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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1974511
Just a typical day for high school student Andy, and Miss Leila
Miss Leila

The classroom was cold when Miss Leila entered. To most, it wasn't anything special. But to one boy, it was very important. Andy studied his classmate as she approached her seat, the one in front of him. He looked at her beautiful 34 inch bust, that were covered only by a tight navy, spaghetti strap shirt. Her wavy brunette hair flowed elegantly and rested upon her smooth light brown shoulders. As she got closer, Andy's eyes reached her 34 inch hips. His eyes followed, transfixed on them as they went side to side. Miss Leila paused at her desk and stared down at Andy. After a moment, she spoke.
"Dust off my seat, please"
Her soft voice was inaudible to the rest of the class, but Andy heard and nodded before he dusted off Miss Leila's seat. Before sitting, Leila spoke softly again.
"Thank you. I don't think I would make it through class knowing my butt was dirty."
Andy understood. Miss Leila shouldn't have to come into contact with anything dirty. It was a gift when she let anyone touch any of her belongings.
Andy smiled and whispered, "It's my pleasure"
With that, Miss Leila turned and took her seat. Andy couldn't resist staring at her perfect little Puerto Rican butt as she bent over in her tight blue jeans.
Miss Leila turned around suddenly, "Give me your homework" she ordered.
Andy hastily pulled out the worksheet and placed it in Miss Leila's beautiful hand. Without saying a word, Miss Leila turned around to her desk and copied Andy's answers onto her own sheet. She spun back around and dropped the paper on Andy's desk.
Moments later, Mrs. Williams walked in. She was a young Black English teacher. She was tall, and thin. Her hair was straight and black. She was really cool, and spent most of the class showing lessons on the smartboard. Today was typical. She came in holding a bag of papers. She looked through them and pulled out a folder entitled "Per. 8 Graded Tests"
As she walked up and down the rows, she gave back the tests. Andy was to scared to look at his. He left it face down on his desk. He'd know his grade soon enough. Seconds later, Miss Leila turned around angrily.
"Look at this" she whispered in an angry tone, pointing to the grade. "62? Is that really the best you could do?"
"I'm sorry Miss Leila" Andy mumbled bowing his head.
"girls locker room. Now." She ordered quietly.
Andy knew he was in trouble, and unless he wanted the whole school to know about his relationship with Miss Leila, he'd obey her command.
Miss Leila raised her hand and was excused to the bathroom. Andy waited but hesitantly raised his hand and got excused after her. He quickly walked down the hall to the girls' locker room. Mrs. Williams' class was the only one near the locker room, so no one was Andy walk in. Miss Leila stood with her arms folded and a furious expression on her face.
"62!" She yelled, "Explain to me how that's fair."
Andy hung his head in silence.
"I thought we had a deal. I allow you to stare at me, I even let you touch me if you're lucky. And all I ask for is that you obey me, and do my work. Is that to much?"
"N-no, Miss Leila," Andy answered fearfully.
"Then explain this 62!"
Andy couldn't answer.
"Look at me when I'm speaking to you." Miss Leila ordered.
As Andy looked up, he was met with a cold slap. It stung, but Andy knew he deserved it. Even now, he was allowed to feel her beautiful hand across his face.
"Thank you, Miss Leila" Andy grunted.
Miss Leila swung her hand back and began slapping Andy until his cheek was crimson red.
Andy fell to the ground and began begging, "Please, Miss Leila, no more. I will do better next time. I promise."
"Fine." Miss Leila pouted, pressing her odorous pink flip flip into Andy's face.
"Thank you, Miss Leila" Andy trembled gratefully.
"My feet are sweaty," Miss Leila informed, "Lick them, please"
Andy quickly began to lick her sweaty feet.The salty taste would normally be nauseating, but this was special. It was Miss Leila's feet, and her feet were yummy.
"Get in between the toes" she advised.
Andy obeyed and stuck his tongue between her toes and licked quickly. After Andy finished, he thanked Miss Leila and bowed before they both headed back to class.
"Don't think you're forgiven just yet." Leila informed Andy, "I just don't want everyone to know about our little secret" she giggled and rubbed his slightly erect cock.
"Thank you, Miss Leila" Andy responded.
Back in class, the lesson had begun. The class was talking about Greek mythology, and many of the Gods and Goddesses. There wouldn't be a test on any of it, it was just introducing the kids to Greek Mythology, which would be the topic of their next novel, that they would be reading.
Andy spaced out for the majority of class. He wondered what Miss Leila was planning to do to him. Would he have to spend the night in the cage? Would he have to do all of Miss Leila's chores? He loved doing her chores even if he had to wear the skimpy French Maid outfit. He knew how lucky he was to be allowed to live with Miss Leila, and hated that she had to do chores. The final bell of the day was what alerted Andy. Miss Leila and Andy stood up at the same time and Andy's arm accidentally touched Miss Leila's shoulder. She shot a cold glare at Andy.
Andy apologised and was careful not to let it happen again. Andy picked up both backpacks and Miss Leila picked up her purse. She flung it up and it accidentally hit Andy in the groin. Andy ignored the pain and resisted the urge to fall to the ground. Andy carried the supplies all the way to the bus. The bus didn't have many kids, so the 2 were alone in the back of the bus.
"Did I say you could touch me?" Leila asked enraged.
"I'm sorry, Miss Leila. It was an accident." He assured.
"sure it was" Leila responded doubtfully.
"So was this" Leila slammed her elbow violently into Andy's groin. Andy wanted to scream but held it in.
"Thank you, Miss Leila" he croaked.
Miss Leila smiled.
"Does that hurt?" She asked mockingly.
Andy nodded silently.
Miss Leila laughed, "Well, that's what you get for touching me without permission."
Miss Leila began to rub Andy's groin.
"I'm feeling generous right now." Miss Leila proclaimed, "I think I'm gonna let you rub my thigh right now."
Andy's eyes widened as Miss Leila guided his hand to her soft thigh, while her other hand rubbed on Andy's stiffening cock. Andy rubbed gently on Miss Leila's thigh. It was so soft and warm. Miss Leila smiled as Andy's cock became fully erect.
Miss Leila slapped Andy's hand as the Bus pulled to their stop. Andy grabbed the bags and followed Miss Leila off of the bus. He stared hypnotized by Miss Leila's butt as it swayed back and forth. After the bus left, Andy bent over and allowed Miss Leila to ride on his back. He began walking, and sped up when Miss Leila spanked him. She laughed wickedly at her personal slave. As they stepped into the house, Andy dropped to his hands and knees, allowing Miss Leila to get off. She accidentally stepped on his hand as she led him to her room. Andy crawled behind her. Miss Leila locked the door behind them, and looked at Andy.
"You've been a bad boy today, haven't you?" She asked.
"I'm sorry, Miss Leila."
"Don't worry, bitch. You aren't gonna hate this punishment" she assured Andy.
Andy looked up uncertain of what that meant.
"Take off your clothes and get on your back." Miss Leila ordered.
Andy obeyed and quickly got ready.
"The school lunch is so horrible," Miss Leila began, "it gave me bad gas. I've been holding it in all day."
Leila slowly moved over her bitch. She had one leg on each side. Miss Leila bent down and looked at her bitch, "I want you to breathe in each and every one of my farts. Got it?"
Andy nodded. Miss Leila squatted and placed her butt inches above Andy's nose.
Leila let out a little fart. Andy rubbed his nose against Miss Leila's jeans and began sniffing the fart. The smell was horrible, but Andy surprisingly enjoyed it.
"Does that smell good?" Miss Leila laughed.
Miss Leila let out more. Andy took a deep breath and inhaled her lovely gas. Miss Leila dropped her butt down on Andy's face before a huge fart exploded from her butt and shot up Andy's nose. Leila looked down and saw how hard her bitch was. Miss Leila loved being worshipped. And seeing her bitch enjoy it was hilarious. She smacked his cock, and released a barrage of gas. Miss Leila sat down again and began to suffocate Andy. Right before Andy blacked out, Miss Leila stood up, and smiled.
"Did you enjoy that?" Miss Leila asked.
Andy gasped for air, but nodded gleefully. As he tried to stand up, Miss Leila pushed his head back down with her sweaty foot. She hung her bare foot over Andy's head and waited for him to start kissing it. She pressed it against his face and Andy began to kiss it. Miss Leila let out an angelic giggle when Andy began to lick her sweaty toes. The feeling of her soft foot touching him made Andy hard.
"Thank you, Miss Leila" Andy said gratefully.
Miss Leila decided that her other foot was dirty, too. She quickly switched feet and Andy immediately began working on the other sweaty foot. After repeating the lovely process, Miss Leila decided she wanted to practice wrestling with her bitch.
Miss Leila grabbed her leash from her dresser and tightened it around Andy's throat. She pulled him towards the staircase to the basement. The basement had a large matted section specifically for wrestling. Miss Leila grabbed some rope and began tying Andy's arms to his sides. Andy was ready to get beat. Miss Leila removed the leash and pulled her weak bitch to his feet. Miss Leila disappeared into a walk-in closet and re-emerged in a black onesie thong. The image of Miss Leila was stunning. Her bronze legs shimmered. Her breasts seemed to be trying to escape the suit with every step she took.
Miss Leila ran up to Andy and easily took him down.
"Try to get up" Miss Leila challenged as she locked him in a reverse head-scissors. Andy rocked back and forth as it became harder to breathe. Despite his valiant efforts, Miss Leila was too strong, and foiled each and every attempt Andy made. After ten intense minutes, Miss Leila flexed her leg muscles and Andy tapped out.
Leila got up and looked at her pathetic, exhausted bitch. Andy was too exhausted to even get up.
"Wow" Miss Leila exclaimed, "I actually worked up a sweat from that"
Miss Leila began taking off her uniform. Andy looked up and saw Miss Leila's sweaty body glistening. Miss Leila sat on a bench and pulled Andy by his hair and placed him between her thighs. Andy quickly began to taste each thigh.
"Does that taste good?" Miss Leila asked.
Andy nodded, "Yes, Miss Leila."
The sweat was delicious. He loved how strong Miss Leila was. It was like she was a Goddess. She was perfect in every way. When Andy was told to stop, Miss Leila pushed him on his back and pressed her beautiful boobs against his lips. Andy worked his tongue skillfully across each sweaty boob. Miss Leila laughed and grabbed hold of Andy's exposed cock. She shook it playfully.
"Don't let it explode" Miss Leila ordered playfully. Somehow, Andy resisted and finished cleaning Miss Leila's delicious breasts. She then spun around and presented her plump, shiny booty in Andy's face. Andy dragged his tongue carefully over each mountainous cheek. Then, he proceeded to lick het ass hole. He used long slow strokes. Miss Leila cooed and let a fart slip out.
"Thank you, Miss Leila" Andy reacted instinctively.
He tasted her sweet sweat mixed with the odor of her beautiful booty. Miss Leila buried Andy's face deep up her ass. Andy kept licking, forcefully, trying to please her. Miss Leila was finally satisfied with Andy. She grabbed his cock and began to stroke it.
"hmm..." Miss Leila thought "Nope. Maybe tomorrow will be your lucky day"
With that she let go and laughed. Andy didn't need to masturbate. He was grateful that Miss Leila allowed him to clean her most beautiful assets. Miss Leila lead Andy to his crate, where he would wait for morning and, hopefully, start the same progress again.
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