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A secret admirer steps in to take charge.
Unafraid of The Risks

A beautiful girl with a passion for fun,
At age of fifteen, had a smile that could stun,
Lived in Southern LA where the solar flares blazed,
For sun bathing beauties with skins that were glazed.

Cindy lived at the end of a street that was round,
In cul-de-sac heights where the wealthy were found.
She liked to lay out in the lounge to get tanned,
Till her skin reached a hue that was rich... as she planned

An average young lad, lived six houses away,
Had a crush on the girl he saw most every day,
But he never approached her, for he was too shy,
Even though Tommy Pratt was a likable guy.

They rode on the bus to their High school each day,
Teddy tried to sit close, just to hear what she'd say.
He'd watch as she brushed her long hair with finesse,
And dreamed of a day that he'd feel her caress.

Elisa McNalley was trouble at school,
Her hatred apparent, for those that were cool.
Especially Cindy, she'd viewed with disdain,
She plotted a course to feed Cindy some pain.

"Hey ugly loser, I'm calling you out!"
Elisa determined to make Cindy pout.
Her threat was quite real, for Elisa was zealous,
A fact that is common in girls who are jealous.

"I'll meet you at two, by the swings in the back
You'd better show up, or I'll make your bones crack."
Cindy couldn't back down... she had to go fight,
Or look like a wuss... so she handled her fright.

Young Teddy, while placing his books in his pack,
Heard students outside, from a window a crack.
He parted the shades to see Cindy with group,
And hurried to join them, intending to snoop.

It didn't take long to assess the event,
So he readied himself, and made his descent.
Just as the girls started clinching their fists,
He quickly stepped in unafraid of the risks.

Elisa... soon pinned to the dust on the ground,
Was shrieking and swearing with pitiful sound.
"It's high time this ended," Ted's knee on her back,
"You've bullied too long...come on girls attack!"

So all of the girls that Elisa tormented,
Advantaged themselves from the path Ted invented.
For ten entire minutes they made the girl hurt,
Tied knots in her black hair, and kicked her with dirt.

Then Teddy arose, and he set the girl free.
She cried, and she limped, with her pants soaked with pee.
"I'd better not hear 'bout you menace... not ever."
He smiled as she fled, he was feeling quite clever.

"That was amazing" said Cindy to Ted.
The girls all a giggle, their worries all shed.
"So what are you doing this Saturday night?"
Cindy asking, and smiling at Ted with delight.

That day was the start of their romance and joy.
The boy loved the girl, and the girl loved the boy.
They married years later by someone with heart,
'Twas Reverend Elisa, "Till death do you part."





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