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A story about a woman Bomber Pilot, her soldier friends, Gizmo and Striper, the Gremlins.
Keep in mind this is fiction. This story exists and happened only in my mind. I will do my best to make this a good one. Thanks!

Ariana Earle loved being a Bomber Pilot. A blonde woman who is in her late twenties and is beautiful and dedicated to her country, the USA. She had a secret and she couldn't let the world know what it was. She had committed no crime but she has to keep her identity a secret. She couldn't ask for a better crew.

Five Sixer is in his early twenties. . Five Sixer was always number five or six in everything. He was the fifth child born in his family. He was number six in his class. He was always number five in line for roll call. He had six women crazy about him. He had dark hair and a beard and was quite charming. He was a dedicated soldier and would punch someone out for bad mouthing his friends and his country. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was someone that you wanted in your corner.

Logan was quiet but would speak up for his follow man. Thirty years old and single. He was a good soldier and dropped the bombs along with Five Sixer He was born to do this. He was from Scotland but his family had moved to the US along time ago. He drank too much but never when he was on duty. He was respectable. His dream was to save the world.

Monty was the oldest. He is in his late fifties and this is his last mission. He helps fly the plane. He can't wait to go home to his wife. He made Army his life but he got married twelve years ago and he wanted a life with his wife. He thought of Ariana as his daughter.

Story. He was a kid. He is twenty years old and the navigator. His real name is Galveston Adams. He loves telling stories about vampires and likes to make up stories. He is into the supernatural. He doesn't lie about reality. He just loves to tell stories and he, too is a dedicated soldier. Handsome and all the girls love him. He looks like Johnny Depp. Ariana loves him and he loves her, too but they fight the attraction and Ariana and her crew act like family. They have never said the words to each other.

The Ariana Earl. This is the name of the Bomber Fighter plane that Ariana flies. The plane has made it back through quite a few missions. Ariana loved this plane.

Their mission was to bomb West Berlin. The plane would be there in five minutes. The number five again. Monty patted Ariana's hand.

"Are you nervous, Darling?" Monty asked.

"I was born for this. I can handle it. We are going to do this."

"Let's kick some Nazi Ass! I got bombs to give away. Step right up and get your free bombs!" Five Sixer yelled.

"I will take the high road." Logan chimed in.

"Do bombs kill vampires?" Story asked.

"Shut up!" yelled Five Sixer and Logan.

The plane slowed down and they were fighting over West Berlin. Five Sixer and Logan dropped the bombs. The smoke appeared and the noises of the bombs sounded like fireworks on the 4th of July.

"A direct hit! Were in!" Five Sixer yelled.

The bombs exploding knocked Story and Logan on their butts. Guess what? This was bomb number six that had this affect.

"Can't miss! I am loading them up!" Logan was like a child at play.

"This shouldn't be fun but hey, they bombed Pearl Harbor. Pay backs are a bitch! You, Germans wanna play ball? Were going to win!" Five Sixer dropped another bomb. No make that two.

The Germans were playing ball. They were firing back. The guns firing and all the smoke made it hard to fly the plane. Ariana and Monty were handling it. Just then a small crack formed in the airplane shield. Ariana flinched.

"It's alright, Darling. Just a scratch." Monty kept a brave front.

"I can still fly. Were good." Ariana smiled.

"Smoke gets in your eyes." Story started singing. It was his way of coping with nervousness.

Five Sixer and Logan loaded up more bombs. The plane was shaking and rocking.. It was worse then flying in a thunder storm.

More gun fire and the alarm went off. Ariana looked at the gauge. "Right engine is on fire!" she yelled.

"Got it. I'm shutting it down." Monty shut it down.

Ariana saw a plane coming their way and it set off a bomb.

"Holy Hannah! Ariana, I am trying to fire a bomb their way. I won't let us down." Five Sixer promised.

"I trust all of you.' Ariana flew the plane on it's side and it felt like a carnival ride. Crisis averted.

"You are the best." Logan had been scared, too but he tried to act brave.

The wing was hit just then on the right hand side.

"Were leaving. I am saving this plane. I don't want to get shot down in West Berlin. The Germans aren't getting us. They aren't taking us alive!" Araina was braver then she felt.

"You are right about that. Logan, let's give them one more bomb!" Five Sixer shouted.

They loaded up one more bomb and dropped it. Ariana flew the plane out of West Berlin. It was running on a wing and a prayer. Ariana and the crew were praying.

"Angels are helping fly this plane. In World War 1, a plane was shot all to pieces and men flying near by said they saw women in white gowns with wings carrying the plane. Maybe that is what is happening here." Story believed this.

"You may be right. I hope we can make it back to London." Ariana was scared to death and so was her crew.

They were all quiet for awhile. Suddenly, it got foggy. The plane started to shake.

"Hey, Ariana, are we flying over The Bermuda Triangle?" Story asked.

"Shut up, man!" Five Sixer and Logan said together. They liked Story but they wished he would come out of his supernatural fantasy world.

The plane was sputtering and they started to go down. Ariana and Monty hung on to the plane for dear life. It was going down slowly and it was headed for the woods. The plane kept shaking and they felt like they were in a blender. The plane landed with a thud and squeal and then it hit a tree. Some of the pieces had left the plane. It was dark now. This was eerie. When did it get dark?

"Anyone know we are? asked Five Sixer.

"Transylvania. My kind of place. All our supernatural friends live here. I am so ready for this." Story thought he would live out his fantasy. Ariana took a deep breath. Her past was catching up to her. She saw Gizmo and Striper headed their way. She hadn't seen them since the last time they recued her butt. She smiled. It was a welcome relief.

They headed toward the plane and they opened the door and came in.

"What are the hell are those?" Five Sixer asked.

A two foot furry cute little creature and a three foot black reptile creature with a stripe down his back and a bad Mohawk hair do looked over the crew.

Gizmo ran up to Ariana and hugged her. "Hi Ariana."Gizmo had a squeaky cute little voice. Ariana kissed him on the forehead. Striper said "Hi" to Ariana in his gruff voice.

Ariana smiled. "Gentlemen, meet my friends. The furry one is Gizmo. The other one is Striper. Gizmo is from China. If you spill water on him, you get more that look like him. If you feed him after midnight, you get creatures that look like Striper."

"How do you know them? Wow. Supernatural is true, folks. What have I been telling you?" Story was all smiles.

"How do you know them? Ariana, this is strange. Do you have secrets you aren't telling us?" Logan asked.

"Yes, I do. I met Gizmo and Striper when the plane I was flying, went down in the Japanese islands. Japanese men wanted to kill me but Gizmo and Striper knocked the Japanese men down and tied them up and put me on a ship. The ship was a pirate ship with actual pirates. The captain of the ship was Captain Jack Sparrow and he looked like you, Story. They took me back to England. I really liked being with pirates."

"Darling, did you have a concussion and dream this?"

"No, Monty, it really happened. I swear it." Ariana was sincere.

"Why were you flying a plane? Were you alone?" Five Sixer asked.

"I was flying around the world and my plane went down."

"My God! I know you. I knew it. You are Amelia Earhart, aren't you?" Logan said slowly.

"Yes, I am."

"Why didn't you tell the world that you are still alive? The world was sad." Five Sixer shook his head.

"I wanted to start a new life. My husband was a bad guy and I guess I wasn't the best wife for him. I dyed my hair and let it grow long. I bought me a house in Washington State in a small town and I live there when I am not flying. I stay out of New York and the big cities. I just go where the army sends me. If anyone knew I was still alive, I would never get any peace. I just joined the army and it has been a few years so I am no longer big news."

"You are a legend. I look like a pirate captain? That is a good one." Story was all smiles.

"What about the plane? I mean this plane? What are we going to do now, Amelia? Are Gizmo and Striper going to rescue us?" Five Sixer asked.

"Yes, they are. I saw them take down Japanese men. They can help us out of this if anyone can. I am Amelia Earhart or I was but not anymore and never again. I had a lawyer change my name legally to Ariana Earle. I will always be Ariana."

"I didn't mean to hurt you. These creatures and you are Ameila Earhart and talking about sailing with pirates, well this is a lot to take in." Five Sixer wouldn't never hurt Ariana. She was like a sister to him.

"I know. It feels like a fantasy to me, too." Just then Gizmo whispered to Ariana. He was a cute little guy.

"Gentlemen, Gizmo wants us to follow him and Striper. Trust me. They won't hurt us."

Ariana, Monty, Five Sixer, Logan and Story followed Gizmo and Striper and they walked through the woods. It was dark but the moon provided enough light and they didn't have to walk far. They came to a castle. The moon was shining over the castle. It looked eerie but enchanting at the same time. A big black castle. Gizmo walked up to the door and knocked on it. A tall gypsy man wearing bright red trousers and a pink shirt answered the door.

"Gizmo. What are you up to. my friend?" The gypsy man seemed nice.

Gizmo started talking. "Plane crash. Plane crash. My friend Ariana. They need help."

The gypsy man looked at Ariana and her crew. "Come in. I am Almondo. I won't hurt you." He had long black hair and wore a gold earring in his ear.

Ariana and her crew walked in. She introduced them to Almondo.

"Sit down. Your plane crashed? Were you fighting the Germans?" he asked.

"Yes. Is that a problem?" Ariana asked.

"No. We want to be a peaceful country. We gypsies stay in Romania and travel at times but not since the war started. Sit down and I will have my wife fix you some food."

There were red winged tip back chairs with red carpeting. A mauve couch was on the other side of the room and two love seats with hummingbird and purple and pink print were against the wall. A tall throne like chair that was red velvet was by the fireplace. The walls were pink and paintings of gypsies and a man that looked like "Dracula" hung on the wall. Ariana felt a chill run through her.

They sat down and looked around. This room seemed charming. Almondo returned with his wife.

"This is Carmen, my wife." She was five feet tall and wore seven skirts of rainbow colors and a blue peasant blouse.. She had dark hair and was quite pretty.

Ariana and the men introduced themselves. Carmen smiled. She left and went to get food for their guests.

"Don't gypsies live in caravans but you live in this castle?" Story asked.

"This castle was Dracula's. He is a relative of mine. He wasn't a vampire. He was just evil. I promise you this place isn't haunted." Almondo was the king of the gypsies.

Gizmo and Striper had disappeared. Ariana wondered where they had went.

Soon Carmen told everyone it was time to eat. Ariana and her men followed Armondo to the table. There was chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls and blueberry muffins. It was a feast.

"Wow! We never get food like that at the base. This is Heaven!" Five Sixer started eating like a lion.

"How are we going to get home? The plane is ruined." Monty was concerned.

"I don't know. We can radio our Colonel. He knows we went down." Ariana was worried though.

"When the morning comes, we will have to go into town." Ariana really loved the blueberry muffins.

After they got done eating, Carmen took them to bedrooms upstairs. The bedrooms were huge. Big beds had cherry wood head boards and the walls were painted blue. Dressers to match. Comforter in red, blue and green were are on the beds.

Ariana slept some. The men did, too but they wanted to get home. Morning arrived and Carmen had prepared a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes. Ariana didn't know that gypsies lived like this.

"Good news. We fix your plane. Gizmo and Striper did the most work, though." Almondo exclaimed.

"What? How?" Ariana was puzzled.

"The plane wasn't able to be fixed." Logan said.

"The work of the supernatural. I believe it." Story sat back on the hind legs of the chair.

"Shut up!" Five Sixer said.

They were done eating. Ariana and her men went out to the woods to check on the plane. The woods looked tame in the daylight. The plane had no bullet holes. The wind shield was fixed. Ariana got inside the plane and she sat at the cock pit. She started the plane and it turned over. She couldn't believe it.

Just then Armondo told them they had better leave. German soldiers were looking for them. Ariana and the men thanked Armondo for his hospitality and knew that they had better get going. Gizmo got on the plane. He wanted to go home with Ariana. Ariana hugged him and he sat on her lap.

The men were all ready and the German soldiers were running towards the plane.

"Let's go. We are leaving." Ariana put the plane in gear and it started to bounce. How was she going to get the plane in the air? No runway. Ariana kept the plane moving and the next thing she knew is that the plane was up in the air! She believed angels was pushing the plane in the air.

"Ariana! You and the angels did it! I love you, baby!" Story had let that slip.

"Say what?" Five Sixer looked at Story.

"Look. I love her. I have always loved Ariana. I don't care if she is Amelia Earhart or if she is Dracula's vampire chick, I love her." Story was holding nothing back.

"I love you, too, Story. I always have. Can we talk later?" Ariana asked. Her heart was swollen with love.

"You bet, baby. Marry me."

"Oh, Story. Yes, I will. I want to marry you." Little Gizmo was clapping his furry paws together.

The plane ride back to London was smooth. Ariana landed the plane at the base. As soon as she got out of her seat belt, she and Story hugged and kissed for five minutes.

"Congrats, Darling. Can I give the bride away?" Monty asked.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Ariana smiled.

Five Sixer and Logan kissed Ariana's cheek and shook Story's hand. There was good news all way around. The war was over. The Enola Gray had bombed Tokyo. The US had won the war.

Ariana and Story got married. Gizmo lived with them. Five Sixer and Logan stayed in the Army and Monty was retired from the Army but they all stayed in touch. Amelia Earhart was alive but she was Ariana Earle Adams now. Amelia's husband had her claimed legally dead years ago so Ariana had been a single woman for a few years until now and had been free to marry Story. Truth is stranger then fiction. Oh, wait. This is fiction.

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