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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1977707
A rhyming story poem about recovered love.
Surprise Un-repressed

John Tanner was married for twenty five years,
When a sudden, sad illness, forced Johnny to tears.
His beautiful wife was infected and ill,
Her Doc had no answers, there wasn't a pill.

It took twenty days for his wife to depart.
He kissed her goodbye with his hand on her heart.
The monitor sent out a long, woeful sound.
A nurse checked her pulse, there was none to be found.

John's eyes filled with tears as he lowered his head,
"You'll always be with me in heart", Johnny said.
He held her limp body, his final goodbye,
"God why in this world did my wife have to die?"

Johns life was now empty, his house not a home.
He had to get out, so the city he'd roam,
Her wedding band worn on a chain 'round his neck,
Johns anguish grew deeper, the man was a wreck.

He stopped in a diner on Gossimer Street,
Where hot coffee poured, and the doughnuts were sweet.
The waitress said, "sir are you feeling okay?"
He told her his story, without a delay.

She sat by his side and said "Sir I'm so sorry."
Johns tale was so sad, that it made her eyes starry.
So every day around seven o'clock,
He'd visit the place, for a cup, and a talk.

One night as they met, Jill, the waitress, said "John,
There;s a lady that visits here just after dawn,
Her husband was killed, while out hunting for deer,
She's been all by herself now, for over a year."

"If it's okay with you ... I think you should meet,
She's smart ... has a smile that you simply can't beat.
John looked up at Jill, "Well I guess it can't hurt.
If she's pretty like you, I'll be certain to flirt."

John nervously walked through the diner's front door,
And handsomely carried himself cross the floor,
To table nineteen by the jukebox in back,
Where he first met with May ... the woman in black.

"Jill sent me to meet you, hello, my name's John."
"I'm May, pleased to meet you", the two carried on....
While talking with May, he looked down at her hand,
Where on a right finger lay her wedding band.

She noticed his stare ... said, "it's my wedding ring"
And held it up proudly to show him the thing
John GASPED, "ma, ma, my ... this cannot be true!"
His eyes turning red, as he choked on his brew.

Retrieving the ring, that he wore near his chest,
"It's exactly like hers", his surprise un-repressed.
"OH MY", May replied, "Well it certainly is."
As she gazed at the ring, that he cherished as his.

They two told their stories of loss, and their pain,
And held hands while tears flowed, like warm summer rain.
They met every day, and developed their love,
And together they knew, that it fit like a glove.

In a year they were married, their hearts filled with peace.
They'd formed a devotion that never would cease.
May wore the gold ring, that hung near Johnny's heart,
And forever, they lived out their lives like an art.



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