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Honor isn’t just a plaque or marble monument ... An Honoring our Veterans Entry

American flag collage

Honor is a word we often use without much thought.
We say we honor those who've died and honor those who've fought
defending both our country and those who've been oppressed
without much understanding of the words we have expressed.

Honor isn't just a plaque or marble monument
that we've placed in the public eye out of sentiment.
It isn't just a bunch of words spoken on holidays
hoping to get one more vote with empty words of praise.

Honor is integrity in all we do and say.
It’s taking care of those who were lost along the way.
It’s helping ease the suffering of families torn apart.
It’s healing wounds inflicted to the body and the heart.

Each day of freedom we enjoy really isn't free.
It has a cost, paid for in blood, for the sake of liberty.
The soldiers, sailors, airmen who protect and guard each night
pay that price for each of us because they know it’s right.

They deserve respect for they live honor every day.
They live the oaths they've taken and will not betray
their vows this great nation in what they say and do.
Their stalwart devotion deserves more than a “thank you.”

Let’s reflect the meaning of this word in the way we act
by taking care of those who guard us. It is a sacred pact.

An entry for January Round of "HONORING OUR VETERANS

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