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by Myopic
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Adult · #1977611
A piece of my book.
As I look into gray eyes
So afraid to count the lies
The new foundation for my prison
Painted crimson in her vision

Excerpt: "How to Drown Gracefully"

Suddenly their passion wilted. Theatrical laughter mixed with mocking smiles. Furious at the downfall of absolute bliss our unwanted hero plotted his own twisted idea of closure.

She had put up quite a struggle at first, but after the thorazine kicked in all became serene in this modern day superman's pitch black house. Unfortunately for her, our protagonist does not have faith in pharmaceuticals. However, the drug cocktail injected lovingly into her supple throat managed to keep the young woman from making too much noise while the exacto knife carved out a good two thirds of her tongue.

When the cats began playing with the severed devil's tongue, using the same exact glee held for those moments when torturing a helpless mouse, did our man with a plan begin a humble grin that was most definitely past any modicum of sanity.

"soooo all this time woman there was an army, legion, no....lynch mob of lies hiding behind those very convincing doe eyes.." He was not expecting an answer considering what he had just done to his little lamb, but it was soothing to hear his own decrepit voice. She managed to roll halfway off of the bed, so it was a good enough excuse to incorporate some form of a counterargument. The crowbar made a sickening thud as it connected with already bruised ribs, and the doe eyes became even more beautiful. All you had to do was ignore the bloody masterpiece beneath their pristine sheen.

"She was only dancing with me." The words decimated our hero for sure, but also sped his reaction time at least ten fold as he spun with crowbar in hand towards the new threat in his dark paradise. The Antagonist anticipated this course of events and had the silenced pistol already aimed at superman's willing knee caps. Pulling the trigger was only an afterthought as Jack dodged the already off target swing of the bloody metal.

During this momentous occasion, Julie had managed to turn her mangled face away from the blood speckled white wall next to the bed of horrors and witness a short reprieve by her unexpected rescue attempt. Neither her nor Jack expected August and his now useless legs to pose much of a threat anymore, but August was willing, as was the glock he pulled out of his jacket.
Jack caught the first butterfly round in the left shoulder. The second found a new home in his left side. Julie tried to scream, but all that she managed was a sickening gurgle as blood billowed out of her savior's now crimson stained shirt.
"Jack wasn't so nimble now was he.." whispered August as he pulled himself up off the floor by using the bed stand as a support. Julie realized that things were about to become very ugly and far from a happily ever after. Jack slammed against the wall from the two hollow point rounds, and slid down the nearby door frame keening with an inhuman voice. "Should I add the contents of his feeble mind to this lovely wall Julie?", hissed our hero. She managed to pull her drug and pain addled self together long enough to shake her head with enough force to bring new highs of misery to the woman's already decimated figure.

"Good thing I live in the woods eh Julie......someone might have wondered what wonderful games we played so loudly on this night if I had decided to be one with a yuppie filled suburban neighborhood." August grinned sadistically as he shifted his position by the bed stand so his magical crowbar was in arm's reach. "Now where was I?" He turned around and looked at Julie's beautiful doe eyes. "Ah yes....should I take them out now or wait until I have cleaned my new wounds?"

Julie could do nothing but shed tears as Isis and Tepu, August's two felines, busied themselves gnawing on the open wounds adorning Jack. The room had nifty trails of bloody paw prints to accompany the rest of the sideshow. It was perfect.

So much blood. So much blood. So much blood.

The crowbar had become useless after August The Destroyer had finished his melody against Julie's ribs. They were shattered, as was his illusion that playing with her body would bring back the yearning gaze the doe eyes brought on their first few outings together.

"I will take them away from you bitch...." sputtered August as he lifted the blazing hot makeshift needle he had created from one of Jack's shattered ribs. Tepu had earnestly tried to clean the soon to be tool for August, but our mastermind was far ahead of the bell curve so to speak. He had eagerly ripped the fractured bone out of his overzealous adversary's body with an inhuman fervor before the befuddled cat had realized her new toy was being adopted for sinister intent.

The orange lighter spewed forth flame as August the un-denied honed his soon to be lancet. "I will taste your perfect tears before the sparkles become mine and mine alone..." uttered the mad michaelangelo.

She tried to scream bloody murder as he sat on her crushed body. She even tried to bite his side. All she got in return was his oozing blood from gunshot wounds unbound, and a complete black hole in her right eye from a lover scorned. Pity the crying game did not last very long, as August took no further time dimming her other orb of sanity. She bucked for a good three minutes. No other lover or hater had satisfied her lust so completely. Pity it took her eyesight.

Yet another cancer filled daybreak and once more the white bedroom tapestry is fettered with crimson aftermath. August took a final drag from his cigarette, turning from the window and flicking his still burning butt into Julie's shattered face.

"Sleepy time is over baby..." muttered the mad hatter of outer suburbia. Julie flinched as the dull pain of burning flesh on her cheek canceled out the lack of eyeballs and half her teeth. Unfortunately the butt finally sputtered out, and the greater mauling of last night assaulted the woman's addled mind.

"Whe...wher...where is JACK!?" she managed to choke out in a bloody spray of broken teeth and torn lips. August limped to her side and grabbed Julie's long honey hair and screamed into her smashed face, "I FED HIM TO MY PRETTY KITTIES YOU FUCKING WHORE!".

The woman's terrible screams echoed throughout August's property, but the only ones listening were a deer drinking antifreeze from underneath his jeep, two squirrels, and let us not forget what remained of Jack that August the Destroyer had recently finished duct taping and hanging from a meat hook upside down in his barn.

Needless to say, Jack was feeling pretty shitty, considering he was lacking a kidney, at least six ribs, a few pints of blood, and half of his left hand was also on hiatus. To make matters worse, blood was leaking from the duct tape over his mouth, and conveniently filling his nose with oodles of lets choke and die on our own supply red koolaid of life!

Since drowning on his own body fluids was not befitting of a quasi morph, Jack did the only sensible thing that came to mind, the ole' Batman and Robin tried & true of swinging back and forth until either you fell off the hook or the cable/rope gave way.

After swinging with all his might for about two minutes, Jack started whiting out, and thus panic finally set in on a large scale. The options were not looking fucking good for our dysfunctional friend.

Meanwhile, back at the "ranch", August jotted down a few obscure symbols or glyphs whilst training his brand new nifty happy fun time camcorder toward the bed he had Julie chained to. He was insanely interested in whether or not the woman's regenerative powers were as swift as his own, which had already pushed the slug out of his leg and already closed the gunshot wound completely.

Julie blinked once, and realized her left eye had already regenerated, since she could suddenly see the wicked grin on August's face as he adjusted his camcorder and blew a kiss to her. "I can't wait until your cats explode from Jack's remains when he begins to regenerate." mumbled the bombshell blonde as she struggled against her bonds.

"Jack is still alive woman..." mumbled our superhero with a complex as he finished tweaking the focus on the camcorder. "I put the rest of him in a safe place."
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