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How do we have polite sex ?

      I had a chat on the phone with an old (ehm) young lady I dated in
      high school. She still sounds like the girl I played with.
      But, that was back aways ... 1978.  Geezes ! 30 or so years ago.
      Anyway, she and I were hot and heavy in the 70's ..
      I she was so cute in her pink nylons and heels .. It was a total freak out .
      She's married several years and has grandchildren and I'm not
      all that thrilled about that. (Maybe I shouldn't use her name.)

      Rachael , that's her first name , was my best friends sister.
      Michael , got uptight about me dating his sister.. This sounds so silly.
      Michael and I came upstairs to his room to play army with toy soldiers
      and Rachael was sitting on the stairs to the attic room with her legs spread
      open .. She was wearing a short  brown skirt and a white turtle neck jump suite.
      I slipped between her legs and kissed her... Michael told me to back off.

      Rachael asked me if I would like to go to her room , which was next to Michael's.
      I knew about Michael's peep holes into his sister's room and suggested going to
      my house .. Rachael was very excited about that .  My mother was a fulltime mom.
      So, I snuck Rachael in through the basement door and showed her my HO train set.
      Rachael ran the red trolly around the track and we kissed again. It was innocent fun
      Until, I ran my hands around her  ..  That's when the adrenaline started flowing.

      Okay.  Today, I was watching Richard Dawkins lecturing about sex and natural
      selection.  The gist of which was that women seek out men , who can support them
      and provide strong offspring.  Well, Rachael wasn't thinking about that ..
      She was just horny.  I was skinny and I had a sunken chest in high school ..
      Kids called me Learch from the Adam's Family sitcom.  Rachael was a beautiful
      bronze Jewish girl .  I still don't know what she found attractive about me.
      Where is Darwin's  "Natural Selection" in this ?

      Rachael insisted on seeing my chest .  She gently put her fist into the hollow of
      my chest and said it was "Cool."  I was very excited to cup her bare breasts too.
      We didn't see anything wrong or dangerous in our playful touching ..
      Rachael's dad was furious.  He banned me from her house and Michael
      would not see me.  Well, maybe that's social anthropology ?

      Just a thought ..


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