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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1974191
Reporter investigates a mystery and doesn't find a story: no byline.
Everyone believed that they were created and evolved yet, they had no proof. Then suddenly,
there was a new discovery, which changed everything. Carvings found in caves never before
exposed by the sea showed a history of creatures as small beings, then as large immense beings
like themselves.

As everyone in town shouted the news, a stranger idly stood by taking in all the mayhem in the
city streets. The chaos and excitement hit a crescendo when the king announced that the caves
would be off limits so that scientific study and in depth investigations could be conducted.

The city citizens were dismayed and horrified at the idea of more government invasion and
control over their lives and their future. Study and researching history had been declared off
limits. anyone who broke this law would be sent to fiery agonizing death. There was no trial or
inquiry. They were deemed deviant, traitors and destroyed immediately. Fear raged through
out the population and rage gripped all inhabitants because of the new law.

The strange observer felt non of these emotions. All seemed clam, secure, and peaceful. the
ocean waves slowly rolled into the gulf and receded as they always did. Everything looked as it
was remembered yesterday. No reason for all the upheaval could be discerned by the visitor
who had lived in this city years ago.

"It was true after all." Or, was it? I couldn't tell you because I only watched from afar
these events. I had little understanding about what was happening and why. It seemed strange
to me for this place to be tranquil and quiet and then burst out into crazy mysterious and
apparently unnecessary fear, suspicion, rage, and many dangerous and horrible emotions. Why
would a sleepy little place become a place of destruction? How could these peace loving beings
suddenly change? All I can tell you is that I was told that something got into the water supply or
the food supply and made a mess of everything.

My source is very reliable and I trust them. "It was true after all." That something happened,
but we didn't find out how or why things had changed.

Now this place is desolate and barren. No one even thinks about approaching or traveling
through this area because of the fear that who ever does will end up being caught in the same
trap which befell the beings told about in history. There was a witness who wouldn't allow
interviews, so I never had the opportunity to investigate. I heard, that something happened and
the witness was never seen or heard from again. I stake my career as a Inquirer reporter "It
was true after all."
, because inquiring minds want to know. National Enquirer wanted me to
locate anyone who has any information about this event. I've been searching for years and have
not yet found any leads.

word count 481
Contest unknown
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