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A fantasy prose about a Princess entering a Paradise Fantasy Land to be with her lover.
The Princess was leaving the castle forever,
She rode upon her black horse so proud.
She pulled her cloak up around her. It wasn't humid
like it was earlier but it was night now and she felt a chill.

Her father wanted her to marry a Lord three times her age.
She loved another and she was going now to be with him forever.
She rode past a hollow tree.
It wouldn't be long now. She would be at Unicorn Island.

A howl of a wolf startled her but she
had no fear. A wolf wouldn't hurt her, not this night.
The forest was spooky but it wasn't haunted.
A bright light. She was here! Unicorn Island.

This is where no evil people could enter like her father, his guards
and her dreadful lintended ugly Lord of the Manor that she hated.
Fairies were flying, unicorns were playing about and gnomes-
lived here, too. It was night but here it was day time.

Rainbow waterfalls, mountains and woods were all around.
Good creatures of fantasy lived here. Mermaids, dragons, fairies
no trolls, white deer who were gentle beasts, unicorns all lived here.
Beautiful Unicorn Island. Where peace and kindness could be found.

A handsome man ran up to her to to hold
her in his arms as he kissed her gently. Unicorn Island.
Here they could live forever in peace away from her mean father.
This man had been a knight but was now banished from the knight hood.

A new day on the horizon. A cute large cottage-
was now the Princess and her knight's new home. Here, happiness
would abide. The heroine and her knight could live-
here in peace and nothing or no one could hurt them. Paradise for a couple in love.

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