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The participant must pick a focal point, a personal thought and expand it with words.
My Assignment

I'm reluctant to write about it, after all you know why. You've been there before, no thoughts or thoughts that come and go. Nothing to show for anyone after hours and hours of your hard work. It's not work, you just sat there. I can hear it now, I'm only 3 days in.

The last 2 days of which I haven't slept but maybe an hour, ask any guy "he probably hasn't even showered" They might guess. I wouldn't blame them because I haven't, I smell bad too. My teacher said this assignment was personal, I'm starting to doubt that.

I write on, in search of something. I never know what it is, it's a race some days and a chase the rest. My heads a mess under such duress. One battle after another it's not like side vs. side A vs. B. It is one side all against me, I feel them like Red Fire Giants marching in my head. They are angry at something I must have said.

My body is fair, I always under estimate it. I just assume it will fail me therefore I ignore it and I listen to my mind. My mind is sharp, like a tack and pointy like a dagger. I can make you see flames, or a desert fire. It burns roughly 6 feet tall its bigger than me and much wider.

I have a girlfriend, her name is Tara. She's not my girlfriend though one of those types. With the wrong guys, she could never get it right. Now I suffer for it. If you haven't been there, when you grow up you will. Ladies be the same way yes they would.

I'm beat tired and I'm kind of hungry, I smoke which reminds me, I filled out a survey here and got a prize. It was to quit smoking and thought I would give it a try. I have noticed without trying to quit as I type I go much much longer before I light up. I'm trying to work that into everything.


The foot notes above this can go find flowers. I'm to tired for that stuff! <----example of lost points from a perfect assignmet because of that wicked magician, stealing my energy.

1  Everything above this point is an example of how you can deplete your own energy{footnote:#}Being in or worse creating a negative moment will stop your creativity like a bug zapper
2  Everything from here up is an example of a completed assignment and me owning my

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