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Grandfather's poem about the cooks, bakers, and himself in the Navy
Cooks and Bakers Only

By: Jack Howard Hatfield; My Grandfather

I think I’ll try to write a poem
About these Cooks and Bakers,
You can always tell when a cooks around
Just look at J.B. Acker’s.

If it’s a dirty picture you like
There’s a cook who’s quite a maker,
So if you’re in a hurry I’ll tell you
To look up W.W. Baker.

Now we’ll take a Baker
It’s really quite a scream,
To see a guy so gal darn slow
Or fast as little Greene.

When you pass the galley
And the butter he’s a melten,
Think nothing of his complaining
‘Cause it’s only ship’s Cook Elton.

These Cooks are always there
In the day time or at night,
And if you look in a certain rack
You’ll find that Harold Kight.

If a cook passing by
Asking for a weed,
Please thing nothing of it
For it’s only Charles Reed.

Now if the food don’t satisfy
It gives you quite an itch,
You’ll have to grin and bear it
But remember Jack Lee Fritch.

Sure, we’ve got a butcher
But he’s always in his bed,
Or if he’s in his butcher shop
Remember his nick name’s Red.

These cooks are different sizes
No larger than a pea may be,
But listen men and I’ll tell you
We’ve got a cook named Pea Wee.

Now when he was a civie
This cook liked his pigs,
But now that he’s in the Navy
He’s referred to as Mr. Biggs.

There’s still another cook
Who’s always on the go,
I’ll tell his real name’s Herbert
But we always call him Moe.

When the galley is upside down
And looking very messy,
We hope there’s no hard feelings
‘Cause really it’s only Bessey.

I remember long ago
Coffee and Donuts I’d lunched,
And now it reminds me so
Of a baker whose name is Duncan.

We have a cook in C.P.O.’s
Know to us as Conte,
He always forgets to sign his chits
Which is very, very naughty.

Maybe I’d better tell you
Of a cook whose always crawlin,
So you won’t be so frightened
When you see it’s only Dahlen.

To this poem there could be more
But really I’m all in,
From thinking up this little ditty
And opening cans of tin.

Now the big shot I almost forgot
He passes a Chief Cook Hamlin,
But listen to me and you shall hear
That thin guy likes his gamblin’,

Now if we had a highway
You would surely see,
That little baker Conway
As wobbly as could be.

Take ships cook Bill Reynolds
He’s just like me and you,
But if you’d see his locker
You’d know he likes to chew.

For instance baker Frosig
Who hasn’t much to say,
Is really quite a person
In his good kind hearted way.

There is a certain Baker
Who likes the tailor shop,
Everyone knows its Kara
That has the tails to swap.

The last of the Bakers is Houch
But he is not the least,
Just drop in at the bake shop
And watch him sling the grease.

At last we come to the issue Room
And that is quite a fall,
To see that cook called Hatfield
So Brothers that is all.
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