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All I could do was to solve some of the mysteries and I will continue in next chapters.
Memories of The Past

Daniel had the picture of Arielle in his hands, but he still couldn’t remember anything about her. There was only this sentence: I am a memory of your past, a shadow of your present and a part of your future, which he could remember from his dream. His sister had also given him a diary of hers, an old black diary. He looked for the diary and opened it. There was an strange marking of letter E in its first page and in the second, Clarissa mentioned something about herself and their family.

13/11/2008, Mersin city, Turkey.

Dear brother, at the moment you are my only hope. Knowing that you have been badly suffered from the ones you loved, I still wish to see you alive one day and I know that day isn’t far. I promise you that till my last breathe, I will fight them and together we will have our revenge.

I know when you wake up you wont remember anything from your past, this is why I am writing here. At first you must know that we don’t belong in here. Our home is in Eden, a place where our parents and ancestors lived. Our mom was a demon and our father was an angel, they were the king and queen of Eden. We are nephilims, breeds of angels and demons. The ones who killed you are also the same, Arielle and her brother Burak. But they are not from Eden, they are from Hades.

For a very long time angels and demons fought each other to conquer their domains and to rule over Earth, but they were not able to. When our father become king, he requested for peace from the demon king Thanatos and to put an end to these bloodshed. But Thanatos, who was also Arielle’s father, was a greedy and cruel king so he wanted an agreement from our father. He wanted Earth and wanted other angels to leave there, which father couldn’t accept. Because he wouldn’t leave Earth suffer in hands of demons, but he also couldn’t fight his way to conquer the whole Earth, Thanatos wouldn’t let him.

After a long time they agreed on marrying with their different kinds and to produce off-springs, which are us. And among them the marked one was to rule over Earth and could bring peace. When our father and mother married, you were born and in Hades Arielle was, with a black mark in her right hand. They had the ruler of Earth with her birth. But in order to maintain the balance between angels and demons, they took both of you in here for not to be affected from both angels and demons. And when I was born, they took me in here too, but Thanatos didn’t let his son Burak to leave Hades. Then all of the angels and demons left Earth. That is how we know each other. We have lived like humans but, we are stronger, we heal faster and we have weapons...

As Daniel read about every single sentence and their powers and weapons, he went very surprised, “ like what kind of weapons??” he thought. He was so excited meeting his sister but that wasn’t possible because Clarissa had already left the hostel apartment. By receiving the picture and the notebook, he had the most precious gift in his birthday.
“ I should get back to the work and come back again in the evening” he said to himself.
His heart wanted to stay and see his sister like she was going to appear from somewhere, but he thought of the costumers waiting outside the store and headed back.
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