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by Simona
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Reflecting back
We say goodbye to what has gone,
For some,
The years were good
Filled with laughter and joy,
For others, maybe tragic,
With sorrow and pain,

Nevertheless, as time draws near,
We congregate, and celebrate,
We hope the worst has gone.

We all welcome the unknown
In yet another New Year,
With smiles and hopes,
And cheery folks,
We lough as time is near,
Some celebrate out in clubs
Others, in restaurants or bars,
Me? I stay simply cozy at home.

There was that time
For me as well, I made fun of folks
Who stayed at home,
The idea of me, standing in high heels,
At a club, being pushed from side
To side, trying to get a drink

Makes my feet quiver, as they sink
In my warm, cozy slipper.
In a world filled with uncertainty,
We toil to find a certain certainty

Allow me to take you down
My memory lane,
To years when life was still a blur
And the baby steps of my awakening…
It was my age of innocence,
And fountain of youth

Fearlessly I charged forth,
With no scars on my bones,
No piercings in my heart…
Different contracts different countries
I saw the New Year in.
All the superficial things in life
That some may think they want, we had.

As Dancers we performed,
On TV shows got VIP treatment
In most bars, Clubs, and Restaurants.
On our day off, we pick a nearby island,
And jet off On to its golden
Greek Mediterranean sands

Evening shopping
Until our hands felt sore
And bags were torn,
With handles worn.

Infested by famous labels
Bursting out at the seam,
With no comprehension
Of a poor mans dream.

Surrounded by people
With money and fame,
And no understanding
Of falling or pain
Unawaken we swam,
But my day was to come.

I remember New Year,
In my hospital room,
Not a sound or a call,
Nor a card from them all,
My blinders released
And guess whom I saw?

The cleaner, the cook,
The waiter, and no more,
Five minutes a night
I shared with these folks,
With banter and joke
They taught a Greek word,

Five minutes of my time,
Is all that they had seen,
They would watch me on stage,
And cheer with the crowd,
When the curtains came down
They would clean all around.

They cared not of my religious view,
Or the label on my shoes,
If I drove a Subaru,
Or picked up by a limousine,
If I had a small room
Or lived big like a queen.
This my friends,
The start of my awakening…

Their pockets may be nearly empty
And barely make ends meet,
Yet never a complaint, utter or weep.
Their harts were flourished with riches that we seek
Yet, I had never seen!

As years move on through
Battles of love, health, and life,
Lots of memories I can recite
Of sleeping on a floor, me smoking weed
And coke indeed, till needed it no more.

As warriors we stand and fight,
Hurt by life’s sword…we seek a corner to
Lick our wounds, some silently,
Some look for answer in a book….
Me? I choose to look beyond skin deep,
And feel my organs shake,
Listen to sounds of echoes,
I stair until a mirror break,

I hold my bones and try to make my demons weep.
I chose in life, to see romance and beauty at its peak
For this I must peal each layer of dermis,
And dance naked in the street.

I recognize each soul we meet
Will transform in his way,
But some who walk beside you now,
Will sleep way before
Their blinders begin to fray.

We want to feel, ultimately
When life is left behind,
We touch a soul we gave are all,
And tried to stand so tall.

With children we leave our legacy
In hope we taught them well,
Off they go to star the wheel,
All over yet again
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