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Rated: E · Assignment · Action/Adventure · #1975945
Story about ninjas and robots. Short story.
Siege of the Cyber Ninjas

By: Oleg Trifonov


         In Japan, a country of peace and quiet, no man could predict the Siege. It was a full moon night when the swarm of robotic ninjas flew out of nowhere and slaughtered everyone in their path. Many were killed, few survived. The ones that survived had to leave to a different island in Japan, Yonaguni where they built an underground city where no cyber ninja could find them. A boy named Yamamoto Jin only 4 years of age experienced the death of his parents right before his eyes. He would have died from the siege as well if it wasn't for his uncle who protected him with his life. He will soon be known as the savior of Japan. Later the NED was created to kill all of these cyber ninjas. And his heart knew what to do.

Chapter 1

20 Years Later

         I now live in the NED as a newbie but soon I will become S-class warrior. It is my life mission. I will erase the cyber ninjas and I will die trying if I have to. After what they did to my family they cannot be forgiven. As I walked towards the cafeteria I stumbled upon a gang in the NED who call themselves the Exterminators. So far we have been only taught hand to hand and sword combat and they are already getting cocky. Personally I think I'm stronger , I'm second best in class. The best is Hashimoto Yashita. He is the closest one to becoming an S-class and his weapon of choice is a sickle and chain with lightning magic. My weapon is a long katana with dark magic. I lurk in shadows and strike like a real ninja does. I still haven't had a real fight against a cyber ninja , but I'm pretty sure I will win my first fight. I was told that there are three types of cyber ninjas. Rogues that are fast and don't use magic , tanks that carry giant swords and have thick armor (they have random magic depending on the color of the armor) , and beasts that have animal shaped armor and have many hidden blades. We were only taught to fight the first two with holograms but we couldn't copy the beast's techniques. In this organization the elites fight everyday and the teachers switch everyday. The sirens suddenly went off ", Newbies please gather at gate today is your first mission." I couldn't believe my own ears my first mission. I prepared my sword and ran towards the gate

Chapter 2

The First Battle

         The first I will ever have. It's been 20 years since I had a fresh breath of air. In the horizon I could see a swarm of cyber ninjas and an army of elites. The elites killed them quickly but not fast enough and that  is what we are here for. All of us instantly knew what to do. I ran to the shadows where I could perform my magic. The elites were pretty much flying towards the ninjas. The first ninja that came by me I quickly slashed through his armor and cut him in half. His armor wasn't that thick then he blew up. It blew a big gust of wind. I wonder how the elites fight without getting blown away. I defeated a total of 20 ninjas. Some in my class didn't even get a chance. The world would soon change for me and I will be a legendary hero.

Chapter 3

The Second Wave

Boom! Something had just hit the bunker and it was powerful. It almost seemed like a giant iron sphere. When everyone came outside there was a ninja we have never seen before. It was gigantic with a giant iron ball covered in spikes. First of all how did it find us and second of all what type is it. Everybody began saying it was a new type. Then we all saw a giant beefy looking ninja who kind of looked like a sumo wrestler. The elites tried attacking but the bad went through too slowly. These giants were unstoppable. It took 3 elites to defeat one. Once the whole NED came out we began identifying the destroyed ninjas that didn't blow up. The ones with iron balls are called crushers and the other ones are sumo ninjas. This would be known as the Second Wave. The ninjas are now equipped with stronger and thicker armor so they are much harder to defeat but this won't stop my destiny.

Chapter 4

10 years later

         It's almost over. The whole NED is wiped out and I am the only one left. So far everything that has happened has been leading up to this final battle. Me against the Cyber Ninja Overlord. This battle would never be forgotten because once he is dead cyber ninjas won't be built anymore and I would be a savior of the whole world. The battle began , me and the overlord dashed at each other. Bang ! Our swords collided with lots of noise. His strength was greater than mine. At least after these 10 years I learned to use every type of magic. He only knows one. There are also techniques that combine magic to make powerful magic. I combined all magic and fused it with my blade. As my blade transformed I noticed the overlord's sword also began transforming. My sword looked like a dragon his looked like a chimera. This battle just started getting intense. As we constantly clashed the aura from each of our blades grew bigger and bigger. An unexpected burst of energy came from the overlord as he jumped up to attack. Â This was my perfect chance. I jumped up and cut him in half. He was defeated and I won , but something felt wrong as if it changed nothing . Then out of nowhere the floor opened and a pod with another overlord popped out. This means I will have to defeat each one or find a way to shutdown the system , but I thought the overlord was the system. While the hole was still open I took action and jumped in the hole. It felt like I was falling for miles until I reached the bottom. There it was the shutdown button. I felt tired but I was given energy by success , I walked up to the button and pressed it. Suddenly the hole began blowing up , I couldn't do anything . I'm going to die and the ninjas with it.

The End........


© Copyright 2014 Oleg Trifonov (geloleg at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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