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Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
Dewy stopped his skateboard, got off, and kicked it gracefully up and into his arms.

“You’re not!” Mitchell said, slowing his bike and looking back.

Dewey smiled that smile of his which was a cross between a lop-sided grin, and an upraised middle-finger.

“Don’t Dew, we got the game tomorrow!”

Dewy disappeared through Mr. Ellington’s hedge with his skateboard under one arm and his baseball glove under the other.

"You’re going to be grounded again!" Mitchell called as he rose on his pedals and began cranking down Lake.

It was fruitless to try to beat him home. It was fruitless to try to beat him at anything. His “little brother” was three inches taller than he was and outweighed him by twenty pounds. He was also the best pitcher on their Little League team and he himself basically rode the bench.

Dewey was going to cut through the Ellington’s yard and be home before Mitchell even rounded the corner on Grover. And this was after Mr. Ellington swore he was going to sic the dogs on him if he ever trespassed again!

Sure enough, Mitchell got home and heard his mother’s voice twelve feet before he reached the front door.

"Tell the truth for once in your life" she said in her dangerous voice.

“I absolutely did not leave the gate open again!” Dewey was saying.

The dog’s gone again, Mitchell realized. He closed his eyes.

“That’s it! You’re grounded. You’re mowing lawns tomorrow!”

“But the game--” Dewey began.

“I did it!” Mitchell said loudly.

They both looked at him incredulously. After quite a few moments,their mother simply shook her head and walked into the kitchen.

Dewey stared at his brother with an open mouth. “No you didn’t…”

Mitchell walked silently up-stairs, the big brother; ten feet tall, maybe more.

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