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A true story...please tell me what you think.
This is the tale of a girl named Elena. When she was seven, something absolutely heartbreaking occurred. So...happy reading...I guess...

She had woken up bright and early that Saturday morning. What could be any better a way to prepare for the best day ever, right? Anyway, when Elena skipped downstairs, happy as could be, she was greeted by her grandparents.

"Are you ready for your fun day out with Mom today?" her grandmother said with a smile.

"Almost, I have to put on my shoes and I'll be good to go!" At this, she ran into another room, searching for the right pair of shoes.

"Ok, honey." After young Elena was out of sight range, her grandmother and grandfather exchanged sorrowful looks, for they knew her mom's flaky personality was unfaltering.

An hour after her mom was supposed to pick her up, Elena called her on her grandmother's cell phone.

"Hi, Elaine." her mom said after a few rings.

"Hey mom…it's Elena."

"Oh, hey honey! What's up?"

"You know, nothing really. When are you picking me up?"

"I'll be there soon, I promise."

"Ok…love you."

"Love you too."


The same thing happened three times more. But then, around 3:30, (the fifth phone call, I might add) the conversation went a little differently.

"Where are you?" She still retained some of the innocence that came with her voice, but even an imbecile could tell that she was slightly annoyed.

"Oh, I'm in New York!"

"New York?!"



"Oh, well Marty's brother had to get his car fixed and he needs a ride back home to New York."

"Couldn't you have just let Marty use your car?"

"No, I'm not just going to lend out my car to people." What, so her boyfriend or over a year wasn't trustworthy enough for her?

"But you said you'd take me and Makiah out for ice cream."

"Honey, I'm trying." On a side note, her mom said this with extra desperation, which made Elena feel like the bad guy.


"Hey, I'll see you soon, all right?"



Walking out of the dining room, Elena went up to her grandparents' dog, picked her up, and started to carry her upstairs.

"Elena, what’s wrong?" She was approached by her grandfather.

"I don't want to talk about it…"


"What did I do to make her so mad at me, Angel?" Elena was sprawled out on her bed, crying to Angel the Dachshund. "Why couldn't she have just told me she had plans? I would've understood!" She buried her head in her pillow, and Angel stayed close by, almost as if she could feel the heartache that this seven-year-old was going through.

A long while later, Elena decided to tell her grandparents about what happened. Still though, even after being betrayed, she held out for the faint chance that her mom would come back.

At about 7:30 P.M., Elena and her grandparents had just finished dinner and there was still no sign of her mom. "Elena?" she looked up at the sound of her grandmother's voice.


"Your grandfather and I have decided that the three of us should go out for ice cream."

"Really?" she looked to her grandfather, and he nodded his head. "Thank you…"


They got back at about 9:30, and waiting for them was a missed call from Elena's mom's cell phone.

"Hello?" she answered.


"Hi, honey! I got back from New York, want to go get some ice cream now?"

"Don't you think it's a little late?"

"Yeah, I guess it is, isn't it? Well, I guess I'll see ya later then."


"I love you."


After that, Elena hung up the phone and went straight to bed. If only she'd been older, then maybe she could've seen through the ruse much earlier.

The End.

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