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by Chris
Rated: 13+ · Other · Activity · #1978513
Meet the new houseguests, and the first twist that will bring back memories!
Welcome to Big Brother Posted. This is where 10 all new houseguests are going to compete in many challenges for food, luxury, and power. Each week, the houseguest are going to vote off one of their fellow houseguests, and one by one, every houseguest will leave, including the last on standing with the prize.

Host: Hello. I am the host with no name because the producer was too lazy to give me one. This is the first ever Big Brother Posted. This is going to be one wild ride for our 10 houseguests. They will play the famous Big Brother game, but as always, there is the Big Brother twist. I won't show you the house, because I can't, so think of it as the Big Brother Canada house, but first, it is time to meet our 10 new houseguests!!!

Skylar: Hello! My name is Skylar, and I am a chef like no other. I always wanted to be on Big Brother, but I was expecting it to be on television. Haha! I also have a great sense of humor. I am going to be a fighter in this game. It is going to be a battle of wits, and I will be the one left standing.

Karissa: Hey hey hey! It's me, Karissa! I am so excited to be here. I am a hairdresser, so if the others need a little make-over, they know who to call. I have the one thing that Big Brother needs: SPIRIT! I am almost certain I am going to go far in this game, I can almost taste victory. Woo Hoo! Go me!

Jin: Hello, viewing world. My name is Jin, and I am one of the best teachers in my district, so having to handle these people should be a synch. I like everyone, and everyone likes me, and I promise, I am not going to be a floater, unless maybe as a last resort.

Bren: What's up? My name is Bren, and I am an upcoming actor. You think these cameras are going to get in my way? Never. I am basically on tape all day, so it will be like practicing my talent. Of course, the challenges will be very tough, and I might not win a lot, but making allies can't be any easier. Good luck me.

Candi: Sup, guys. My name is Candi. You don't want to mess with me, 'cause I am going to be running this house. I am a stripper, and I am sure these losers are going to bow down to me. I have the skills and the personality this show needs, so you should just give me the money in advance.

Austin: Hello. I am Austin, and I am the greatest man to ever walk on Earth. I am super handsome, I am super athletic, and I am the best model in the business. I am a triple threat. I am pretty sure the girls are going to be all over me, and I won't blame them. Say hello to Austin, the first winner of Big Brother Posted!

Lynette:Hi! My name is Lynette. I am an architect, but I am so sassy and fierce, nobody thinks I am an architect, and probably a stripper, and I can't stand strippers or strip clubs. I just want to have a peaceful game, and hopefully get something out of my experience here.

Ryan: Hello! My name is Ryan, and I am currently studying Physiology. I am super kind to everyone, which I am going to use in my advantage. I am super strategic, and a little conceded here and there, but let's face it: I am awesome. Wish me luck in the house.

Tiffany: OMG Hey!!! I am Tiffany, and you better know me as the best shopper in the world. Nobody has the fashion style that this girl has, and I am ready to fight to the finish. I am both pretty, and pretty clever if I do say so myself, and I am going to make some BFFs, and maybe even a boyfriend.

William: Hello. William here, and I am a chemist. I am your typical nerd, and physical comps are not my thing, but as you know, brains always defeats brawn. Always! I have planned a strategy over the month that will assure my victory, so watch out!!!

Host: Okay, so now that we have met our 10 houseguests, it I time for them to come out.

*10 houseguests enter the studio with their suitcases*
Host: Hello. As you know, you will not be able to talk to each other until you enter the house. I will now tell you once you enter the house, you will not leave until you have been evicted, or win the $500,000 prize, but before you go in, we are going to have a blast from the past. In honor of Big Brother 10, you will have to vote on who you think deserves Head of Household, right here, right now. You can't vote for yourself, and you must vote only once.

*Houseguests vote*

Host: Okay. The votes are in. I will reveal the winner a little later. For now, you may enter the house.

*Houseguests run into the house*

Host: The Big Brother Posted series has just begun, but we have to stop for now. Come back next time to see who wins the Head of Household, how the new houseguests get along, what the new twist is, and which two houseguests will be up for eviction. The biggest episode of the season, so don't miss it!

1. Skylar (Gogaton)
2. Karissa (HEARTCORE)
3. Jin (newme)
4. Bren (Catastrophe)
5. Candi (calibi)
6. Austin (Austin11)
7. Lynette (Lynette)
8. Ryan (RaginRhyn0)
9. Tiffany (Emmers)
10. William (HeavyDuty)
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