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Link's quiet life in Ordon Village changes when he and his friends find some odd fruit.
The next day, Link, Ilia, Talo, and Colin told everyone in the village about the strange and wonderful fruit they had found believing they had found a way to eliminate the village's famine. But to their dismay, when they brought back some for the other villagers to try, they did not find the fruit to be as delectable as the kids did. In fact, everyone who tried it was utterly repulsed by the taste and unable to even swallow a singe bite.

While certainly disappointed that they hadn't solved the food crisis, the kids felt somewhat happy that they didn't need to share the fruit. The four of them made constant visits to the hidden grove to eat their fill of the berries. At least this way, the village could keep the kids' portions of food for themselves while the kids ate the endless supply of fruit for their meals.

Link soon discovered that the fruit's selective taste wasn't the only odd thing about it. Over the next several days, all the hearty eating soon started to effect the young ones. They had all started putting on quite a few extra pounds as a result of their indulgent eating sprees, resulting in some very noticeably pudge.

"C'mon, Link!" Fado called up at Link's house. "It's almost noon! Let's get to work already!"

Link groaned as he tossed his blanket aside, exposing his body. His upper arms and legs were slightly thicker with a soft layer of fat around them. His cheeks now gave his face a bit more of a rounder look to it. But the biggest change was his now very sizable gut. Link's once flat and toned stomach was now a significant bulge of squishy fat, which had no chance of being contained by his shirt. With his lack of wardrobe, Link just simply let his belly stick out.

Link sat up, placed his bare feet onto the wooden floor, stretched his arms out into the air, and let out a quick yawn. Due to that stretch, the rim of his shirt was pulled up higher, which Link quickly fixed by pulling it back down as much as he could: an inch or two above his belly button.

His stomach then let out a loud growl and Link could feel how empty it was. He gently rubbed it in a silly attempt to calm it down. Link then tried lifting his stomach with both of his hands along with patting and squeeze it, playfully feeling the soft chub squish in his hands. He kind of liked it.

"Hey, Link!" Fado yelled impatiently. "I think that's enough sleep! Are you coming or what?"

Snapping out of his fixation, Link quit playing with his stomach and hurried to the window to tell Fado he was coming. Once Fado left, Link rushed to get his sandals on. He had a little trouble reaching his feet with his bulbous stomach in the way, but he had managed to get his sandals on them in time.

As Link exited his house, his stomach growled again, reminding him that he still hadn't eaten yet. He then altered his plans and decided to head to the hidden grove to snack on a few fruits before working.

Talo, Colin, and Ilia had either slept in like Link or had already visited before him, as Link found himself alone at the grove this morning, but he didn't really pay it much mind. Link quickly plucked about five berries off the vines, carried them to the dirt wall behind the vine, and piled them on the ground. He then sat beside the pile fruit and began digging into the first one he could get a hold of.

Link absentmindedly moaned with pleasure as he scarfed down the rich berry, which soon managed to coat his lips with sweet juice. No matter how many he ate, Link never grew tired of the berries' taste. Almost as if each one he ate was better than the last.

When all five berries had disappeared into his mouth, Link licked his lips, let out a short burp, and patted his swollen gut. He then got to his feet and started walking back toward Ordon Village, rubbing his full belly as it quietly churned and gurgled.

"There you are," Fado said the minute Link had arrived at the ranch. "Where the heck have you been?"

Link was about answer, when another belch escaped his mouth.

"Oh I see…had a little breakfast, did ya'?" said Fado with a somewhat cold glare. "That would also explain why this…" He prodded Link's gut with is finger, causing Link to let out another small burp. "…is also quite a bit bigger. Listen, Link, I'm glad you found that fruit and all. And I ain't trying to be mean or nothing, but don't you think that all that eating you're doing might be a bit much? I mean, let's face it, Link: you're growing soft."

Knowing where he was heading with that, Link gave Fado a mild scowl, showing his disagreement.

"What? Ya' don't think so?" asked Fado. "Alrighty then, if you think you're so fit, you can heard all the goats in today. On account of the fact that you were too 'tired' to do it yesterday."

Link didn't loosen his glare as he nodded his head to comply.

True to his word, Fado left Link to handle herding the goats by himself. Things went well, until Link dismounted Epona to herd a single goat back into barn. She was apparently so relieved to have the heavy young man off her that she immediately took off skittishly.

Link tried going after his horse, then he tried summoning her with a Grass Whistle, both to no avail. So now he had to herd all the goats back into the barn on foot, which was hardly going to manageable under any circumstance.

The goats were scattered all across the fenced field, and they would often charge off in random directions whenever Link would call to them. This forced him to chase after them, all while still calling out to them, trying to lead them toward the barn. But most of the goats seemed to prefer running back in to the pasture, forcing the chubby Hylian to chase after them again.

By the time the sun was close to setting, Link had finally managed to guide the last goat back into the barn. His face was drenched in sweat, his feet ached and throbbed, he was terribly out of breath, and to top it all off: Link was completely famished. Despite his sizable breakfast, Link's stomach growled forcefully and he felt as though he hadn't eaten in days.

"Rough day, Link?" a soft voice asked behind him.

After wiping the sweat from his forehead, Link turned on the spot to see Ilia leaning against a fence post. She was really making a habit of greeting Link this way.

Much like Link, Ilia had blimped-out from excessively eating the bizarre fruit. In fact, she was almost as big as he was. Her now enormous belly protruded her tunic out into a very round bulge. If not for the flesh sticking out from under it exposing her navel, it would've seemed like Ilia was hiding a massive pumpkin in her clothes. Her pants clung tightly to her now much bigger thighs, with her usual bare feet planted firmly on the ground.

"You look exhausted…" Ilia said in a compassionate tone. "All that running around, and without Epona to help you. You poor thing…"

Link rubbed the back of his neck shyly; apparently Ilia had been watching him longer than he thought.

She made her way to the gate, her plus-sized body jiggling slightly as she did so, opened the gate, and made her way toward Link. Without warning, Link gasped as Ilia embraced him in a gentle hug. He then started blushing as she placed her head against his chest and began carefully rubbing his soft back with her hands; her belly uncontrollably squishing into his own. A warm, fuzzy feeling aroused inside Link as he soon returned the hug.

"You must be starving after all that," Ilia muttered.

She then finally let go of Link and continued to stand in front of him, giving him a cute smile.

"Well…" she said. "Would you like to go get something to eat…together?"

Link, still in a little shock from the passionate hug, relaxed his face to an equally warm smile and nodded his head.

* * *

"Uh…Mom…?" Colin muttered.

"Yes, Colin," his mother respond while feeding her daughter.

"I think I'm too big for these clothes," said Colin. "My shirt doesn't fit."

"Let me take a look, hun," said his mom, carefully setting the baby back into her crib and making her way toward Colin, who was sitting on his bed.

Colin's complaint was hardly an exaggeration; his small, white, tunic shirt wasn't even close to covering his huge, round, stomach.

"Oh…" his mom quietly exclaimed, not realizing just how big her son was getting. "I guess you have out-grown your clothes…a little. Does it bother you too much?"

"Kinda…" said Colin, meekly looking down and resting his hands on his tummy.

"Well, if you can get by for the next few days…" said his mom. "…I'll see if your dad can get some bigger clothes for you the next time he travels into town."

"Okay," said Colin, his face still retaining his bashful expression.

As Colin began walking to the fruit grove for breakfast, several thoughts were swimming around in his mind. He was certainly happy that he and his friends had discovered that delicious fruit, but he also noticed that all that eating had started making them really fat. He just couldn't help but feel that something was wrong about everything.

Should they keep eating the weird fruit? And if they did, how much bigger would they get? Or was it okay to just eat their fill and put on some extra weight? The questions continued to bog the young boy's mind until he arrived at the grove, when his belly began gurgling for food.

"Hey, Colin!" greeted Talo, who was already scarfing down a small pile of berries.

Talo was now about four times his original size, with his rotund gut bulging out of his shirt for the world to see, just like Colin's. His arms had grown slightly thicker with flab, and his face had become noticeably rounder, even more so given the fact that his cheeks were stuffed with fruit.

"You here for some breakfast too?" Talo asked after swallowing a large mouthful.

"Uh…yeah…" said Colin quietly.

Colin decided he would try and pace himself today. He figured that if maybe he ate in moderation, he'd slim down a little, or at least just stop gaining weight.

He grabbed a single berry from the vine and held it up to his face. The morning sun dimly reflected off the juicy fruit, its vibrant color endlessly tantalizing Colin. When his appetite got the better of him, Colin closed his eyes and blissfully took a sizable bite. The rapturously sweet and juicy taste soon filled his mouth, causing him to smile with delight.

Within seconds, Colin had consumed to entire fruit without giving it much thought at all; he almost felt sad that the blissful experience was over so soon.

"That's all you're going to eat?" Talo asked when Colin sat beside him.

Colin nodded his head and replied: "Uh-huh…"

"Well, suit yourself," said Talo, wiping the purple juices off his face. "I'm still hungry!"

And with that, Talo make his way back to the vine and plucked several more berries off the vine and tossed them into his pile beside Colin. He then plopped back down onto his beefy rump and began chowing-down on the berries, one by one, with even more juice and pulp spilling onto his face and shirt.

Colin just sat there, watching Talo make a pig out of himself, knowing he wasn't going to be as greedy as him. Even so, Colin could hardly ignore the empty feeling in his stomach. That single berry hardly felt like a whole meal at all. In fact, his stomach still growled loudly as if he hadn't even eaten anything. The taste of the berries also wouldn't leave the boy's mind. He kept imagining the rich, sweet taste in his mouth and the even sweeter juices trickling down his lips.

The pile of fruit next him wasn't helping much either. That glowing purple color he admired earlier was now magnified with so many of the berries piled together. Colin almost felt like they were calling out to him; begging him to eat them all and fill his grumbling tummy.

Colin licked his lips as his mouth watered, eagerly awaiting another helping of fruit. When he could take no more of the temptation, Colin let out a short scream of distress. Unable to control himself any longer, he grabbed the first piece he could get his hands on and mindlessly dug into the fruit, noisily chewing the delicious purple fruit with delight.

Without even knowing it, Colin had finished that berry and was already on his next one, then another, and another, and another. He ate and ate, until he had given himself a very large tummy ache. He lay on the ground with his stomach sticking high into the air and slowing rising up and down as he breathed heavily. Purple juice was stained all over his mouth, hands, and upper chest.

"BURP! Ahh…that was great…" moaned Talo, patting his own stuffed gut.

Colin could only groan in agreement, as he felt too full to do anything else.

The two bloated boys spent the rest of the morning taking a brief nap in the grove to allow for some good digestion. When they awoke, they decided to head back to the village together.

"So what do you feel like doing today?" asked Talo, crossing his pudgy arms behind his head.

"I…I don't know…" muttered Colin glumly. He lifted his vast stomach with both of his small hands, then let it go, causing to jiggle up and down; undeniable proof that he was fat.

"What's eating you?" said Talo. "You've been moping around all day, what gives?"

"It's just…" Colin began. "I don't think eating all that fruit is a good thing."

"What are you talking about?" said Talo. "That stuff's incredible! It tastes great and we can eat as much as we want. What's wrong with that?"

"THIS is what's wrong!" Colin said, clutching his plump mid-section to show Talo. "All that eating has made us fat! And the more we eat, the bigger we get!" He pulled his arms out to emphasize. "My belly's so big, I can't even see my feet anymore. Mom even had to put on my sandals for me." Colin looked down, wiggling his toes but only seeing his stomach.

"Pfft, we're not putting on that much," scoffed Talo. "My mom says it's just baby fat. We'll lose it when we get older. It's nothing."

"You just think this is nothing?" asked Colin, reaching out and grabbing what he could of Talo's stomach.

"Hey, let go!" said Talo. He shoved Colin away from him.

Colin tipped over and fell flat on his back on the ground. He grunted and rubbed his aching body as he struggled to get back up.

"What'd you do that for?" grunted Colin. "Ever heard of keeping your hands to yourself?"

"Oh, what about you?" argued Talo. "You touched me first, dork!"

"I'm…impressed…" stammered Colin, trying to come up with another come-back. "That you could feel it with all that fat!"

"I already told you: I'm not fat!" said Talo, his temper starting to flare. "However, you're such a whiney baby that your mommy had to put your shoes on for you."

"Well, at least I don't wanna make a pig outta myself!" retorted Colin.

"THAT'S IT!" Talo snapped. "I'm gonna make you eat those words!"

Talo then started charging towards Colin. Seeing this well before it happened, Colin began running as fast as he could, which, suffice to say, wasn't all that fast. Luckily, it seemed Talo wasn't any faster. Both kids had a sort of waddle to their run with their flabby bodies shaking and bouncing with all the movement.

"Like the way you…" started Colin. "huff, huff…ate…huff…all those…" Before he could continue, Colin found himself already running out of breath.

As Talo continued to chase Colin, he too started losing his pace and soon came to a sputtering halt. He clutched chest as he panted and gasped for air, wiping sweat from his forehead with his other hand.

Seeing that Talo had grown tired too, Colin took this as a chance to also regain his breath. Both of them had only moved about a dozen yards and they were already very exhausted.

"Okay…" wheezed Talo. "Maybe we're…huff…a little out of shape. But I'm still not sorry about pushing you!"

"Well…" said Colin. "…me neither. But we…huff…can't keep chasing each other. We'll kill ourselves trying."

"I think I've got an idea…" said Talo.

Talo stood up straight, then stomped the heel of his bare foot into the ground. Carefully hopping on his other foot, he made his way around Colin in a circle, dragging his foot through the dirt. Once Talo had successfully drawn a circle line in the ground, he walked back into the center towards Colin.

"I challenge you…" Talo said, making a defensive stance. "…to a sumo match!"

"A…sumo match?" asked Colin, a bit confused.

"Yeah," said Talo. "One of the Gorons back in Kakariko Village told me about it. Two people get in circle like this one and try to push each other out of it. How about it?"

"Uhh…" muttered Colin, checking the rim of the crude circle drawn in the dirt. "Okay, sure." He then confidently took a stance like Talo. "I'll do it!"

"You're on!" said Talo.

Without warning, he lunged his body at Colin, who hastily braced himself in a defensive position. Talo grabbed Colin's fists and started pushing himself closer to him. Colin held his ground, but Talo's naked belly soon started pressing against Colin's, which began to slowly force him toward the circle's edge.
Taking notice of his gradual movement, Colin decided to make a more bold move.

He gathered as much strength as he could and shoved Talo with all his might, causing the other boy to falter a few steps backward and lose his balance. Seeing his chance, Colin charged forward and thrusted his large stomach into Talo. The unexpected force knocked him even further back, until Talo tipped over and fell flat on his back with a loud thud just outside of the dirt circle.

"Ha! I did it!" cheered Colin, doing an enthusiastic fist-pump.

"Ugn…not bad…" grunted Talo, sitting up and rubbing his back. "But I was just getting warmed up! There's no way you'll do that well again!"

"Oh yeah?" said Colin, taking his position again. "Bring it on!"

The two boys continued to sumo wrestle for most of the afternoon. Talo was certainly a bit stronger than Colin, but Colin relied on more tactical moves to get the upper hand. All in all, they were pretty evenly matched. Both would often charge at each other, causing their enormous bellies to slam together as they tried forcing their opponent out of the ring. It did feel kinda weird to feel their uncovered stomachs pressed against each other, but if either of them paid it any attention, it wasn't for long.

After Colin had managed to get Talo out of the ring once more, both boys' stomach grumbled loudly. Apparently all that rough-housing had made them pretty hungry.

"Aw, you only won that round 'cause I was getting hungry!" Talo complained, getting up and dusting himself.

"Wow…" Colin said quietly, looking around. "…it's really getting late."

The sky was bathed in a pale orange glow with the sun rather close to setting on the horizon.

"Yeah, and I'm starved!" said Talo, rubbing his stomach as it audibly growled again. "Let's go eat some of that fruit before we head back home."

"Okay," said Colin. "But…uh…do we have to walk all the way there? My feet hurt."

The poor boy's legs had indeed suffered a lot of physical strain from supporting that large body alone. Almost to emphasize his statement, Colin's legs wobbled a little, and before he knew it, Colin had fallen onto his plump backside. Overcome with exhaustion, Colin willingly laid onto his back.

"Maybe we don't have to…" Talo said, also taking a seat on the ground.

He then lay flat on his back, with his belly protruding into the air. Talo then leaned onto his side, grunting with effort, and then rapidly leaned the other way, rolling his almost spherical body along the ground.

“…Maybe we can roll there!" Talo said happily.

He then took off back into the forest, carefully making his way through the trees.

"Hey, wait up!" Colin called after him.

* * *

"Look's like we have the whole vine to ourselves for now," said Ilia.

She and Link soon arrived at the secluded grove with the special fruit. The purple berries heavily contrasted the golden sunset making them stand out among the scenery. The overweight couple sat down beside the vine-like bush, plucked their own fruit from it, and ravenously devoured the delicious fruit.

Link enjoyed each and every bulging mouthful, savoring the rich, juicy flavor before swallowing it to fill his empty stomach. Despite his rapid eating of each berry, Link could hardly feel himself growing full. He could feel his stomach growing heavier and tighter, but he almost didn't care, like the only thing that mattered was getting another juicy bite into his mouth as soon as he swallowed. As Link continued to hypnotically eat away at the constantly re-spawning fruit, he glanced over at Ilia.

She was eating nearly twice as fast as Link, practically inhaling each fruit without even much chewing. Ilia would shove as much of a berry as she could into her mouth before biting from it, chew for a few brief seconds, then swallow, and repeat. Link also noticed than Ilia's tunic was starting to reach its limits. While the exposed part of her stomach grew slightly outward with each berry she ate, the seams of the tunic along her sides grew tighter and tighter. Wouldn't be much longer until she starting ripping it Link thought, blushing as he just realized what he was imagining.

"C'mon, we're almost there!" a young voice called from the forest.

"Wait…Whoa!" a softer voice said.

Taking a break from their evening binge, Link and Ilia looked out into the forest curiously. Within seconds, Talo and Colin appeared, rolling around on their bellies of all things. When they arrived in the grove, the two rotund boys got to their feet and waddled toward their friends.

"Hey, guys," greeted Ilia. "You both here for some fruit?"

"You know it!" smirked Talo.

"Well, you better hurry, before Link eats them all," Ilia teased, nudging Link affectionately.

Link was a bit embarrassed, but he smiled and quietly laughed.

"I bet I can eat as much as Link can!" said Colin, taking as seat next to Link.

"I bet I can eat TWICE as much as Link can!" said Talo.

And with that, all four of them began eating away. Everyone was chewing very noisily as they ate, moaning in delight as they munched, occasionally letting out a small burp. Berry after berry, their stomachs continued to slowly grow bigger, rounder, and heavier as they were filled with the addictive fruit.

Within time, the rapid feasting soon turned to a slower pace with more chewing and less swallowing. Link could finally feel his stomach reaching its limit as he swallowed his last berry. He belched loudly and slowly lowered himself onto his back. After wiping the leftover juice off his hands, he clutched and gently massaged his taut but still somewhat soft gut.

"Ate a little too much, did we?" Ilia whispered softly, as she laid down beside Link.

She then reached out and began rubbing her hand on Link's belly, tenderly caressing the huge orb of flesh. Link felt a bit weird about Ilia doing it, but he did really like the feeling of someone else rubbing his stomach.

"I'm so full…I can barely stay awake…" yawned Colin quietly, his eyes drooping and trying as hard as they could to remain open.

"Uh…Me too…" moaned Talo. "But we gotta get home. My parents are probably getting worried."

"Yeah, it's getting pretty late," said Ilia, just now noticing how dark it was getting. "I guess we should get going."

Ilia then sat up, placed her feet flatly onto the ground, then hoisted herself up to stand. She wobbled slightly as she tried to balance her new weight. When she found a stable position to stand in, Ilia stretched her arms into the air and yawned. She then glanced over at a half-eaten fruit beside Colin.

"Are you going to finish that last one, Colin?" she asked.

"Help yourself," mumbled Colin, as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

Ilia walked over to the leftover fruit, lowered herself onto her knees, the just as she bent over to grab the fruit, there was a loud snapping sound. As Link got up in shock, he noticed that one of the seams on the back of Ilia's tunic had ripped, causing some tan flesh to poke out.

"What was that?" Ilia exclaimed.

She got to her feet and turned her head to look behind her. As she twisted her body to get a better look, another rip was heard. Ilia tried reaching her thick arms to try and feel what was happening, only for more ripping to occur. At this point, nearly her whole tunic was split right down the middle of her back.

"Oh great…" Ilia sighed, feeling the evening air on her now-exposed back. "Father's not going to like this at all."

"Uhh…" Talo stammered as he stared awkwardly at Ilia's ruined tunic.

"We should…go," said Colin, nudging Talo away. "See you guys tomorrow!"

And with that, both young boys left without another word.

"Link, could you try fixing it please?" said Ilia, still trying to reach the back of her tunic.

Link got to his feet, lumbered his way over to her, and took a look at Ilia's back. He grabbed the bottom of the tunic where the fabric had split and tried pulling it closed. But the fabric wouldn't go much further than it already was, leaving about an inch of skin bulging out of between the two ends.

"Did you get it?" Ilia asked when Link walked to her front.

Link quietly shock his head with an apologetic look on his face.

"Oh…" replied Ilia. "Well…thanks for trying."

Link looked down at the leftover fruit Ilia had tried to grab. He then carefully bent over, thankfully avoiding any damage to his clothes, and picked it up. Link then extended his hand out to offer the fruit to Ilia.

"That's okay…" said Ilia, examining her enormous belly. "…I think I've had enough for today. Still, it would be a shame to let it go to waste…Why don't you take it home with you. Incase you get hungry in the middle of the night. But first…" She grabbed Link's hand. "…come with me…"
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