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Friends think they are funny sometimes but their jokes can misfire with time.
The darkness surrounds me.
Eye's wildly and widely opened, still only blackness.
Fear immediately set's in!
Horrible and endless fear previously unknown to me!
"What has happened", I exclaimed within the ultimate silence, though somehow I knew no one but myself could hear!
I felt around.
Softness and silk met my hands.
A suit was on my body, I never wear suits!
What gives here, what is this?
Slowly and with a feeling of sickness coming on I slowly realize what has happened!
Buried alive!
The screaming was endless for hours from that point it seemed!
Seconds seemed like minutes.
Minutes seemed like hours.
Hours seemed like days.
Time for me had stopped!
Then a faint chuckle came to my ears.
The sounds of locks turning.
The coffin lid slowly opened.
Overcome with joy, I could not speak for some time.
I looked upon the smiling faces surrounding me and for a moment my anger subsided.
Just for a moment!
I fell flat on my face jumping from my chamber of death that had previously had me captive!
Run but remember that April Fools Day comes again next year!!!!!!!!!
A full year I have to come up with something befitting this "joke" and it will be one for the books I assure you!

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