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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Occult · #1976455
Before recorded time or Gods.

          Every waking moment is a leap of faith.  Did I dream or am I dreaming ?
          Ester walked the hallway leading to her favorite room. It was the den of
          arcane books. She loved to read the stories about Gods and Angels ;
          oh yes the heroes too. -- - ^ ~

          She rubbed her eyes and opened the heavy leather book... .

                                              ~ ~ ^ 555

          " Areal ! Raphael !  Gabriel !  Uriel ! " Ester gasped at their etchings .
          Solomon had put them a great brass canister and rolled them into
          the sea.  __ --- ^ 666

                            "Only the purest heart could open the canister
                            and free the four Angels." Ester read the scripture :

                            " Beyond the sea ,
                              Beyond the fear and hate ,
                              By the breath of the pure of heart ,
                              I set you free ! "

          She cut her left hand in excitement on the edge of the reading desk .
          A few drops of blood stained the holy book.

                                            ~~ ^ 365 --

          Ester puzzled at the strange symbols that appeared on the page her blood
          had stained .. Had she summed demons ?  666 was the number of the beast,
          but it was also the number of Sun in Kabbalah .. 365 was an Illuminati  degree,
          but it was also the number for the rising Sun in the Kabbalah .

          Ester stood up and walked to the dark mirror.. . The mirror could answer her
          question within her .  Her father had died many years ago and was a powerful
          Wizard.. --- 236 ^ ~  He had fashioned the mirror from dark matter and Ester
          spoke to his reflection .. It was her only vanity . <^>

          "My daughter these Angels are good and loving . They will not harm you."
          her father whispered through the mirror.

          "It was your virgin blood that freed them from their canister." he smiled at the
          beautiful young maid his daughter had become.

          "But, father, why were they imprisoned ?" Ester asked and bowed with her silver
          sword in hand.

          "No king can tolerate another greater than himself. Solomon cast these Angels
          into a brass canister , by his authority as the King of Israel .. The Angels were
          bound by God's covenant with the Israelites. Solomon exerted his authority
          unjustly and was defeated by pagans, but the four Angels held to their vows
          and remained imprisoned until the pure in heart called them ." her father's voice
          crackled through the swirling dark mirror.

                                                    Yum Yahweh --- +
          "Have I done good ?" Ester asked and drank the red wine of Hebron .

          "The Angels of God have no tolerance for tyrants or false prophets.
          You have unleashed the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.
          But, do not be afraid. They will spare you. You are their Deliverer."
          her father laughed and faded back into darkness.

          Ester fell backwards into the green leather oak framed reading chair.
          "Who else will they spare?" she trembled and drank some more wine
          with her sugar cookies.

          ^  9

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