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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Dark · #1973943
the quest for luminus begins,but will our heroes survive?
legacy of nira episode 3
light of luminus

Theron [narration]>previously on this epic tale....
*show scenes from p 1 and 2*
Theron[narration]>...and now,young traveler,back to our story.

*interior,Theron's cave.Theron is speaking to Brune.camera cuts between the two as they speak.*

Theron>We were instructed to go to a place called Elkridge.Pyros had heard a roumer that his brother,Luminus,had been freed somewhere near Elkridge.

Brune>So did they pursue the huns while looking for Luminus?

Theron>Actually,they believed that they were driven off at Kal'Rhohra.They were boastful of winning for a time.Little did we know,it wasnt the lat of them....

*flashback sequence*

Theron[narration]>We simply had a new evil to deal with...

*camera pans around a mountianous region with a winding road as a hawk flies past the heroes*

Paroth>I swear if this road continues like this,my legs will die of old age!

Arnatule>I agree with you paroth.we have been travelling for three days,so maybe we should set up camp.

*camera shows Balgon walking in between Paroth and Arnatule with a smug smirk*

Balgon>PAH,you surfacers complain to much.i feel fine,so lets keep going!*walk past them off camera*

*arnatule shakes head while paroth and arnatule blankly stare at each other for a breif moment.paroth shrugs his shoulders as if to say whatever.*

Balgon>well ill be...looks like a days travel.*points*

*camera cuts to distant view of Elkridge below the heroes*

paroth>well lets get going.

*camera shows young theron seemingly drifting off into thought*

Paroth>theron are you ok?youve been kind of quiet since we were told to go to Elkridge.

young Theron>I know,and I appoligize.Something,or rather,someone I know lives in Elkridge.Im wondering if hes still there and if hes well.

Serinah>only one way to find out.*camera cuts to her as she smiles*lets try to make it by nightfall so we can have something besides charred rabbit.*giggles as she looks at paroth staring*

paroth>hey no need to make fun of my cooking!

serinah>im not.im just saying i want something different.it tastes like lame hore after a while.

paroth>grr youre lucky youre a woman.*muttering*

theron[narration]>meanwhile,unbeknown to us,our old foes were being themselves.

*camera cuts to next scene of a village in flames with the hunic horde leaving.volnomus is seen speaking to a hunic general*

volnomus>finally a victory....but im not satisfied yet.killing a village i childs play.we need a metropolis to counquer.then ill be happy.send your scouts to find one while we march onward.

*camera cuts back to the heroes as they are near the entrance to elkridge.balgon is standing up,paroth is lying face first on the ground,and everyone else is kneeling.*

serinah>well that was quick...next time you try to convince us to jump balgon,i think were just gonna walk.

balgon>hey it worked didnt it?heheh.besides,we needed supplies so this shortcut helped.

paroth>*grunts as he sits up*i wouldnt call it a shortcut...but hes right.we were low on supplies.

woman>*distant scream*

young theron>what was that?

balgon>look over there.a robber.

*camera cuts to a cultist trying to rob and rape a woman*



paroth>stop right there scum!

young theron>if its one thing i hate the most...it a theif.


cultist>*knocks her out and stands up*how dare you call me a theif.i serve the light!i am the reclaimer of sinners like you! embrace the light because i am*gets shot by one of arnatules arrows and dies*

arnatule>because youre trash?light embraced.have a nice afterlife.

*camera shows young theron pulling out sirens flute and lays it.siren exits the flute as she streatches.*

young theron>hey there sweetie.can you help that woman out over there?we just dealt with a robber.*gives the flute to siren*

goddess siren>*yawns*ok dear.*takes the flute and walks up to her and plays a melody to awaken the knocked out woman*

woman>*groans in pain*ugh am..am i dead?

goddess siren>no.you were knocked out while we were rescuing you.

woman>well...thank you...first my village burns because of an attack and now this.

goddess siren>what do you mean?elkridge looks safe.

woman>*shakes her head*no...the village i spoke of is near this place.it was attacked by an army of men holding black flags.i was in the mountain range hunting when i saw it burn to the ground.ive already warned the mayor.im jut going to leave this entire mountain range alone so i can start over...*crying and runs away*

balgon>let her go...she needs to find her place in the world.she sounded strong enough to handle herself.

arnatule>still...we should have brought her back to elkridge.

goddess siren>....this place looks so familiar theron.

*camera cuts to heroes entering village.camera pan around them to reveal a few houses,a windmill,an inn,and a trade post. elkridge text appears as the heroes approach the town square.javi is sitting in front of a fountain made of antlers and plastic cups.heroes approach javi*

javi>greetings travlers.im afraid our shops are closed for the time being due to an emergency.

young theron>we heard about the neighboring village.a woman was attacked just outside the entrance.

javi>blast it.i told that woman to not leave town by herself.weve had so many problems lately that it seems as if these are truely dark times.

paroth>whats going on?

javi>what isnt going on should be a more accurate question.an army pillages our neighboring village,theres slavers who capture villagers or travelers who leave town,and that damned cult.....

young theron>at least you havent gotten grey hairs from all this old friend.

javi>....theron?theron is that you!?

young theron>*smiles*you were expecting someone else?hun,this is the man who helped us meet.

javi>and i see your divine girlfriend has matured.

siren>thank you again for finding my hiding place.i recognize this town...heres where theron freed me for the first time.

javi>thats right divine one.*kneels*and you have grown beautifully since we found you.if you need us to sing,it will have to be so once things improve.

siren>surely since you freed me you have heard of luminus,yes?

javi>*stands up*its a name my village has been haunted by.come inside my home and we will talk more.

*camera cuts and pans to interior of a home adorned with elk fur carpet,fancy furniture,and various musical instruments.camera pans to see javi sitting on the piano stool while the heroes are sitting down in couches around javi.*

javi>it seems as if im to blame for my village in such dire times.

paroth>what do you mean?

javi>ten years ago i was a renowned historian and researcher of various crypts and tombs.that renown gained the attention of someone who needed my aid in understanding old greek language.the man i speak of never revealed his name,but always had more and more evidence each day.it was leading to a place called the temple of light.as soon as i spent all my recources trying to track it down with him,i was betrayed.the man is now leader of a dangerous cult,whom mind you,is responsible for unforgivable crimes.attacks on defenceles trade caravans,robbery,raping our women,slavery,and even abduction.it never ends.*crys*they...they took my daughter,jennessa.

young theron>*gasp*she was supposed to leave elkridge ten years ago.what happend?

javi>i feel ill and was bedridden for a few years,so she stayed and helped nurse me to health as i worked.

serinah>is there anything we can do?

javi>theres a slaver camp that is tien in with the cultists.if its luminus you seek,you must destroy their operations there.will you help this village in such a dire time?

young theron>you need not worry old friend,ill help you.

goddess siren>ill help too.without your help twenty years ago i wouldnt have embraced my theron.its the least i can do.

balgon>gimme a pint then point the way.my pummel hand is itchin to fight.

serinah>were going to stop this paroth.i cant bear the though of these innocent pepole suffering.

paroth>allright woman.but no getting knocked out like you did with that giant.count me in.

arnatule>my bow is yours sir javi.

javi>thank you all for this,i promise you ill find a way to repay you....wait!i know!you all can rest here,and ill see to it that the blacksmith repairs any damaged bits of wepons and armour you possess.

*camera cuts to next scene.heroes stand on a cliff with the slaver camp in view,sunrise is seen.*

theron>after a nights rest we traveled where the slavers camp.

javi's voice>follow the winding road northwest of here and you will come across their slaver camp.good luck.

paroth>how many do you think are down there?

arnatule>hmm...looks like it can house hundreds of slaves.any ideas?

serinah>we could cause a riot.in the confusion we could kill the slavers and free the victims.

balgon>bad idea.ive delt with this situation before back at KalRhohra.we charge in and fight the slavers head on.we may have to take down a few slaves in the process.arnatule,stay pearched up here.it will make for a good archer nest.dont hold back,even if it means shooting us.

arnatule>are you sure balgon?

balgon>*nods*its risky but i need your bow here taking pot shots.

serinah>we need to keep one alive to interrogate them.

young theron>i agree.while we fight off the slavers,siren and i will free some of the slaves by sneaking in through the back.

*camera cuts to base of slaver camp*

theron[narration]>i felt uneasy when entering there but pressed on.for the first time i felt fear overcome me,but i did what was required.

young theron>*sneaks up behind a cultist and breaks his neck then throws a dagger at another cultist nearby.young theron pulls out goddess sirens flute and summons her*i need you my love.i know we ageed upon not merging again but times are desperate.

*camera cuts to balgon,serinah,and,paroth running up to young theron*

balgon>*looking around*its too quiet.

young theron>i delt with two of them.it looked like they wernt expecting us.i suspect a trap.

balgon>so we spring the trap and keep our eyes open.

*camera cuts to a female in chains and bondage then back to balgon,serinah,paroth,and young theron*

balgon>i hope arnatules ready up there.i have a hunch.if im wrong we can free this woman.if im right,get ready for an ambush.

paroth>i wager a flagon youre wrong.

balgon>heh,youre on surfacer*chuckles as he cuts off a chain from the woman.arrows wiz by as camera shows arntule repeatedly firing his arrows.*

arnatule>gods!theres too many!where did they all come from?

*camera cuts back to balgon*

balgon>when this is over paroth you owe me a flagon.try not to die so i can collect eh?

*camera moves into birds eye view as heroes are outnumbered and surrounded in the camp as they continue to fight.camera then cuts to therons cave with brune and theron speaking to each other*

theron>we were vastly outnumbered and we feared for our lives.

brune>and you used sirens powers again.from what you told me about it so far it seems to take a heavy toll on you.

theron>*nods*i did.after that bloody battle,all of us were in bad shape.

*flashback sequence.camera shows bodies littered the camp and the heroes covered in blood.arnatule is seen pointing the lifegiver sword on a cultist who is knelt down.camera pans to goddess siren crying while holding young therons hand.serinah is seen using her healing powers upon young theron.*

goddess siren>*crying*please wake up theron!dont die!

serinah>*shakes her head*im doing all i can,but hes not responding to my powers.

goddess siren>*screams in agony as steam flys out of her flute and notes play from the flute as water flows from it.*THERRRROOON!*slams fist onto therons chest*

*sound of a heartbeat*

serinah and goddess siren>*gasps and slams their fist onto therons chest*

serinah>*checks therons pulse then smiles to goddess siren and nods*thank goodness.hes gonna be out for a while.

goddess siren>*hugs theron tightly*i swear if he dies ill go to the afterlife to drag his ass back here.

serinah>heh...i know what you mean.*looks over to paroth as camera follows him*

paroth>ill take it from here arnatule.go free the slaves.*arnatule nods in background and walks off screen as paroth begins beating the captive cultist*TELL ME WHO YOUR LEADER IS AND WHERE HES AT NOW!

cultist>you defilers of luminus can go to*gets hit by paroths sword hilt directly in the teeth and begins crying.paroth continues beating the cultist*all right!allright!enough!ive never met him personally,but he calls himself archangel.

paroth?where is his base?*raises his fist*

cultist>i dont know!i swear!he only contacts us by a carravan with a courier.

paroth>then you are no longer needed here...*cuts off cultist's head*

*camera cuts to arnatule approaching the chained up woman*

arnatule>poor woman..she must have tryed to speak out against them.*arnatule takes off her blindfolds.camera shows her opening her eyes.camera cuts to arnatules face*youre safe now.*camera shows arnatule removing her gag*

jennessa>please milord...no more.this one shall submit to your will.

arnatule>im not a slaver....im your rescuer,along ith my companions.*unshackles jennessa with background of freed slaves rejocing*

jennessa>this one's will is no more...this one must serve you.

arnatule>dont...you will find your will agin,but i need to take you home.what was your towns name?

jennessa>....elkridge....this one is from elkridge.this one's father is named javi.this girl wishes to see her father.

arnatule>we have been there and know the way.follow us.

young theron>*being held by goddess siren as he weakly speaks*so its you...javi sent us to look for you.

*camera pans slowly at arnatule and jennessa shyly blushing while staring into each others eyes*

theron[narration]>thats how he met his wife.for a breif moment you could see jennessas humanity return to her.

jennessa>*smiles and blushes more while continueing to look into arnatules eyes*

theron[narration]>soon after we returned to elkridge with the victims.it felt good helping so many people.

*camera cuts to town center and follows jennessa as she hugs javi and they happily spin around holding each other.camera cuts to balgon making a pay up motion while paroth rolls his eyes and gives him money for a flagon.balgon buys it and toasts paroth*

javi>*walks up to the heroes*thank you brave warriors.the area seems much safer now,thanks to your aid.however,my daughter tells me where the leader can be found.im reluctant to part ways with her because of the state she seems to be in...but...you need a guide.before you leave though,i wish to play you a tune that will be both my blessing and thanks to you.*walks up to a piano and plays a tune as villagers join in with various instruments.*

theron[narration]>it was then something told me....one of us may die.

*camera shows balgon drinking with some of the villagers as young theron looks on as if hes worried.serinah walks up to him.*

serinah>are you ok theron?

young theron>...yeah...just still a little weak.im going to go rest for a bit.call me when you guys are ready to travel.

*camera cuts to exterior,mountain range,sunrise.heroes are gathered behind a big rock*

arnatule>so whats the plan jennessa?

jennessa>this one pulled a few strings.a few of the slaves claim that each sunrise the slavers carry supplies and slaves to the camp we destroyed.the tricky part is that with a caravan it takes time to reload and head back to its main post.its all a waiting game.if we can take out the cargo and the returning shipment...

paroth>we can sneak in undetected.clever.

theron>theres one drawback.what of the other caravan?

jennessa>rest assured,my father has called for aid.you may not see them....but father employed a whole hunters guild to help.we have fifty archers and trackers backing us up.they are en route to intercept and take over the rest of the caravans and meet up with us.

serinah>wow jennessa you thought of everything.

jennessa>well this one was raised to be a thinker....plus arnatule is cute when he looks amazed.

arnatule>*looks shocked in background*hey!*blushes*i do not!

balgon:ha! planning aside the both of you just need to breed already.*camera cuts to both arnatule and jennessa blushing*this lovey dovey stuff is making me wish i was back home with a bar wench.*camera cuts back to balgon*anyway she has good plan.we wait here.

serinah>guys quiet!did you hear that?

*camera cuts to a slaver caravan and then back to the heroes.jennessa nods then takes out her daggers while the heroes take out their wepons.right as the caravan passes they jump out and attack.arnatule shoots the drivers off of the 4 wagons while the dozen armoured men are quickly killed.*

jennessa>good job.everyone ok?

paroth>were all here so yes.

jennessa>good,lets see what,or who,they were transporting.*camera cuts to jennessa opening the wagon to find wepons and food.*well this will certainly help.if the cargo was the same as this the hunters guild will be more equiped for a fight.

theron>ok...now what?

jennessa>theres a small woodland area nearby.this one suggests we make camp a little ways from here.the hunters guild will surely have scouts looking for our campfire.

theron[narration]>seeing as there was no argument we took the wagon and parked it in the woods nearby the path to rest.

*camera cuts to exterior camp site night time.camera pans to see balgon gaurding the camp site while arnatule enters his tent.*

arnatule>balgon should be....whoa.what are you doing in here?*camera pans around to jennessa kneeling before arnatule wrapped in a silk robe.*

jennessa>this one is still trying to become what she used to be arnatule...and its all thanks to you.please dont deny what i must do....*camera cuts behind jennessa as she undoes her robe ribbon*for you see...ever since this one locked eyes with you...this one....i felt safe...loved...desired..not like a slave,but as a woman.

arnatule>but i dont *jennessa lunges on top of him,knocking him over and making out passionaely while camera is still locked on her wearing the silk robe.*oh...*passionate lovemaking scene between arnatule and jennessa.[optional in 'directors cut']*

*camera cuts to balgon smirking*

balgon>heh bout time they get it out their systems.*twig snaps and balgon readys his wepon while spinning around.camera cuts to a hunter with balgons wepon near his neck.*who are you?

man>you need not worry.i bring word from my leader.im from the hunters guild.he says hes intercepted all of the cargo shipments and will leave a detachment here in the morning as planned.

balgon>good...and sorry.im gaurding here for now while they rest up.tell your leader that we have a wepons shipment ready for them to use.

man>good.we managed to intercept slaves and food.some of them have banded togeather to avenge themselves.when your group wakes we will follow quietly.ill send word at once.

*camera cuts to daytime outside the camp.camera cuts to jennessa cuddling on top of arnatule*

jennessa>*thinking*mmm...he looks so damn good even in his sleep.im lucky.*nudges arnatule*wake up my love.

arnatule>*yawns and wakes up*jennessa...ive never experianced...well what you did to me....

jennessa>youre saying youre i was your first?

arnatule>i ermm...yes..*blushing*i.....i wanted to say something...


arnatule>my pepole believe in purity and nature...if you were the one that was my fist,youd be my only....er...

jennessa>go on...*leans in closer*

arnatule>...and well....since you did this to me...im to wed you in the future.

jennessa>i wouldnt have it any other way.*makes out with him*

serinah>*distant*guys is everyone awake?balgon said to hurry up!

jennessa>give myself and arnatule a few moments.im tying to hep him get his arrows togeather.

serinah>ok well hurry it up because word is is that the hunters guild is on the move.

jennessa>damn it...looks like ill have to be your second later on.

arnatule>i erm...lets just go for now.

jennessa?youre cute when youre shy,you know that dont you?

*jennessa and arnatule are sorting their clothes out and putting them on as the conversation in the background takes place*

arnatule>*yelling*i am not shy!

balgon>*laughing in background*

serinah>*in background*wait why are you laughing balgon?

balgon>*in background*lets just say they got a little close.

serinah>*in background*ohhh,no wonder.....im almost jelous.paroth wake up!

balgon>*in background*better toss a stick in there to see if they are still half asleep.*stick flys past jennessa and smacks arnatule on the head.

arnatule>ow!....coming!just gimme a moment.

balgon>*in background*thats what she said.pahahaha!

arnatule>*blushes and looks to jennessa as if he were asking her "what the hell was that all about?"*jennesa...i know you liked it but please never say that again.

*camera cuts to next scenealong a road.theron hops into the wagon and the wagon arrives at the slave camp.camera shows serinah glaring at jennessa with curiousity.*

theron>*naration*although i was already scouting ahead the two was said to be quite the couple.i cant remember how many times serinah glared at her with jelousy.but a few hours passed and personal feelings were put aside.we stared the jaws of death and broke it open.

gaurd>halt.by order of luminus we require a password.

jennessa>*dressed as a slave*by the divine light all will remain pure.

gaurd>*nods*the password checks out.the slave pens are due east.you may enter.

*the wagon continues onward showing tourture devices and some of the devices being used by slavers upon innocent victims.

arnatule>is..is this what they put you through?

jennessa>yes...it pains me to see them suffer,but hopefully we can end it.theron drive casually.the leader usually has his own personal gaurd and a tent where he keeps his favorate slaves.

goddess siren>look!

*camera pans to the god luminus in chains.*

balgon>hmm this is going to be tougher then i thought.the slave pens are nearby.

arnatule.>so whats the plan?

jennessa>we take their leaders by surprise and hold them hostage.theron has a signal flare that will call our backup to storm the entrance.the hunters guild will provide arrow support while we escape.as soon as the fighting starts we regroup and join the fight.

balgon>that seems legit,but what if they dont show up in time?

jennessa>then youd better show off your dwarven pride and bring your enemies to the stone.

balgon>well at least youre cultured.fine,but if i have to save your hides you owe me a flagon.

*camera cuts to wagon passing as archangel watches on*

archangel>ah,after so long a caravan returns.i was beginning to worry.

jennessa>*gasp*....its...its him...the man who broke me...

arnatule>dont worry,well get him too.

theron>hes on his way!get ready!

archangel>*approaches theron*greetings.youre the first caravan ive seen in a while.by chance have you been to our outpost?

theron>i have sir.i have news to report.when i arrived the base was wiped out.my companions inside the wagon were the sole survivors.

archangel>what?who could do such a thing?

theron>we heard a roumer that a army calling themselves the huns had attacked us after we escaped.they razed a village nearby.

archangel>hmm that explains why my contact near elkridge dissapeared....come,you and your companions are to join me as i adress the issue with the council of light.are there any injured?

theron>we have a slave girl who survived the encounter,but i trust this will do for owning her.*extends a bag of gold to archangel*shes got a few scratches id like healed.

archangel>very well.after the meeting we will use our healing abilities on her.thank you for your honesty and patronage.

*camera cuts to archangels tent with the council of light cultists seated in their respective thrones.*

theron>...and immeadiately after the slave mentioned her breaking grounds which allowed us to warn you of the huns.

archangel>well thank you for your warning.*looks at jennessa*girl,you look fammilliar.

jennessa>*kneels*that is becaused i was to be trained as a handmaiden of the cult.

archangel>ah i understand.its a shame you were just purchased.

jennessa>all the more reason for me to kill you.*throws a knife a a council member as the others ready their wepons*

arnatule>nobody move or you get the same as him.theron,now!

theron>*walks out the tent and kills two men quickly and pulls out the flare gun and fires it.*

camera cuts to a massive army of villagers and hunters armed to the teeth with weponry.

hunter>the time is now!MOVE IN!

*camera cuts back to theron*

theron>its away!and not to be a berer of bad news but theres lots of enemies massing near the tent!

jennessa>kill them all but save archangel for me!*jennessa grabs handcuffs and binds archangel to the tent.*may you rot with your fellows untill i return for you.

camera cuts to front entrance of camp where slavers are gaurding the entrance.suddenly an arrow kills one gaurd and a pike kills the other.

gaurd>intruders!to battle!

*the heroes run outside fighting desperately to escape to the entrance.they kill a few cultists befor finallly reaching the entrance.camera alternates between each hero fighting bravely as they regroup with the villager army.balgon is seen overpowering thirty men with ease.*

balgon>bring it on you sods.from the ashes i hardened my heart to stone!from the might of my kingdom!learn fear as you sink to the depths of death!*balgon splits his axes in half and surprisingly katana blades are exposed as he gives out a warcry*AHHHHH!face the honor of the dwarfs!*begins cutting the cultists up like a samurai with lightning fast reflexes.*

*the battle rages on as the heroes gather near the exit with balgon in the distance fighting off waves of men.theron rushes tward balgon to help him.in slow motion balgon kills 20 men quickly.camera cuts to theron trying to desperately reach balgon as the battle rages on.camera cuts to balgon as an axe is thrown into his side.at this point there is no sound,but only balgons last warcry as he throws his wepons.in slow motion its seen killing archangel.camera cuts to young theron yelling out to balgon as he fights a slaver.*

*camera cuts to the line of hunters as the hunter leader signals to hold fire*

hunter leader>men they are retreating.choose your targets carefully to mop up the last of them.

theron[narration]>we may have won,but we still experianced loss.

*camera cuts to heroes surrounding balgon in silence.*

arnatule>we need to let his brother know.....

*arnatule looks off into the distance.*

arnatule>*gets up*guys...tend to his remains.he goes home.*walks past archangels remains and takes out balgons weapons*

*camera cuts to luminus still bound in chains as arnatule looks on.*

luminus>that was a heroic battle....i feel a power ive not felt since....*gasp*you possess the lifegiver?

arnatule>*nods*though freeing you got someone in my care killed.....we were to supposed to share our fate.

luminus>no fate is shared brave one.in his last moments he wanted two things.first to make sure you succeed in your mission,and second to die honorably in battle.

arnatule>and you know this how?

luminus>*closes eyes*i am the protector of joy,light and pure souls.*eyes turn white as the spirit of balgon appears.*

balgon's ghost>it appears as if i couldnt hold them off.but still i did what all honorable dwarves do:die with honor.my friend...my last request is that instead of burning me,cast me to the stone next to my father.inform the king of my demise and that my last wish was to have an alliance with your people.trust in my words,and remember....from the stone i was born,from heroes i acsend forever will the stone guide the dwarves and their deeds.may your quet to find your gods be fruitful.

*balgons ghost disappears*

luminus>he is on his journey to his heaven.i made sure of it.

arnatule>.....thank you.*cuts the chain off of luminus while a single teardrop falls.in the background jennessa is seen staring at archangel's lifeless body while serinah,theron and siren load up bagons remains into a wagon.*

*camera cuts to entrance of Kalrhoha dusk time as the heroes approach in a wagon*

theron [narration]>days passed as we returned to his realm.we respected his wishes and returned him home.

*camera cuts to a tomb with a dwarven honor gaurd taking balgon to his resting place next to another dwarven grave.camera follows the honor gaurd.dwarven men women and children are seen bowing before balgon as he passes.as the camera comes into view of the empty grave luminus and pyros stand before it.*

luminus>balgon blackstone,hero of the four roads and general of the dwarven royal gaurd.he sacrificed himself upon the surface in a brave battle to ensure peace between our people.let every man,woman and child bear witness to,our kin,our birthright is the stone,and from the stone,life begins as clay untill time consumes our lives.and then thy ancestors guide us back into the stone,blessing us al.may he rest in peace alongside his father,lord kalron blackstone of house elteg.

*camera cuts to arnatule and the other heroes looking on with malgon blackstone crying*

malgon>...he died doing what was right.in this im certain.*looks to theron*thats why i will take his place.teach me to fight and ill do what i can.

theron>....i think we will all need time before any of us would continue....but pyros pulled us aside and told us where we need to go next.but for now....we mourn a friend.

malgon>and i a brother.

*camera cuts to arnatule and jennessa*

arnatule>i feel useless..i should have stayed near him.....

jennessa>i know.we all feel like that.-caresses arnatules cheek-serinah and paroth arent speaking though...i think they feel the responsibility is on me.

arnatule>honestly....im worried that more of us may die.

jennessa>dont say that....just hold me.*embraces arnatule to comfort him*
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