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A traditional rhyming story poem of how nature transformed a woman.
A Task That is Rare

Karen grew up in the town of Day's End,
South of Trout lake, around Whistlers bend.
She never played sports, never won an award.
For most of her youth she just sat around bored.

If Karen had talents, she left not a clue.
No writer, nor artist, or music to cue.
She lacked motivation, to try any feat,
Just sat by her window and stared at the street.

After finishing school Karen never moved out,
A little too slow, and abnormally stout.
She liked watching soaps on her parents TV,
While gobbling popcorn and drinking ice tea.

Then one day while sitting outside on the stoop,
She fumbled her cookie, which started to droop.
A pretty large piece took a fall from her hand,
Which angered the girl, it was not what she planned.

When suddenly, sparrows flew down from the sky.
To feast on the crumbs, every one acting spry.
The birds made her laugh, oh how she did roar,
She'd found useful purpose, her spirit did soar.

So Karen went out on the stoop every day,
To feed her new friends, who brought joy Karen's way.
She wanted to learn 'bout her brood from the air,
Signed up for a class, which she'd chosen with care.

She learned every fact...would waste not a minute,
Searched every book, and the info within it.
Grade A was the score, all the tests were complete
She'd accomplished the task, refusing to cheat.

Karen started a club, folks joined in her fun,
To locate new birds, till their mission was done.
At times they would find injured birds in the field,
Attend to their woes, till their bodies were healed.

The weight that she carried was shed from her walks,
In fact some might say that the gal was a fox.
She met a nice man in the group that she'd started,
Soon finding true love, the two never parted.

At eighty and two, Karen passed from this life.
She'd left a good mark, as a mom and a wife.
Her two lovely children loved birds as they grew,
Taught others to love them like Mom used to do.

When Karen arose to the Heavenly way,
An angel was waiting with something to say,
"Our Good Lord is pleased by the work that you've done
For you've saved many birds... ten thousand and one."

"In freezing cold winters, you fed them with care,
A task that some take, yet is often too rare.
So welcome dear Karen, I bid you come in,
We've new birds to show you, so let us begin." *Bird*


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