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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Folklore · #1976232
No title is needed because I honestly cannot think of one. Please tell me what you think
         Once upon a time, long long ago, lying in a dark pit was a girl with long and golden hair. She was a farm girl who took very much pride in her effort and willingness to complete her tasks in farm work. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone…everyone but Alexander.

"Mary?" It was a warm summer's day, and the day of the town festival was coming near. I was feeling depressed about being the only one out of everyone in existence that did not have a girl to accompany him…but that wouldn't last for long. Mary, the sweet farmgirl from the country, was the one I wanted. Her long and flowing hair was woven into braids and her modest overalls were marvelous…all a guy like me could ask for. Anyway…here I go…

"Yes, Alexander?"

"Um…would you like to…go to the town festival with me?"

"Oh, I'm flattered..." I felt a smile spread across my face. "But…no."

"Alright I'll…wait…no?"

"I'm sorry." As I walked away, head hung in shame, I saw her turn back to her stupid guy friend that she was sitting with. No? No?! How could she say no? Was I not good enough? She'll pay for this…her and all her little friends…

         So, now you know about Alexander…the outsider. The thing that caused Mary, the generally sweet and kind-hearted young lady, to reject Alexander is that he regularly practices black witchcraft…and is quite infatuated with the art, I might add. He started a black magic club at their high school, but was ostracized by his entire class on the terms of being "a warlock" and "downright strange". Anyway, the reason I mentioned him is because he is the entire reason that Mary ended up in the dark pit. Well…maybe not the whole reason…

"Wesley, I'm back from harvesting the wheat!" I walked in to find Wesley, my best friend for my entire life, waiting for me in the kitchen.

"How far did you get?"

"About a quarter of the field."

"Wow! A lot less work for me to do then." He smiled and I punched his shoulder lightly. "Well, I better head back home now…Ma will be calling for dinner soon."

"Okay…I'll see you later." He waved at me as he exited. As I was walking up to my room to change my clothes and wash off, the thought of the town festival didn't leave my mind. Oh, how I wanted to go with Wesley…but never in a million years would I ask him. Unrequited feelings can destroy a friendship quite easily…

The day after harvesting wheat with Wesley, I seemed to have caught the eye of a boy I've never met before in the neighborhood cafe. He was wearing a long sleeved black shirt accompanied by dark gray trousers…quite strange for it was a scorching hot summer's day.

"Wes…?" He looked up at me from a book he was reading for school. "Who's that boy looking at us?"

"You don't know him?" I shook my head. "That's Alexander…leader of his one-person black magic club."

"Oh...black magic? He looks nice enough…"

"Listen to me, stay away from him. There's a reason he was separated from us normal folk, and that's because he's dangerous."

"Well…he's coming this way."

And that, my friends, is how Wesley is also to blame. You see, as stated before, Alexander was a rather introverted individual, and Mary was the only one whom he wanted. Now, I sense a further explanation on why he was rejected is in order. True, she cast him off because of her newfound knowledge of his practicing witchcraft, but also because Wesley, the one whom she secretly loved, was right next to her. For you male readers, allow me to take you on a voyage into the mind of a female. Even though she would never dare to ask him herself, she hung onto the faint hope that he would make the first move…dropping hints every now and then about the approaching date.

Whaaaaat? You have questions?? You want to know even MORE about Mary? Well, looks like you're in luck, mi compadre. This is turning into quite a mystery, now isn't it? So…how exactly are these two boys who barely even know each other responsible for the death of the girl they both cared about? Read on and you may just find out…

"Wesley." I approached the doofus who was with Mary the other day after finally figuring out his name.

"Oh…hi Alexander." He started to walk away from me when I blocked his path with my arm "What do you want?"

"Information. Do you like Mary?"

"What??" his cheeks turned red. "No!"

"Perfect…then you won't mind if I…"

"Don't even think about it you lowlife. I will never let you hurt her." He tried to intimidate me with his physique but he was no match for my wits.

"Hurt her? Why, me? I wouldn't even dream of it." I feel another one of my sly smiles coming on, so I try my best to stifle it. "I just thought she'd make a great date to the town festival."

"Weren't you already rejected?"

"Oh, so she told you?"

"No…I was right there."

"Right, right…well since you're not going to get in my way, I must be persistent. She's gotta say yes sometime."

"Mary's way to good for you and you know it."

"We'll see…." At that, I walked off towards the direction of her farm.

Rather evil, isn't he? Anyway, what do you think will become of these three young people? Will Alexander succeed in whatever evil plans he's fabricating? Or will Wesley swoop in to save the day, Mary's very own knight in shining armor? We shall see…

The night before the town festival was upon us, and I was still alone. But that worry is below petty now…now that I have something even better to do then hang out with someone who probably wouldn't even enjoy my company, after all. Anyway, I heard people at school whispering about how Wesley asked Mary to the town festival. "Oh how sweet!" they said. "They were friends forever!" they gushed. "They're so perfect for each other!" they cried. All of them, enveloped in their whole love story…it made me sick. There's more important things than love you know…like solitude. It's quite peaceful…if you ask me.

As I was on my way to Wesley's house on the farm, I heard a rustling in the bushes. "Hello? Is someone there?" Before I could run for home, the boy from the café approached me…twigs and leaves entwined in his hair and clothing. "…Alexander?"

"Yes, milady." His formal tone surprised me a bit. "I bring bad news."

"Bad news?"

"Yes…it's about Wesley…"

What could he be concocting this time? Did something bad happen to Wesley? Is it a façade? Or is it something he caused directly…

The gullible girl followed me to the extremely deep ditch near where I'd heard she was supposed to meet Wesley, falling deeper and deeper into my trap with every step. "He took a wrong step and fell in here."

"Oh no! Is he…still in there?"

"I'm not sure…" I used a cloth to aid me in the fake cleansing of my glasses. "I can't see very well…you could take a look."

"Of course…" she stepped dangerously close to the rim of the ditch and I came up behind her shoulder."

"Can you see anything?"

"No…nothing at all."

"How about now?" With a single shove, I sent her flying into the dark abyss that was the ditch before me, and her screams quickly dissipated.

There you have it…the young Mary lived a great and innocent life….wait, you want MORE?? Well, someone's quite curious today. I guess I could manage to finish up the story…but only because you're such a great listener.

I was waiting for Mary for the longest time, when I decided to take a little walk. Passing by the ditch that normally had signs distracting the pedestrian from it, I noticed that they were all gone.

"That's a little peculiar." I, being quite a curious person, cautiously stepped to the hole and looked down…only to find someone with the figure of a female lying at the bottom. "No…it couldn't be…"

"Are you sure about that?" A malicious, evil-infused voice rang out behind me. It was Alexander.



"Why would you do this? You really are evil!"

"Wow…evil's such a strong word. Don't you think you could use something else?"

"Oh, cut the crap. I want to know why you did this."

"It wasn't just me…"

"So you do have friends….friends that help you commit murders?"

"Well…I wouldn't consider him a friend."

"Who is he then?"


Confused? Don't be…but you are allowed to wonder…what ever became of the two of them? How did Wesley cope with losing his best friend? Or did Alexander kill Wesley as well? The answer to that is simple, my dear reader, but it is held prisoner in the confines of history.

The End.

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