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A haunting message of the possible higher powers that exist below and above us as humans.
                                       Demonic Realm
         Darkness swirled in the empty vacuum loosely containing it, forming black images as it did. In one moment agony showed its tortured face and in the next it was gone, only to be replaced by another gruesome image embodying Darkness which revealed it. An impermeable mist everlasting muffled all noise and discerned no color, not even black. Neither night nor day, neither winter nor summer ever visited Darkness. Nothing did.
         Darkness was not a place, however, it was alive. And every once in a while some of its inkiness slips through the invisible bonds chaining it and journeys into existence, becoming ideas, words, actions, and certain destruction.
         Darkness had no emotions, but it wasn't an empty shell either. The very essence of both jealousy and hate filled its cup; a jealousy of the ignorant human beings that lived substantial lies above, and a hate older than the dawning of time itself. Nothing could rid this inkiness of the hate it for so long harbored. It would go on hating humans and all other living things until they were exterminated... permanently.
         Darkness overflowed with a power-hungry desire, its only desire: to cause the fall of all humanity-past, present, and forever. How could Light, its most hated enemy, be the creator of all existence? Why Light and not Darkness? Those questions are the motive and the fuel to its lonely desire.
         Yet in all their strength and hatred, glorious Light beat Darkness back into its vengeful prison, the Void, each and every time its inkiness threw a seemingly deceptive preemptive strike.
         Ever since its last wide-scale assault, Darkness reformed. Spending as little energy as possible and only enough energy to keep Light from doing the same, Darkness rested and recollected its power. Over the ages it mustered together clusters from the farthest reaches of the Void for a final and most desperate attack. With its force stronger than ever before, no chains could ever keep it imprisoned.
         Finally, it was time.

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