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Chaotic rambling
Wretched souls weep on streets of gold
While Creation’s voice sings from the dawn.
The long forgotten mother
who weeps for her Children,
the willful souls that strayed
from the path of grace.
When did time become frail?
And nature weep
Sorrow born of the rape of a daughter
My transgressions lie before me
Soldiers in a row
No course to change no path to stray from
Only the mindless response to the call
Of the machine, the bodies twisted and
Mangled in the gears so much fodder for the
What is your religion now, pious repentant?
Who saves you from the wrath wrought
Upon you by your fathers and their masters?
Feel the song, low and humming,
in your veins and in the moments when
You are quiet with your sin
The embers of time are
Waking, coming to life.
A new god is rising as the cards turn
Listen, hush and listen
To the whisper of your soul
The light you seek is within
Heed your truth, for it alone
Is salvation from darkness.

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