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A letter to me on accomplishing my goals for the new year inspired and written by my muse.
January 31, 2014

Dear Me,

So it's officially that time of year again where you start to de-clutter the rooms/closets in the house, set up goals for the new year, and make an all around change to a BETTER YOU, right? Well, yes, it is!

The question my dear little goal setter is, how are you going to change this year? What do you want to improve at, to tweak until you're confident enough you can do it with your eyes closed? Well, first thing you got to do is think. Think of how YOU want to improve for YOU, not for others, but for YOU. That is the thing you struggle with most, is it not? Wanting to improve for others is a nice motivator, but it's too much pressure for you. It's too high of a standard, because honestly you don't know what their standard is- even if they tell you.

So what would YOU want to accomplish for the Year of 2014? Now remember dearie, you always like to think big, but let's look at what you have against you, or could it be for you?

How is this year any different than any other?

Hmmm, let's see?

You now have two kids who are both under the age of two. A three month old who had open heart surgery for three defects that you have to medicate and take to appointments and another, a seventeen month old who has bowel (constipation) issues since she was two weeks old. Could that help you, or could that hinder you?

How would you like to be an example to them- always the pessimist or the opportunist? If you continue the way you are, look into the future or better yet, look at how YOU are an example to them now. Oh, so you see. You want to be a better mother, eh? Well, how are you going to accomplish that? Waking up earlier is always good, as is being less grumpy in the mornings. But my dear, I'm afraid you are going to have to look much deeper inside yourself. What is it that makes you grumpy? Your anger, you say? No, no, I don't think that's right- keep searching within. Ah, so you are bitter. But you have known this for a while now. How are you going to change it?

Let's see if I can help you.

You have always wanted to be consistent with journaling. Why not journal out your frustrations?

Look back into your past and into your heart, ask God to reveal to you what you struggle with most- even if you don’t like the answer. You know what to do, but the question is, are you willing? The time is now if you want to be a better mother/wife. You must do your best to get rid of the root of bitterness in your life, and that starts with forgiving yourself, others, and perhaps even God. Write letters to the people you are angry at, you don't have to send them. Just write them, burn them up afterward, and give it ALL over to God. He will take care of it. I like where this is going.

Let's see what it would look like as a list.

Goals for 2014 to Becoming a Better You
Look inside yourself.
*Pencil* out your frustrations/ feelings
Be pro-active with these feelings
*Pencil* letters
Burn them up.

That will help you immensely in toward accomplishing your other goals, even if you weren't exampling it for your kids. Now, I am curious as to what you want to accomplish next.

Be a better writer, you say? This letter is a great start to that. But let's narrow that down some, shall we? You want to write more. Okay, then. Let's set a goal for this too. How does five minutes a day sound with your schedule? Good, I'm glad you like it. What do you want to work on during that time? World building...? That's a mighty lofty goal. Let's start out small again.

How does one build a fantasy world inside their head?

Why not start out daydreaming more? You can do this any time during the day. Imagine what creatures are inside your world. Give them attributes and names. Paint your world with color and landscapes such as rivers and mountains. Give them names too. Heck, why not draw up you own map. That would be fun.

You want your story to be believable. Well you have to have believable characters. Start observing people. Jot down what they say, what they look like, wear, mannerisms, etc.

First though, it requires you going outside of your house. That means no more isolating, no matter your anxiety. It's time to get serious about your dreams, your goals. Think up ideas. Get your brain moving, little one, and that will get you out of the slump you are in and help you stop dwelling on your mother who has terminal cancer. The world is full of problems and you can't hide from them.

Is this how you would want your kids to live when they get older? Never fulfilling their hopes and dreams because of depression? Because of fear? You have no excuse to live in fear, for God is your strength and your hope. That doesn't mean you won't feel fear, but don't live in it. So let's make another list.

Writing Goals for 2014
Designate a *Notepad* for your project. You've got plenty.
Go Outside. Get some *Sun*. It's good for the soul.
Observe *People*. Gain inspiration.
Daydream throughout this process about your world and characters.
{e:pencil for five minutes a day.
Time it the first time.
Aim for that many words or more.
Don't ever give up!

Remember that novel you were working on? How about writing 1,000 words every two days on it? Is that manageable? Then to keep you accountable, check it off in your blog. It doesn't have to be daily, but you must aim for two times a week. While we're at it why not check in weekly with your goals at "Weekly Goals created by the The StoryMistress . If you do this you earn 2,000 Gp's a week! That's quite a deal, but you do this most of the time anyway. Oh, and don't forget about checking in to "Invalid Item where you will gain back your GP's for completing the goals you posted and paid to complete and be held accountable towards reaching those goals.

Let us see what this might look like!

More Writing Goals for 2014
*Pencil* 1,000 words every two days on your novel
Remember to blog it into your journal two times a week
Go to "Weekly Goals and update your goals every Monday and Friday
In doing so, you just earned 2,000 GP's a week towards your upgraded membership
Check in to "Rising Stars Sig May 2013 to fulfill the promise you made to yourself towards reaching your goals and to earn back your GP's
Again, don't ever give up.

I know your fingers are itching to give a date, but let's face it, as long as you accomplish these things throughout the year, you will be further off than you were, and you'll be better for it. At least you'll have "Ice Outlined Brandywine to whip you into shape this year if you fall behind!

Well, my dear, I think this will be a good start to a better year and a better YOU. Now roll up your sleeves, get some rest, drink plenty of water, and begin again tomorrow.

Oh, and here's a little idea. Why not track your process down in that journal of yours? For those who want to watch my lady's progress throughout the year, please visit "Not Another Blog?!

Your Muse

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