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Wilma and Benji go on a adventure
"Let's go Wilma we gotta go to outer space!" Shouted Benji, Benji always got worked up when she can always use her imagination it was the only thing she can have fun with twenty four hours a day. Wilma always answered the same thing Benji always asked that "of course!" They always would go on the swings tie a jacket around their waist and the swing then prepare for blast off. Everything that surrounded them always had a major part in the game the sky was space the clouds are aliens sand the grass is earth! They were always headed roses Jupiter and Saturn but getting there would a month! They are almost at Jupiter and they are going to create life with humans and chickens. Benji was always prepared for a adventure or as she likes to call it a secret mission up to space to create life on Jupiter, Wilma hates when Benji lets the mission out to the public. Boss Grace never let's Benji tell anyone their mission so nobody will try to do the same thing. Benji can never keep a secret so it's more likely Benji can be a big threat to IPMP Headquarters so Benji always was assigned to work with Wilma her best friend so nobody can find out their mission. Wilma knows a great trick get Benji on the rocket and steal her cell phone then prepare for blast off! Benji will only have Wilma to tell her the mission and that is not a big deal. Wilma and Benji are now 304 miles away from the Earth and see the alien spacecrafts they must hurry before they can get zapped with a donut made of wood and metal that can destroy their rocket ship. Wilma and Benji don't know what to expect and when it's expected.
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