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by Chris
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Drama · #1978857
MVP and POV are up for grabs. And who are the final nominations?
(Previously on Big Brother Posted, the 10 houseguests cracked open a wine, and got to know each other as the game begun. In a Big Brother first, 2 twists have entered the house: the MVP, and the Saboteur. Austin proved his popularity when he won the Head of Household vote, which put the runner-up, Candi, a mess. Austin was happy, until the houseguests learned the saboteur had already struck by destroying the Head of Household room. Meanwhile, Lynette and Tiffany were planning to form a girls' alliance, since there were so little girls in the show, but needed Karissa's opinion. In the end, the HOH, Austin, nominated Candi and William for eviction.)

In this episode:
1. The very first MVP will be revealed, and will shatter one of          the nominations
2. How will Karissa react to the girls' alliance?
3. Will Austin and Karissa start a showmance?
4, The first Power of Veto competition will commence.
5. How will the two nominees keep themselves safe?

It all happens now on Big Brother Posted!!!

[Flashback: Nomination Ceremony]

*Tiffany pulls out the last key*
Tiffany: Skylar, you are safe.
Skylar: Thanks, Austin.

Austin: I have nominated you, Candi, and you, William, for eviction. Candi, you have treated me with no respect, you are a complete idiot if you did not see this coming. William, you look smart, and only nominating you in case you are a threat. Plus, before the results were revealed, you insulted me, which was not needed, and with that, this nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Lynette) I am just so happy that I wasn't nominated. It will give me more time to plan out my alliance with Tiffany and hopefully Karissa.

Confessionals: (Candi) What the heck? I do not deserve to be on the block. It isn't my fault that bitch can't learn to be mature and not hold a grudge. This is dumb!

[Living Room]

*Lynette and Tiffany meet Karissa on the couch*

Lynette: Hey, Karissa. Just the girl we wanted to see.
Tiffany: We have been thinking about something, and we want your thoughts on it.
Karissa: Sure. Fire away.
Lynette: We were thinking, and you know how there are only 3 girls and 7 guys? I was thinking that just maybe we could form a girls' alliance to keep the girls in until we can make the numbers even.
Karissa: Oh. An alliance? Let me think...

Confessionals: (Karissa) This was not was I was expecting at all. I was going to form an alliance with Austin. It would be good to have a strong guy on my side, but as they say, "Chicks before d***s"

Karissa: Sure. That sounds like a perfect idea.
Lynette: Great! All we need is an alliance name.
Tiffany: How about "The Glamour Girls"?
Lynette: Nice. Let's do it!

*They all high five*

[HOH Room]

*Austin is cleaning up his HOH Room*

Austin: This is an outrage. I am going to find the saboteur and show them who they messed with.

*Bren knocks on the door and Austin lets him in*
Bren: Do you need help cleaning the room?
Austin: Be my guest, Bren.
Bren: Usually I don't work, but I guess it is for the best.
Austin: Yeah. Thanks.

Confessionals: (Austin) I think Bren is a really great guy. I could definitely see us making the final 2 together.

Bren: So, see any girls you like?
Austin: I am not sure, but I think Karissa is hitting on me, and I have to say, she is pretty cute.
Bren: I think I see a showmance going on there.
Austin: *Punches Bren in the arm* Quit it, man. I am not even sure if I even like her. You can't just judge someone by their looks.

Confessionals: (Bren) No offense to Austin, but based on his personality, you think he would actually judge a girl by her looks, but oh well.


*Skylar begins to make a snack and Jin, William, and Tiffany walk up*

Tiffany: Yum! What a delicious smell. What are you making.
Skylar: My famous pasta. Want to try some?
Tiffany: Of course!
Jin: I want a piece of that action!
William: Me too.

*Skylar serves them the pasta and they eat it*

Skylar: So what do you think?
Tiffany: It is amazing!
Jin: Holy Cannoli! This is awesome! What about you, William?
William: ...
Skylar: Please tell me! I will do anything.
William: ... I will tell you if you save me if I stay on the block.
Skylar, Tiffany, & Jin: 0_0

Confessionals: (Jin) Was that supposed to be a strategic move? I don't even know how to comment on that.

Skylar: Okay! Just tell me how it tastes.
William: It tastes good.

*Static noises are heard from the living room television*

Ryan: Hey look! It is the saboteur!!!
*Everyone runs to the television*
???: Hello, houseguests. It is me, the saboteur. I am here to tell you in on a little game. It is called "Don't Go Into the Diary Room" Sound fun? Okay. Let's play. Also, before I go, there is one person other than me not to be trusted.

*Television turns off*

Lynette: What was that all about?
Candi: Another bitch to deal with? Is this supposed to be a joke?
Skylar: Why should we not go into the Diary Room?
Austin: I don't know about you guys, but I am keeping my distance from the Diary Room. *Walks Away*

[Guys' Room]

*Ryan, Skylar, and Jin are in the room*

Ryan: So who do you guys think the saboteur is?
Skylar: I think it might be Candi. There is something strange about that guy. He is very suspicious. I am not so sure.
Ryan: I think it might be Lynette. She stares at people a lot. Maybe she is plotting diabolical plans.
Jin: I just hope I am not talking to the devil.

[Outside Studio]

Host: Hello. It is me, the no-name host. As I said last time, the viewers have been voting on who they think deserves to win the MVP, which will give them a spot in the Veto, and the power to make one of the nominations illegible to compete in the Veto. You have voted, and the MVP winner will be revealed right now. Our houseguests are in the living room right now, waiting for the big reveal. Let's talk to them.

. *Faces the houseguests* Hello, houseguest.

Everyone: Hi!!!
Host: As you know, America has been voting for MVP recently, and now it is time for it to be revealed. If someone wins it, they must immediately choose a nominee to not partake in the veto. This person will also be competing in the veto. If a nominee wins MVP, the other is automatically out of the veto, and the MVP stays in the game. If the HOH wins the MVP, however, they will pick which nominee won’t participate, and pick a player of their own. Houseguests, it is time to reveal the first MVP. With an astounding 45.4% of the votes,
Congratulations, Karissa. You are the first MVP!
Karissa: Yay!! This is so awesome!
Lynette: Congratulations, Karissa!
Austin: Nice, Karissa!
Jin: Way to go!
Host: Now, Karissa, it is your responsibility to either dub Candi or William illegible to compete.
Karissa: Okay, I did not expect to be the MVP, so I did not really think about it. You 2 both really think you have to win, but Candi, you need it more, so I have decided to use my power to ban William from the veto competition.
William:  Oh… Okay. *Sniffles*

Host: William, you are not eligible to compete. Now may the Head of Household, the nominee, and the MVP make their way up.
*Candi, Karissa, and Austin*

Austin: We will now each pull a chip out of the bag to select 3 more players for the veto. As Head of Household, I will pick first.

*Austin pulls a chip from the bag*

Austin: Skylar
*Skylar walks up*
*Karissa pulls a chip from the bag*

Karissa: Lynette
*Lynette walks up*
*Candi pulls a chip from the bag*
Candi: Houseguest choice. Hm… I pick Ryan.
*Ryan walks up*
Austin: I also have to pick a host for the veto, and I choose Tiffany.
Tiffany: Yay!!!

Austin: Good luck houseguests.

*Houseguests walk outside, and it looks like a baseball field*
Austin: Cool! It reminds me of home!
Bren: What the competition is going to be should not be hard to figure out.

Tiffany: Batter up, houseguests for the very first Power of Veto competition. In this competition, you will be tossed a ball, and you must hit it somewhere in the outfield. Over there, there are sections with numbers on them from 1-10. You must try to hit into the highest number at all. The person who gets the lowest score will be eliminated from the competition. A new round will commence, and it will go on until one person remains, and wins the Power of Veto. Get ready for “The Old Ball Game” The order will be as follows: Austin, Karissa, Candi, Skylar, Lynette, and Ryan. When someone is eliminated, the pattern will be the same, except the eliminated player.

*Houseguests hit the balls into the outside field*
Tiffany: Here are the results from the first round:
Austin: 9
Karissa: 6
Candi: 1
Skylar: 2
Lynette: 3
Ryan: 3

Tiffany: Sorry, Candi, but you are eliminated from the competition.
Candi: F***! This is stupid.
Austin: That is weird. Usually a guy has much better strength…
Tiffany: Time for Round 2!

*Houseguests hit the balls*
Tiffany: Here are the results from the second round:
Austin: 3
Karissa: 8
Skylar: 8
Lynette: 7
Ryan: 5

Tiffany: Austin, you have been eliminated from the competition.
Austin: Drat! That was a complete fail!!!
Tiffany: Time for Round 3. Batter up!

*Houseguests hit the balls*
Tiffany: Here are the results:
Karissa: 10
Skylar: 9
Lynette: 7
Ryan: 5

Tiffany: Ryan, you have been eliminated this round.
Ryan: What a shame.

Tiffany: Time for round 4 to commence.
*Houseguests hit their balls*

Tiffany: Here are the results once again:
Karissa: 8
Skylar: 8
Lynette: 6

Tiffany: Lynette, you are eliminated.
Lynette: Okay. It was good while it lasted.
Tiffany: This is the final round. Good luck.
*Karissa and Skylar hit their balls*
Tiffany: Here are the results
Karissa: 10
Skylar: 1

Tiffany: Congratulations, Karissa, you have won the Power of Veto.
Karisssa: OMG! OMG! OMG! Oh, yay!!!
Lynette: Darn. MVP and POV. Karissa is on fire this week.
Austin: Good job, girl.
William: Congratulations, again, Karissa.

[Girls’ Room]
Lynette: Congratulations, girl. You did awesome out there.
Karissa: You did too, and Tiffany, you totally rocked that baseball uniform.
Tiffany: Thanks so much! It is just a gift.
Lynette: So, Karissa, I was wondering. What made you keep Candi in the veto competition over William anyways?
Karissa: Well, I didn’t want a huge target on my back, and I mean a HUGE target. Do you see Austin and Candi? I don’t want him to be like that towards me.
Tiffany: Does this mean you are going to use the POV on him too?
Karissa: I don’t know, but I should get us at least one ally off of the guys. I’ll talk to Austin about if I should. The big question is who is the real target?
Lynette: I say William. He is suspicious, weird, and might as well be the saboteur.
Tiffany: Plus, he was already trying to get votes today. I think we might as well send his butt packing.
Karissa: I just am not sure…

[HOH Room]

*Karissa knocks on the door and Austin lets her in*
Karissa: Hello, Austin. We need to talk.
Austin: Sure. About what?
Karissa: Since we are the two people with the power, I think we should discuss the nominations. I have been thinking, and maybe William might be a huge threat. He is a chemist, so I would not be surprised if he pulled a big move on the house.
Austin: I know, so I think, as much as it hurts, you should save Candi. We can then put up a pawn to make sure he leaves. Or we could just forget the whole idea and sent Candi home. I would very much like that.
Karissa: Well, I have the power of that, so I will be the one deciding that! *Karissa walks out the door*
Austin: Fierce and sassy. My kind of girl.

[Living Room]

*Jin, Ryan, William, Bren, Skylar, Candi, Lynette, and Tiffany are all in the living room*

Ryan: UGH! I never realized how boring this would be. We need something to do.
Bren: It is the Big Brother house. You have to make yourself something to do.
Candi: Well, how about you don’t be a lazy bitch and do some work around here for once.
Ryan: Excuse me, but what did you just call me?
Candi: I called you a bitch. B-I-T-C-H! Deal with it.
Ryan: I don’t know what your freaking problem is, but if you think you can just go around, insulting people as you please, you got problems.
Candi: Oh no! Nobody disrespects Candi, you little a**hole!
Jin: Can’t we just get along.
Candi: Can’t you just shut up, you little weasel.
Jin: This is an outrage! I am not even that short, jerk.
Candi: Nobody calls Candi a jerk, mother f*****!

Confessionals: (Lynette) Hahaha! The most dumbest fight I have ever seen just took place. I don’t know where they got those comebacks from, but they were L-A-M-E! What idiots.

*Lynette tries to leave the Diary Room, but the door is locked*
Lynette: Uh oh! The saboteur has struck….
*Lynette starts to bang on the door*
Lynette: Help me! HELP!!!! Anybody there? I need help!

Tiffany: Has anyone seen Lynette anywhere?
Jin: No, I don’t believe I have.
Skylar: No.
Candi: I don’t know. I don’t care. Now get out of my way.
Tiffany: Rude much?

*Veto Ceremony Time!!!*
*Karissa is inside, and picks up the veto medallion*
Karissa: Let’s see… Who to save…

Austin: I would totally go to the Diary Room and talk about my feelings, but I am not risking it because of that saboteur thing.
Candi: Yeah. Good point.
Karissa: But seriously, has anybody seen Lynette? She is not even outside. Is she spying inside?
Jin: Who knows.

*Karissa comes out*
Karissa: It is time for the veto ceremony.

*Everyone enters the living room and sits down, except for Lynette, obviously*

Karissa: This is the veto ceremony. I have the power to save one of the nominations from eviction. I am not going to make you say why you deserve it. I am just going to cut to the chase. I have decided…
To use the veto…
On Candi.

*Candi jumps up, takes the veto necklace, hugs Karissa, and sits on the couch*
Everyone: 0_0
Karissa: Austin, since I have vetoed one of your nominations, you must now select a replacement nomination.
Austin: I have thought about it, even though I did not expect it, but Jin, I choose you.
*Jin frowns, and sits on the chair, beside William*
Karissa: And with that, the veto ceremony is adjourned.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? William or Jin, and how when will the houseguests find Lynette? Tune in on the first eviction episode!!
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