height of 6' 2". Had he been responsible enough to mention to his passengers that they should wear their seat belts, certainly his imposing form of an NFL nose tackle would have have convinced them.

He didn't. He drove. He drove fast and lost control of the vehicle. It flipped, and fellow Dallas Cowboy player Jerry Brown, Jr. lost his life. Brent's DWI manslaughter trial has been scrutinized by the local Dallas news media during the past week.

Read the news of the jury's' verdict and sentencing:


This link also contains a survey for your opinion about the verdict.

The judge spoke harshly, scolding Brent.

He will spend six months in the Dallas County Jail, pay a $10,000 fine, and serve closely monitored surveillance for a period of ten years.

Brent hopes to return to the NFL. I am aghast.

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