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Leaving it all behind
Going The Distance

Dim lights hover over the ramp of the bus depot. It is six am and the air still smells damp from the night dew. Faith is the only thing Jhenna has on her side right now. If she stays at this point life will be as all the others. She has talent, she is too confident to let herself slip into the life of her mother's.
  The Grey Hound bus pulls up with a screech and the drive steps out.

“Anybody heading to Las Vegas, please board the bus.”

Jhenna was so nervous, she was the only one getting on the bus. That is just how small her town was. This was the reason she had to get out. She handed the driver her ticket and stepped up, to walk to her seat. The bus was pretty full, and  all eyes were on her right away. She was young, pretty and alone.

“Hey, you can sit here with me. I won't bite.”

What else could she do but to sit. She couldn't be rude. So the journey begins. She tucks her jacket under her neck and stares out the window. Watching the lights dash by her so quickly, she couldn't count them. Thinking how she just left everything behind her. A new life ahead is awaiting her. She has one suitcase, her journal, and her guitar. That was all she ever needed.

The first stop was a cafe the following evening. The guy beside her asked if she would join him for a cup of coffee.

“Sure I would. I don't know this place at all. I am not even sure where I am headed. I do know, I have a gift. I can sing and play guitar.”

“Well now that is something for sure. Where exactly are you going?”

“I am going as far as the bus takes me. I am going the distance.”

“Sounds exciting, for sure.”

“Where are you going?”

He shrugged and really didn't want to answer. She could tell because he took way too long to answer.

“I am heading to my Uncles Farm to work. That is what I was told I was going to be doing for I guess, for ever.”
He didn't look very happy. This is made her feel even better about her decision. She looked at him and put her hand over his across the table.

“You don't have to go you know. You can come with me. We can help each other until we get on our feet.”
He looked at her in disbelief. He didn't answer her though. They got back on the bus and talked and slept until it was his stop. He should be getting off here. As the bus is about to leave, he looked at her and smiled, then took her hand. Now she knew everything she ever wanted is right beside her.

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