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Imagine being displaced from your home,
Your family left in tatters,
Left here crying, scared, alone,
Loved ones having been murdered.

Now imagine being a child of five,
Circumstances no different,
Orphaned, barely able to survive,
Ever wonder where your life went?

This is the world we see everyday,
On print, radio and TV,
It really breaks my heart to say,
Did we cause this ourselves? Maybe.

A child with dirt on her clothes and face,
Makes me think of my own,
It truly is an absolute disgrace,
It cuts me to the bone.

What hurts me even more than this,
Is the fact I sit here happy,
While a child out there knows no bliss,
Or even get a clean nappy.

I love my own child more than life,
To think of him in that position?
It is safe to say that I and my wife,
Keep him safe as our personal mission.

The world can be great for all,
Of that I have no doubt,
We need to stand up and pass the ball,
To the powers with all the clout.

I leave you now with this one thought,
Do we collectively have the power,
To stand up tall and show the world,
Together we are a tower.

For all those less fortunate out there. It may not provide you food, warmth or shelter but please know people do care.

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