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Its a non-fiction story about my life with dogs.

My life with dogs

         One of my favorite pets is the dog. I love dogs. Throughout my whole life time my family has had five dogs. Before that my mom and dad have grown up with dogs. But right now we only have two dogs a boxer and a Dachshund. Out of the five dogs there were four female and one male. Three of the girls were dachshunds, the other two were boxers. The two other dachshunds died and the boy boxer was too crazy so we had to give him to Boxer Rescue. The two we have left are named Zoey and Abbey. Zoey is the boxer, she is the one I love the most. She is about as tall as my hip in height. When she gets on her back legs she gets up to my nose. Abbey on the other side is totally different. She is about up to my shin. I love my dogs so much, if you have a dog or dogs you probably love them. Zoey's bark is worse than her bite, it send people running. One time some guy that was trying to sell something, he rang the doorbell and Zoey bark scared the guy so much he ran all the way to the sidewalk. Dogs are great friends for kids and adults. When I grow up and buy a house I want to have two boxer dogs. Boxer are great because they don't shed that much and they are great guard dogs.

About the Boxer Dog

          The Boxer is a breed of stocky. They are medium-sized dog, not too big and not to small unless it's a puppy. Boxers are like what I said short-haired dogs. The boxer was developed in Germany. The boxer coat is very smooth and tight like on other dogs there coat may sag, the boxers coat hardly ever sag. Boxers temperaments are playful, devoted, bright, loyal, energetic, friendly, calm, cheerful, confident, fearless, brave, and intelligent. On to the height of a boxer a female adult is about 53 - 60 cm, a male adult is about 57 to 63 cm. The size or how much they weigh a male adult is about 30 - 32 kg a female adult is about 25 - 27 kg. A boxer's life span is about 10 years to 12 years.

History of the Boxer Dog

         In 1896 the boxer was used for hunting or holding prey. This dog's strong and wide undershot jaw and strong teeth were needed in order to have him hold his prey and to continue holding it until his master told him to drop it. The wrinkles on each side of his muzzle were also there for a purpose in which to keep the blood of its prey away from his eyes. Later in the future the boxers were used as guard dogs because of their strong teeth and jaw.

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