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by DaveE
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #1977582
An optional part continuing right after Chapter 2. (Contains heavily suggestive material)
Link was a little confused on where Ilia was taking him. The sun was just minutes from setting and Ilia's father was no doubt starting to wonder where his daughter was. Nevertheless, Ilia walked Link back through the woods, but not toward Ordon Village. Instead, Link was rather surprised when they arrived at the Ordon Spring.

"Well…we're here…" Ilia whispered. "…just the two of us…alone."

Link could feel himself growing more awkward by the second; all the suggestive uncertainty was boggling his mind. It got even worse when Link saw Ilia removing her ripped tunic and casting it aside, leaving her entire upper body bare except for a cloth brassiere which was fastened with thin yellow ribbons across her plump back.

"No point in keeping that on anymore…" she said, turning around to face Link. "C'mon…" She shifted her head to indicate the spring. "…let's dip our feet into the water."

Without much thought, Link obeyed, placing the leftover berry by Ilia's tunic for now and approaching the rim of the spring beside Ilia. The two then lowered themselves to sit on the ground, allowing their feet to dip into the warm spring water. Without any warning, Ilia scooted closer to Link and bent over toward his feet. She stuck her hands into the water and carefully removed Link's sandals, causing the water to touch all angles of his feet. She then pulled the wet sandals out of the spring and tossed them next to her tunic.

"See?" Ilia asked softly. "Isn't this nice?"

Link was still too overcome with everything happening around him to respond properly. He honestly didn't know what to make of the situation.

"Just lie down…" as she said that, Ilia gently pushed on Link's chest, carrying him onto the ground with her. "…and relax."

Link could feel he cheeks growing warm with blush as Ilia started rubbing and squeezing his chubby body, with her soft belly pressed against the side of his.

"You know…" Ilia muttered quietly. "…ever since we started eating the fruit…I've noticed how much it's…changed us. How small our clothes are getting…how much our bigger, softer bodies are showing…and…" She paused to lift Link's shirt up slightly. "…I just love it."

Still feeling a bit bashful, but knowing full well what Ilia was trying to say, Link finally lifted an arm and caressed Ilia's face softly, letting it move slowly from her cheek into her pale blonde hair. The two slowly moved their heads toward each other, their soft bodies pressing more together as they did so, closed their eyes, and then finally engaged in a passionate kiss.

Link could feel himself growing more excited as they continued to kiss and rub each other. Everywhere he grabbed Ilia, Link could feel squishy fat filling his palms. With Ilia continuously trying to embrace him with a hug, wrapping her thick arms around Link's even thicker body, their huge bodies constantly pressed against each other, allowing the two to elate with the feeling of warm flesh pressed against their exposed bellies. Their bare feet would also mingle with each other, playfully weaving in and out or wrapping around their partner's leg.

As things grew more intense, Link rolled on top of Ilia, his heart pounding as he balanced himself over her, virtually crushing the obese girl with his own girth. The kissing soon became more wild, their tongues began touching as they both blindly bombarded each other with wet contact. Link's arms supported him while he balanced atop his chubby partner, while Ilia continued to rub and massage what she could of his massive stomach.

The two continued to make love extensively, long into the soothing night without a single care or regret in their aroused minds. The whole world around them seemed to disappear, all that mattered was the hot activity the two were accomplishing.
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