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Force Master presents the following report from Professor J. Dericks of the Temporal Investigations Facility:

The following is an excerpt from 'The Interstell Chronicles - Chronicle 12 - Episode 1 - Technical Guide of Interstellar Federation Spatial Technologies'

(Please note, this chronicle is yet to be published as I am in the middle of writing Chronicle 1!)



SUBJECT:- Time Travel
AUTHOR :- Prof J. Dericks
FACILITY:- Temporal Investigations Facility

Time Travel Theory....

The basis for the Time Slice Momentum Device (or TSMD) is that you cannot move forwards if there is nothing to move forwards in!

To explain further, divide up three seconds, and call them -1, 0 and 1+. You currently reside in 0, which is the present. In order for you to move forwards in time to 1+, 1+ must already exist for a fraction of a Planck time (a Planck time is the smallest measurable time part, that is 1.3 x 10(-43) seconds). If it did not exist, you would be stuck in time slice 0, unable to move.

So, if time slice 1+ exists to move forwards into, then it must take time to form. It will obtain the energy and matter to form by draining it from time slice -1.

This means that only the matter and energy in time slice 0 is stable. The energy and matter in -1 is destabilising and being transferred to time slice 1+, which in turn is stabilising.

This means, that for a limited amount of time, there exists three time slices that occupy only slightly different places in the Universe, but all interact with each other on some level.

This does not violoate the known laws of physics, in fact, they reinforce it by reinforcing my opening statement!

The Machine....


So, if you could build a machine that would step outside the forward momentum of the universe, you would be standing still in time, while time passes you! You are now in a state of stasis, outside of the standard time continuum. This stasis is necessary to protect you from the backwards or forwards travel, that would otherwise age you accordingly.

If you then create a propulsive field around that stasis field, you and your equipment would be protected from the effects of entropy as you move forwards or backwards in time.


The stasis field is generated by bombarding Element 130, called Zrbrite (a material unique among those known to humanity, in that it is totally inert) with high energy gravitons. The shaped Zrbrite crystal undergoes significant molecular change as it absorbs the gravitons like a sponge. Using anti-gravitons in a carefully regulated flow, the shaped Zrbrite repels them outwards to the distortion ring. The distortion ring uses carefully regulated energy fields to shape the repelled anti-gravitons into a field that bends the space/time continuum around it. By manipulating the field, the anti-gravitons work against the fabric of the universe and propels itself backwards in time, one time slice at a time.

This means that, starting at time slice 0, engaging the TSMD will propel you back to -1, then -2 and so on until you reach the desired time, at which point, you simply turn the drive unit off, and deactivate the stasis field, at which point, normal time will begin to work again for you, and so you will be re-attatched to the time continuum.


The reverse effect can be obtained by charging the main Zrbrite crystal with Anti-protons first, and bombarding it with protons afterwards, plus switching the polarity on the distortion ring.


The following warnings are hereby incorporated for the safety of the universe.

1. Unauthorised time travel will be reported to the Time Comission.

2. No time travel permitted within 100,000 years of the Big bang! Any persons present may adversly affect the outcome of the forming universe!

3. No time travel beyond the Year 1,000,000,000,000,000 is permitted due to the end of the Universe as we know it!

4. Time paradoxes must be avoided at all costs. It leads to a high resignation rate from temporal investigators due to severe stress at restoring the timeline!

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