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So at one point you got the idea that it would be nice to have a website on the Inet .
So at one point you got the idea that it would be nice to have a website on the Internet . Well, it is quite possible to implement. That's just how, and what is needed? The simplest solution - is to order from the pros , and a few days later you become the owner of your site. Only snag is that this service is not cheap, and the more pages will be at your site , the more it will come to you . Therefore, if you can not afford the luxury of a site in order is one - do it yourself ( most ) . Not so this is difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing - it is your desire, tenacity and perseverance . And you will succeed . No matter who you are ( student , housewife, janitor or a plumber ) , be aware that the Internet is open to all . There is enough room for everyone . So go ahead, you have nothing to lose , only gain new knowledge that you can always come in handy. Okay, enough philosophizing , it's time to get down to business . What do we have ? So far, only a decision that it would be desirable to have a website . Now, you need to think what he will be devoted . I mean , what information you want to put there , and what you would like to tell others . It is important to remember that your site will appreciate only if placed there information will be unique and useful to visitors. Then and site traffic will grow and your glory will go to the mountain. If you will publish copied from other web resources articles , your Internet creation, first, will not be interesting ( why read what's already read elsewhere? ), And secondly , there is such a thing as copyright protection rights. Using someone else 's text ( without reference to it ) , you are in breach of these copyrights, and hence , the author will be able to present to you the claim. Do you need it? That's it ! Well, that 's put only unique information ! Go further. Remember, the Internet has it all. In that sense , there is no need to reinvent the wheel yourself and think what would Temko unknown people devote their website. " But what ? " - You ask . The answer is - each topic has its own fans , so do not try to please everyone. The only thing that we can advise - when choosing a topic , consider such things as , for example , the popularity . That is, if your site is dedicated to , say, a VCR, then soon it will cease to attend , as this technique is still in the distant past , and it is replaced with new DVD- players and similar devices . But the topic dedicated to , for example, a wedding will always be relevant, as people were getting married , getting married , and will marry . Now check with himself ( itself ), for which you need a website ? After all, with the right approach your web masterpiece may be a good source of additional income . Most , of course, for this purpose , and create websites . Although there are those who just love this occupation ( Site ) , and it is enough that in the vast Internet is a small part of their work . Once it is determined with the theme would be nice to come up with the name of your project . It must be unusual and original, but at the same time easy to remember. Just do not confuse the name of your project with a direct address (URL) of the site ( also called the domain address ) . Address you will receive when it comes time to place your website on the Internet . Moreover , e , of course, you too will come up by themselves, but the snag is that such may be already taken , so you need to stock multiple address options . Important to note that there are several levels of domains : first , second, third . Third-level domain have websites hosted on a free hosting . In this case, the name would look like this : www.proekt.narod.ru, where «proekt» - the name of your site , «narod» - the name of the host that is hosting your site , «ru» - geographic domain area ( Russia ) . Second level - the sites with this address : www.proekt.ru ( as a rule, these addresses only sites located on a paid hosting ) . Well, the first level - it is , for example, simply «ru», «net», «com» ​​, etc. Also it would be nice to come up with the logo of your project . This can be done using different graphic editors. Well , now I suggest you take a piece of paper and jot down a little plan to translate your website to life. That's about how it would look : 1. Site theme 2. Number of pages on your website (from one to infinity ) 3. Outline of the main page ( and not only) of your project (ie , what parts of your site will contain what and how it will be located , etc. ) 4. Selection of materials ( information that you have posted on the website ) 5. The name and logo for the project 6. Dining addresses ( domain ) of the site . This list is quite enough . No need to write a lot of items at once , since the list of a large number of cases you will be difficult to implement immediately , better gradually. Slow and steady wins the race ... Well, and then , as they say, a matter of technique . Choose the editor, and you can use it for about a couple of days to realize your project to life . ]
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