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I don't know why (?)

      Note :  Why do my wipers move the snow over to the driver's side ?

                  This is a design flaw !

      Commentary :  Where is the global warming ?

      Note :    Is Jennifer Anderson trying to be sexy ?

      Commentary :  She's too wholesome and not as slutty as Angelina Jolie.

      Note :    Is the new Robo Cop a subversive film ?

      Commentary :  If the New World Order is bad , then what would Robo Cop do ?

      Note :  Why is there so much controversy over the new Wonder Woman ?

      Commentary :  Her superpowers come from magic , not her muscle .. Jeeze !

      Note :  Why is Jay Leno upset about leaving the Tonight Show ?

      Commentary :  He is a billion heir !  Just buy a network !

      Note : The new Batman could be anyone , it's an acting gig !

      Commentary :  Does anyone care about the coming nuclear war ?!

      Note :  Jessie Ventura should get his show back !

      Commentary :  But the Martians wont let it happen !

                                That's why my wipers work backwards !

      Note :  If God exists , then why do my wipers pile the snow on the driver's side ?

      Commentary :  Because God's a woman driver !

      Note :  Okay, Jennifer Anderson is cute , but too wholesome.

      Commentary :  Why does Angelina Jolie keep adopting and having more children ?

                              Is she obsessed with children ?  Another Michael Jackson ?

    Reflections ~

                              I'm constipated ... but I've been shoveling all frigging day !

                              Is it the New Wonder Woman or Ben Afflek ?

                              It's probably the Irish loaf bred .

    I think the dinosaurs had plenty of time to evolve an intelligent race of lizard men .

    They are now Hollywood agents and producers . 

    Nap time ..

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