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The Writer's Cramp - 25Jan14
Bet you I can reach the top before you. 

You better not do that. 

Why not?  Are you afraid you can't make it?

No silly I know I can beat you but I also know that Bella doesn't like it.

Oh, you’re no fun!  Bella isn't even here how will she even know?  Look at it swaying does it not call to you?  Can't you hear its taunt?

Come on Blot that is only the air conditioner.

No No No I hear it even if you don't.

So what does it say your majesty?

Knock it off your more the regal, primpy, fussbudget than I am and off course it is saying come play with me, come climb me if you dare.  Or are you scared?

Oh Blot my dear dear Blot I think some of you fluffiness has invaded your brain.

What no it hasn’t!  I hear it calling and I am going to find it and nothing you can say will stop me. 

Jumping just as high as she can Blot began to climb, and climb, and climb until she reached the top.

Look at me I am the King of the mountain.  Told you I would make it.

Well bully for you.  Have you found your friends that called you to them?  Have they come out to play? 

Well no I don’t see them now but don’t worry I am sure they are here.

Oh really did they whisper to you that once you reach us we will play hide-n-seek?

That is it!  Thanks Max I was so busy climbing that I did not hear them and you said you couldn’t hear them. 

Blot I did not hear anything.  Don’t you know sarcasm when you hear it? 

Hey I think I see something on the other side.  Max climb up there and see if that is them.

No way no how not gonna do it. 

Come on please.  Hey whats that noise?  It’s different than before.

That my dear Blot is Bella parking the car in the garage.  You better get down quick if you know what is good for you.
What...why…how do I get down Max.  MAX HELP ME.

No way you had to climb up there so you figure out how to get down.

Max, Blot, kitty kitties where are you?

There you are Max.  Where is your new little sister?

Meow, meow, meow

I hear you Blot here kitty kitty.


I see you Blot.  How in the world did you manage to climb up there?  I hope you did not damage the curtain?  Oh, well come here you little ball of fur.  I have you now it is okay.  There you go.

What no way.  Bella has always said no climbing the curtains and I when I tried to conquer the feat I was met with a cold wet force and you you get a free ride down and told your okay. 

I can’t help that I am cute and fluffy.  Hey I know Max how about we find some fluffy fur for you?  Then we will look alike.

No way leave me alone I am fine just as I am. 

Okay fine but remember silly fluff is better than grumpy fluff.

I am not grumpy I am just wiser and you would do well to heed what I am saying.

Max, Blot dinner’s ready I picked you up some tuna.

Come on Max race you and after dinner I will let you tell me why grumpy is better than cute.

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