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by Jennyj
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silly poem about falling down
Today's Prompt:
Write a story 1000 words or less or a poem 40 lines or less with the sentence:
"It was true after all."

this phrase, exactly as written, must appear somewhere in your story or poem.

The Truth, After All!

It was true after all!
T’was heading for a fall.
I tried so hard,
To no avail
It was true after all!

It was true after all:
I headed for my fall.
Fell out of bed
And hit my head
--a true fall after all?

But once I had my fall,
It was true after all
That when I hit,
It didn’t split—
So, was it a true fall?

I went to the ER,
Just to be sure the fall
Did not damage
my precious head!
Not TRUE fall, after all!
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