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Diversity Contest
Without diversity this would be an dull and unfriendly environment. The fact that many minds get together, not always agreeing, but expressing ideas is healthy for mankind. 

I choose to use the word She and Her purposely because this piece is not directed to only one or two people but for a community of man.

The Wonder of Diversity

    It was so beautiful on her first day of freedom.  The clear crisp mountain air was hers.  She hadn't seen a car in a while, so she could concentrate on the spectacular view.

    The snow covered mountains seemed to be calling her.  So many forest green pine trees appeared to be looking in the mirror.  The river was crystal clear blue but held the images of the mountains and trees captive.

      On her side of the river was a rock wall.  She knew it had to have been built by hand with each rock a different shape and color.  She stopped for a while to think of how her life is changing.

    Setting on the wall, she noticed a deer drinking from the river.  The deer noticed her but showed no fear. 

    She read her acceptance letter again.  It was just like a dream.  Finally she would be able to be a nurse and accepted by the best college.

    She noticed the sun was beginning to set and wanted to make it to the next town before dark.  As the sky began to turn slightly orange, she could see the sun slowly making it's way behind the mountains.  Soon the orange became a darker shade of red and turned the river into glowing reddish embers. 

      The sun was beginning to fall into red/golden dust.  Night was coming closer now as well as the next city.

    Pulling up to a motel she would rest and be at her destination tomorrow. There was a small cafe next door to the motel.  A hamburger and fries would do just fine.


    She left the motel at dawn just in time to catch the suns first light.  There were more cars on the road and the river was getting farther way from the road.

      Closer to her future; just a few more miles. She felt a bit tired yesterday but excited and eager now.

    She began thinking about her nursing classes and how her dreams were coming true.  Knowing her college prides itself of diversity makes her happy.  Her family taught her not to judge others but to try to understand them. 

    She will learn about other cultures in her college.  There will be multicultural classmates in all her classes.  In fact two of her room mates and some of her teachers are from other countries.

      Thinking about college; time passed quickly. She could see the college from where she was.  It was pristine white with black roofing with a circle driveway to the arch shaped entrance.

      Stopping her car; she took a deep breath.  She wasn't nervous until now.  She drove around to the back of the buildings and found many other students unpacking their cars.


  It was time to start her nursing career.  Finding a hospital wasn't hard, finding a diverse one was.  She didn't want to work for one that had limited care for anyone. Treating others fairly and each is important as the other is her desire.

    She found the right place for her and her ideals  where gender, race, disability, religion didn't matter.


    She got married and had a child who is now school age.  She taught her child the way she was taught.  She told her daughter to treat others with respect in school. 

    Her daughter felt confident and knew that there wasn't anything she couldn't do.  If she wanted to play football she would.  It she wanted to take wood shop, she should be able too.  She didn't just have to do girly things but things that made her happy.

    If a boy wants to be a cheerleader than he should be able to.  If a boy wants to learn painting or cooking that's fine. It should be up to him and let him do what makes him happy.  We shouldn't  try to mold our children but let them mold themselves.

      It is important today that all schools embrace the diversity of their students.  The younger they learn that the better it is for their development.
    Occasionally there would be PTA meetings.  All the parents would come if they could.  There would be  dads and moms, moms and moms, dads and dads; in other words a diverse parenting example to broaden the community and the children's learning experiences.


    It was the annual picnic in the park for the city.  Everyone was invited and all those that wanted to share their countries cooking could open a booth.  All the different foods must have lingered in the air for a long time.  Apparently even went as far as the next county over.  After a while some neighboring towns people showed up to enjoy the feast and festivities.

There was an arboretum with flowers from all over the world. What a magical place it was too. All the colors of the rainbow from the flowers; the fragrance was lovely.  There was even a waterfall with a stream .

    A topiary section, closer to the pond, had many different animals for the kids to look at.  There was an enchanting bird bath with carved pink roses and several purple bird feeders.  There was a rustic bridge going across the pond so people could stand and watch the waterfall.

    All the kids played like there was no tomorrow. The parents talked and laughed together.  A field for handball, basketball and football was available.  Clowns, cotton candy and balloon venders were there as well. 

      A bandstand was playing local live music.  People brought dvds from their countries and played them and danced to the music. The diversity of the music is another way to help bring the community together and bring about better understanding.


    Computer technology became an interest for her daughter.  When her daughter found out she could learn about other countries and their customs; she had to have one.  She spent hours on it after school.  She even began talking with her fellow students and playing games.  She enjoy reading about the history of inventions and how some began in other countries, which made her even more curious. 

    Her daughter began researching artists, scientists and authors from other countries.  She was impressed to see that things thought of hundreds of years ago are part of our lives now.  She asked to visit a museum of history and art in their area.  Again diversity makes a profound statement in our society. 

    Her mother told her to be open minded when listening to the media.  Sometimes the media isn't respectful to people who are different.

    Since her mother was a nurse, her mother told her to be kind to the disabled and the aged.  She explained that even if they have some limitations; they still can be productive.  Just one more source of diversity that makes us all important in our society.


    Her daughter wanted to start writing about what she has seen and heard.  While at a store, she found  a notice on a grocery store ad board that was hidden under an ad for soda .  It was for a writing community.  She pulled off one of the pieces of paper and then talked it over with her mother.  Her mother was sold on WDC by this statement: 

    This interaction among all members fosters a very friendly, positive, and diverse atmosphere within the site, which spurs on inspiration and creativity within our community

    She joined the community and began her writing.  She found that there were people from all over the world writing and reading. 

    One day she will be ready for college and the cycle begins again. 
I remember when I was a child going on a ride at Disney Land called Small World.  I still remember that song til this day.  It's A Small World After All

The statement referred WDC is in WDC 101 section

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