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A life kept secret is a life not living.

oo many lives go through secrecy. A life, such as my own, takes too much time away from what life really has to offer. If you live, alone and afraid, in the dark corners of your past, where is that getting you? This whole point of the story is to get you out of that deep, dark, non-escaping hell hole and putting you into the future- the present. Keeping you away from that darkest corner in the most haunted hotel room is the reason we are both here. Today, we stand together, fighting away our past. I don't see why you can't and live in secrecy and demonic past thoughts while we use our time wisely and live our lives like how they ought to be.

This thought was the only one running through my mind when I stepped out of the dark corner of my past. Remembering the girl yelling towards me, like an angel in disguise, taught me what was right and what was wrong. I felt safe, and scared. I didn't know what had been happening; it was going by too fast to remember everything she had told me. I hope I meet her again... Soon.

One way or another, the world will soon be paralyzed. One day or another, we will all be living in a world of lies..I hum to myself about the song I listen to, my ear-buds fastened in my ears. I didn't think I would take them out, but I surprisingly did. "This life is no more than a life un-living.." I re-read the lyric, over and over in my mind like a song on replay. The lyric touched something inside of me, I just didn't know what.

As I hum, I feel my hands tingling. My laptop is warm, a calm summer sun wiping across the back of my hands. The feeling made me feel.. Warm, inside. I've never felt this feeling before.. Neither have I known about it's properties.

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