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Quick piece on a local vocalist published - online radio station

By Jacqueline Adams on Aug 08, 2012 at 06:25 PM in Music News

Shelly Rudolph - Portland and Seattle Soul Music Singer

      The Vocalist arrives with her son strapped to her tiny frame, a happy little bundle of blue eyes and knee dimples. Her eyes are tired, her smile warm and grateful. She laughs as I ask her what makes her happy. “My baby boy”, she says, “and performing.”

      An accepting creature of Knowing, Shelly was aware and embraced her path early, performing and writing since childhood. She describes the force moving through her as an alignment. Effortless, clean, healing and joyful.

      This point is made evident by the physical and obvious transformation as the Artist sets foot on the stage. All the fatigue has vanished, replaced by a palpable aura of ease and love. A feeling of cool blue water, and sweet champagne eases the tension from your muscles when she centers herself and begins. No longer a woman with the pulls and tugs of day-to-day life, the figure before me is now the Gift alone. A smoky, sultry sound that aches just a bit and causes a gentle hush. I’ve asked her if her style has changed over the years and she replies that it’s mainly stayed in the same vein of soulful tune and has simply matured and developed. An Aretha Franklin devotee, Shelly likewise brings forth an unexpectedly powerful, yet precise communication, breaking apart with emotion.

      A true channel to the core, Shelly experiences no threat of writer’s block, only the insistent and too-small pockets of time to open the vein and let the message flow through. And oh how it flows. You can

hear it in her original work; no tight boxes of control, just the raw, fluid gain and knowledge of no time and no space.

      Back on level ground, the Mother returns and carries her child, a graceful and necessary transfer between the two separate realms. Blessings given in both, I see now that the acknowledgment of these blessings and all who benefit from them matters not to Shelly. The giving is the destination, the giving is Nature.

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