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My first poem, I'm trying to find myself in my writing.
Thought Keeper

Have you ever followed a bee with your eyes

Seen it fly, roam bounce around

Where did it come from

Where will it go

The way it enters its nest

Like a thought into my mind

It flutters and moves around all the time

A swarm of thoughts is never a good thing

Like an angry child in my head

Every thought gets louder

Until it's a riot

Chaos and uncompromised 

So many thoughts it's a cloud from a distance

If you see my thoughts, you can see my storm

Did I build them?  Or did they choose me?

Some days, my thoughts are groovy

Like a movie they really move me

It's when my thoughts are hurt, like a rock pierced the nest

That thought you gave me, wasn't best

I tend to the thoughts in my head

Most are mine, born and bred

Some are ancient, some be sacred

It's the ones that show up unexpected

Like a new bee at my door, most thoughts you present me

Offer more

Then there's that one thought, It's the rock

The thought pierces my collective

It upsets the swarm

Uncontrolled and unruly

Like this bee had never known other bees

It's not playing well inside my nest

I take it in and hold it dear

It's a thought, it belongs here

Over time, I cultivate it, I make it mine

It's part of my swarm now

It's one thought, but so much more

This thought has a mission is all I am sure

I've feed it, I've trained it

I've watched it grow

The thought was once an intruder

It was unwelcome

Today the thought has grown

Dare I say matured

I released it today, knowing full well

That thoughts alive, to you it will tell

The things I've taught it

But first, it has a journey

Like a bee, it will fly around

It will bounce here or there

Making it's way home

From one nest to another

Until it gets there, you are lost

Your thought is new now, unlike before

My thoughts are in harmony once again

Because I know she will receive

The very same thoughts, she had given me

I've taught the bee how to train its keeper

I need your thoughts in my life

For those who don't know, I need to keep her.

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