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Critique of societies expecting each individual to accept mindless conformity.
written in late 2011

You are a person. An individual. A human being with needs and sometimes, if you're lucky enough, wants. Sometimes, we, as individuals, need or want (depending on the scenario) aid. Feedback, advice, or just help getting started, you name it. Some people need these, which is why we have societies.

I, myself, have joined many societies. School, friends, secret societies, extracurricular activities are perfect examples of society. Some societies are beneficial, while some aren't. I did not write this essay to, per say, discourage all society, but societies that are unhelpful. In June of this year, I joined a society where they advertised glitzy stories, which all stuck to the society's basic principle (to write any work relating to the topic).

Back then, I had somewhat idealistic views, thinking everyone would lend you a helping hand. I thought it was only writing and that no personal drama would take place. Oh boy, was I wrong! Instigation's, humans attempting to manipulate fellow humans, false propaganda, and war-like environments are just the few things I have experienced within this society, along with a select few. Of course, their attempts to backfire and make comedic excuses somewhat succeeded, but also in a way, failed.

This particular society (I cannot disclose this society, though it is something I would do if it was my choice) was largely influential due to its innocent appearance, sealing almost all of the mischief. However, if you look at it from a realistic point-of-view, the society practices fake kindness and promoted narcissism and hypocrisy. The society placed purely idealistic plans to work.

In some way, the society forced members to conform to their own ways, not just writing like I thought. The tampering of people's minds was also a common practice, making them spit fire to those who were bold enough (like myself) to realize the truth behind the scenes. This society did not help me in every conceivable way possible. It had most members (not every, about 75%) that believed everything had to follow their ways, or else you would be considered a 'clueless noob'.

Fighting back these pests was a huge challenge. Some members attempted to 'cure' me, some just called me 'arrogant', 'asshole', 'snobby', 'rude', 'evil', etc. didn't describe me but described themselves. It's both laughable and depressing at the same times. These members showed a large quantity of derogatory behaviour, attempting to pin these traits on me, though if you get to know me very, very well, you realize I am not like this at all.

Overdramatic reactions in this society was so common, it was encouraged and appraised by the administrators of the society. This is somewhat expected, as the word 'drama' is part of the society's name. These administrators described above handled situations quite poorly because they were easily persuaded people. They hardly ever (or not at all) looked at my side of the story, and believed in everyone else. Very few had sophisticated, realistic mindsets and looked both ways. These very few were the administrators I strongly idolized or admired. Those who jumped to conclusions were the ones I were strongly disappointed with.

In conclusion, society doesn't always help. Before joining a society, don't just look at the objective and dive in. Observe, first. Analyze. Just don't overanalyze or publicly do so. Take the realistic stance, don't fall for persuasions. I learned all of this the hard way. Don't be a victim of societies that disgrace you for who you are. It's most likely that the society I joined will shut down very soon. Good societies don't stop functioning. Good societies last forever. Join a society that will help you, not one that will harm you in the long run. Just observe and take your time doing so if you really want to join a society.
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