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by Chris
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The Head of Household takes control, and the new twist becomes a wreck!
(Previously on Big Brother Posted, the game for a half a million dollars has once again begun, as 10 new players [Skylar, Karissa, Jin, Bren, Candi, Austin, Lynette, Ryan, Tiffany, and William] were introduced to the viewing audience. In a Big Brother second, the houseguests had to vote on which player they think deserved Head of Household, without knowing who each other. They were then sent into the house.)
On this episode:
The votes will be revealed, and a HOH will be crowned.
1. The houseguests, who are meeting each other for the first          time, will either get along, or argue.
2. The season's twist will be revealed to the houseguests.
3. The Head of Household will nominate 2 people for eviction

It all happens now, on Big Brother Posted!!!

*Houseguests walk into the house*
Tiffany: Oh my god. It is so beautiful in here! I have never seen a house like this. This is going to be the best month of my life!
Lynette: Cool! A room for the girls and a room for the guys. This is going to be great!
Bren: I know! It is so amazing. I can't wait to know everyone. To the living room!
Everyone: Yeah!

*All the houseguests run to the living room*
Candi: Who want some wine? Come and get, bitches!
Jin: Well, I never actually had wine before...
Candi: Too bad! *Gives Jin a glass*

Skylar: Let's all introduce ourselves. I am Skylar, and a cook.
Lynette: Thank goodness we have a cook. Don't be surprised if we make you do all the cooking. Haha.
Jin: You know. This isn't so bad. *Drinks wine* Anyways, my name is Jin, and I am a teacher. You all are going to get schooled.
Ausin: Okay. My name is Austin, and I am a model. I was wishing more ladies would be here, but that will do.

Confessional: (Karissa) Oh my goodness! He is so hot! I want to marry him! He sure knows how to get a girl, but now that I think about it, there are only 3 girls here. How awkward.

Karissa: Hi, guys. My name is Karissa, and I am a hairdresser, and I am going to make sure you all look hot by the end of the season! XD
Ryan: Hey. I am Ryan, and study physiology, and um... That's it.

Confessional: (Ryan) I could not have been more embarrassed in my entire life. That felt so bad. There was just nothing to say. Oh, how I wish I could have done that over.
Bren: Anyways, I am Bren, and I am an actor.
William: No way! That is so awesome!
Ryan: I wish I was an actor.

Confessional: (Lynette) Wow, cute and an actor. He is the perfect guy isn't he? Oh la la!

Lynette: I am Lynette, and I am an archeologist., but that don't mean I can't have fun.*Gets out of her seat and dances while everyone cheers*
Candi: Anyways, I am Candi and I am a stripper.
*Lynette immediately stops dancing*

Confessional: (Lynette) It was like karma just slapped me in the face! There is a god damn stripper here. I hate strippers! They never lead to anything good! Maybe these days won't be as fun as I thought

Tiffany: Okay. I am Tiffany, and I am a world shopper, and you know it.
William: Oh darn. I am the last person again. My name is William, and I am a chemist. I got the brains.
Bren: Ooh. We have a smart guy in the house.

Confessional: (William) Everyone was all happy, and glad, but eventually, drama is going to take over, and I need to be prepared for it.

Karissa: It looks like that's everyone. Three cheers for BBP!
*Everybody cheers and drinks*
*Television turns on*
Host: Hello, houseguests. Enjoying your stay?
Everyone: Yeah!!
Host: Well, I hope you enjoy it. As you know, the Big Brother saying is "Expect the Unexpected", and we are going to blow you away. Each week, America will vote for MVP, like BB15, but they will not be choosing a nominee. They will be choosing one of the nominees not to compete in the veto, and automatically be a player in veto.
Everyone: *Gasp* D:
Host: Also, a slippery saboteur will once again be entering the house. The world is going to vote on that.
Karissa: Why would you do this to us?
William: Saboteurs? Again?
Bren: Who knows what tricks they have up their sleeve?

Host: Quiet, houseguests. Anyways, it is time to reveal the winner of the Head of Household vote.
Lynette: I wonder who it could be.
Candi: I hope it is me.
William: TBH, I hope it is nobody like Candi or Austin
Candi & Austin: >:(

Host: It was a close vote, but here are the results:

Karissa: 0
Jin: 0
Bren: 1
Candi: 3
Austin: 4
Lynette: 0
Ryan: 0
Tiffany: 1
William: 0

Host: Congratulations, Austin. You are the new Head of Household!
Austin: Woo hoo! Oh yeah!

Confessionals: (Candi) What the f***? I totally deserved to win, and I lost by a freaking vote. This is bulls***! Complete bulls***!

Karissa: Yeah, Austin! *Hugs Austin*
Confessionals: (Austin) What can I say? The ladies love me.

Host: Here is your key to the Head of Household room, Austin. Go check it out now!
Austin: Come on everybody! Let's go!
*Everyone climbs up the stairs and enter the HOH room, and to their surprise, it is completely trashed and destroyed*
Austin: D: My beautiful HOH room! What happened?
Skylar: This is not the condition I was expecting.
Karissa: Why would the HOH room look like this?
Lynette: Look! Over there! A note!
*Austin picks up the note and reads it*

Hello Head of Household:
         You can call me your worst nightmare, or my professional name, the saboteur. It was pretty east actually. I came here before it all started, and did a little room make-over. I knew it would be stunning. Have fun.

With no regrets,
         The saboteur

Austin: You mean this was the work of the saboteur?
Bren: This is ridiculous! The saboteur sure is sneaky.
Candi: You know, I am actually kind of happy I am not the Head of Household
Austin: Oh, shut up, stripper.
Candi: Oh, is there something wrong with me?
Austin: Yeah there is. Your stupid, ratchet adittude!
Candi: Oh no you didn't! I am going to make sure you regret saying that.

*Candi tries to jump at Austin, but Bren and Jin hold him back*
Confessionals: (Lynette) See what I mean? These strippers are nothing but trouble. I am going to have to keep my distance from Candi

Tiffany: Okay. I am leaving.
William: Me too

*Everyone eventually leaves the HOH room, except for Karissa*
Karissa: Congrats on HOH, boo.
Austin: Oh, it was nothing. I knew I was going to win. I mean, look at me.
Karissa: I know, Austin. That's why I voted for you.
Austin: oh, yeah?
Karissa: Yeah.

[Girls' Room]

Lynette: *Jumps onto bed* Where do you think Karissa is at?
Tiffany: Probably doing some hairstyling or something.
Lynette: Het, Tiff. I have been thinking. There are only 3 girls in the season, and 7 guys, so I suggest it would be best if us girls formed an alliance to keep our butts safe.
Tiffany: I agree. That would be the best way to keep us safe. I'll ask Karissa when I see her again.

Confessionals: (Tiffany) I think a girls alliance is a great idea. The girls here are so awesome. We are totally going to make it far in this game.

Confessionals: (Karissa) I think sticking with Austin is a great idea. He is so awesome. We are totally going to make it far in this game.

[Guys' Room]

Jin: So it is going to us 6 guys for now.
Bren: Yep. *Looks around room* Hey look, a camera.
Skylar: You mean they are "always" Watching? Like even in our sleep
Jin: LOL I guess so.
Bren: Okay then. Who do you think Austin is going to put up.
Candi: I don't care who that mother f***** puts up. As long as it is not me.
William: Whoa there. No need for the language.
Candi: You can't tell me what to do. I am my own person.
Jin: *Murmurs* Figures
Ryan: Wait, I think Austin is coming.

*Austin enters*
Austin: Hello. Enjoying the room? Too bad mine is trashed.
Bren: I know. What cruel irony.
Jin: Sorry that happened to you while you are HOH.
Austin: It's okay. What is really on my mind is who to nominate.

Confessionals: (Austin) I actually know pretty well who I am going to nominate for eviction. I actually put a lot of thought into it.
*Nomination Time!!!*
*Everybody is outside, while Austin is making his decision*
Confessionals: (Lynette) It would be really great if Austin didn't nominate a girl. It is really needed. Plus, it will be good for the alliance, even though we never asked yet.

Confessionals: (Candi) That bitch better not put me up, because I swear to God, I am going to beat his f****** ass!!!

Confessionals: (Skylar) I actually have no idea who Austin is going to nom. He was just floater silent most of the time, and I am really nervous.

Confessionals: (William) I have no clue who he is going to nominate, but if he noms me, I have to put my plan in action.

*Austin begins to put keys into the slots*
Confessionals: (Austin) I think I have made the right decision. It can't possibly backfire on me. I hope it doesn't.
*Austin takes the 2 remaining keys and puts it in a box, and then comes outside*
Austin: It is time for the nomination ceremony!
*Everyone walks in walks in and sits down*
Austin: Welcome to the nomination ceremony. As Head of Household, it is my duty to nominate 2 people for eviction. I will pull a key, and that person is safe. They will pull the next key, and so on and so forth. Let's begin.

*Austin pulls out a key*
Austin: Jin, you are safe.
Jin: Thanks, Austin.

*Jin pulls out a key*
Jin: Lynette, you are safe.
Lynette: Thank you, Austin.

*Lynette pulls out a key*
Lynette: Ryan, you are safe.
Ryan: Thanks, bro.

*Ryan pulls out a key*
Ryan: Karissa, you are safe.
Karissa: Thanks, boo.

*Karissa pulls out a key*
Karissa: Bren, you are safe.
Bren: Thanks, man.

*Bren pulls out a key*
Bren: Tiffany, you are safe.
Tiffany: Thanks, Austin.

Tiffany: This is the last key.
*Tiffany pulls out the final key*
Tiffany: Skylar, you are safe.
Skylar: Thanks, Austin.

Austin: I have nominated you, Candi, and you, William, for eviction. Candi, you have treated me with no respect, you are a complete idiot if you did not see this coming. William, you look smart, and only nominating you in case you are a threat. Plus, before the results were revealed, you insulted me, which was not needed, and with that, this nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (William) What did I do? This is not fair. I am going to do all I can to avoid leaving first.

Confessionals: (Candi) I knew that f***** was going to nom me. I am going to win the veto, and save my ass so I can kick his ass next week.

Confessionals: (Tiffany) I did not see that coming, but at least I was not nominated, so I am fine.

Confessionals: (Austin) Being the first HOH, the nominations should not really mean much, since it is only the beginning, but Candi is being such a bitch. He needs to go.

Who will become the first MVP of the season? Who will win the Power of Veto, and will it be used to save either Candi or William? Find out in episode 3.

Zwooper Name (Character Name):
1. gogaton (Skylar)
2. HEARTCORE (Karissa)
3. newme (Jin)
4. Catastrophe (Bren)
5. calibi (Candi)
6. Austin11 (Austin)
7. Lynette (Lynette Barclay)
8. RaginRhyn0 (Ryan)
9. Emmers (Tiffany)
10. Heavyduty (William)

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