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The participant will describe in their own words the process of transcribing thought.
Thought is a funny thing.  What are our thoughts?  How do I make you see what I want you to see? 
How do you read my words and make images form behind your eyes?  In this assignment I will attempt to cover these questions because I am a writer, author, human with a dream just like you.  My dream is to reach a larger audience, to touch their hearts.  First, I have to learn how to write, a paradox? 

Life or our time here on earth is short yes, at the same time it is the longest most dreadful time sometimes.  Why is that?  Why is life good some days and so painful others?  Why am I asking so many questions?

I ask myself questions every day, I talk to myself too, in my mind.  My mind is the single most powerful “thing” I have ever known.  To me there may have been greater, I do not know.  They we’re trained some of them anyway, others figured it out.  I am still working on the figuring it out part.  I woke up one day and there it was, I could see that words had escaped me, landed in someone’s ear or was it on paper I forget.

Creativity is another “fluid” variable, by “fluid” it is like water in the sense that it flows freely though me, like radio waves from your favorite radio station.  In my personal opinion, we share things as a species.  Not just emotions, dreams or experiences.  Skills as well, for example;  I see you hit a framing nail with a big hammer, you drive it into the round 12” diameter ½ thick board I just gave you.  Free of charge. 
Then I see my ex girl friend Tara, use her flip flop to achieve the same effect.  What have I learned? 

First, writers imaginations just lit up like a new years festival.  Also that a hammer will successfully drive the nail in on the first shot.  A flip flop will not, no matter how hard you “try”.  Let’s focus on my opinion of what I perceived just now for a moment.
The variables, in writing.  Clearly I have learned the use of letters, it started there.  The words form but how to tell a story?  Besides current mood and environmental factors.  Other people have learned through each of their own experience’s.  I have learned through my own, everything so far.  I did imply I know everything, I don’t, We do. 

Through this common connection, you the reader have absorbed your own experience and pictured in your mind, behind your eyes am image or group of images I created for you.  What you see and I see, I believe are copies, clones, exact.  It’s the transcribing process where everything can go wrong, fast.  To keep my focus I just reminded myself focus is another variable, get a piece of paper and draw a square, I will wait. 
OK, now draw a 2 inch square 1 inch left of center on your paper.  So far we have cloned the image, from me to you and you back to me much later. 

OK, good.  Someone is feeling better already, now draw the same square 1 inch off center to the right while looking out the window, I’ll wait.  OK, lets have a look.  What do you see?  I see a perfect 2 inch square box about an inch to the left of my fold.  I folded my paper and many of yours now. 
You see the crease now, again no charge.  What about that square to the right?  Mines a complete mess, it’s 4 wavy lines that look like 2 lines never connected and the other two lines look like something out of a 4th century church. 
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